Is the UN Abolishing the U.S. Constitution?

Is the UN Abolishing the U.S. Constitution?.


Checkup: Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America

You might recall back in 2008 when Barack Obama was running for POTUS statements he made about “a fundamental transformation of America.”  Now, of course, most people thought that what he was referring to was a fundamental transformation of Washington politics but that has NOT happened in the slightest over the course of Obama’s two terms in office.  What has, in fact, happened as is now happening in a very unprecedented way is a fundamental change in American society as we know it.

banana repUnemployment in this country remains high and what jobs Obama has created tend to be low wage fast food industry jobs that are mostly part-time.  He’s made no moves on tackling our nations crumbling infrastructure which if he would have done he could have put thousands or more Americans back to work.  Instead what Obama has done is what all POTUS before him have done.  Ignore our crumbling infrastructure!  But that’s far from being all.  Under the Obama Administration food stamp and disability rolls have swollen to numbers beyond comprehension.  Thus, one of the “fundamental transformations” that has now happened is that the US is basically now a WELFARE STATE.

Add to this the faltering US economy that continues to tank despite claims by the Obama Administration that it is in recovery and continuously rising prices and we have the recipe for “fundamentally transforming” America into a nation stricken with poverty, crime, and gross unemployment just like any other THIRD WORLD COUNTRY.  And THAT must be what candidate Obama meant back in 2008 when he spoke about “fundamentally transforming America.”  So far so good!  I bet it has all worked out better than he could ever have imagined in his wildest dreams.  This President has almost single-handedly taken what WAS left of America.  Oh don’t think I’m going to blame Obama for it all as this “fundamental transformation” of America into a BANANA REPUBLIC riddled with gross POVERTY has been going on long, long before Barack Obama appeared on center stage.

And then there is the current breakdown on the US-Mexico border.  Now in case you don’t understand this let me put it this way.  Have you planted your banana trees yet?  You should because when this border crisis is over we really are going to be a BANANA REPUBLIC just like all those in Central America!

When Obama spoke of and signed an executive order basically giving amnesty to the “dreamers” he obviously failed to even give a thought as to how his words and actions might be interpreted by people OUTSIDE of the US especially in places like Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and other such places.  You see, the pipeline of communications between the US and the people south of the border has ALWAYS been a pipeline in disarray overflowing with misinformation, myths, and outright fabrications.  So it came as no surprise to me when the people of Central America thought that Obama was giving all illegal migrant children amnesty in America.  Obama didn’t think how his words and actions might be misconstrued and, frankly, probably didn’t give a damn either!  Why not?  Because it is ALL PART OF THE PLAN to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA INTO A POVERTY STRICKEN, THIRD WORLD, BANANA REPUBLIC!!  And, like I said, Obama isn’t the entire blame for this as this has also been the SAME PLAN under POTUS before him for decades now.

America is now in an OBVIOUS state of DECLINE and the radical leftists in our midst couldn’t be happier.  They’ve dreamed and dreamed about the fall of America and now that it’s here I’m sure they are overflowing with joy.  Just like wolves ready to pounce on the sheep herd!  And I KNOW they just can’t believe how easy it’s all been.  Fact is this take down of America HAS been EASIER than most thought!

The plan has always been to BREAK THE SYSTEM in America to the point to where it will go BUST.  As Saul Alinsky preached in Obama’s “bible” entitled “Rules for Radicals” what you must do is create a crisis if one doesn’t exist, wait a bit, and then come rushing in with the “solution” to the very crisis you created.  And, as he preached, you must overwhelm the system, wait a bit, and come rushing in with the “solution” to the very problem you created to begin with.  And THAT is EXACTLY what has happened in America TODAY!!  Obama didn’t start this but he sure as hell is finishing it, meaning, he’s finished off America already.  In fact, all that is now needed is a nice little tighty up!

Add to all this that we have the Vice President of the US, Joe Biden, telling US governors last week at their convention that they are the only ones who can straighten all this out and leaving one to wonder just what in the hell that now WORTHLESS, NULL, AND VOID body known as Congress is, and America is well down the road to becoming a one-man or one-woman (think Hillary) DICTATORSHIP.  Obama continuously tests the limits of his constitutional power and he’s about to test those limits even further and in ways most of you can’t even imagine yet.  And the response from that POS worthless body known as Congress is NOT to impeach and remove this man from office but it is to SUE him in court.  I know…you’re thinking WTF??  Scratching your head?  Well I told you the 535 are a WORTHLESS, NULL, AND VOID body!

And need I mention Obamacare?  It’s already sinking the US further into debt and that too has been part of the larger plan.  To “Fundamentally Transform” the greatest health care system in the world making it into something like you see in poverty stricken third world countries with little to no healthcare.

And so it seems that this “fundamental transformation” of America is going rather well.  In fact, VERY WELL and easier than expected.  At least that is what the radical leftists think but for the common folk down on Main Street America?  Well that old nightmare that the old timers used to warn us about concerning the destruction of America and the Commies infiltrating our government HAS NOW COME TRUE!  And who said it could never happen in America????

So I guess we all now know just exactly what candidate Obama meant back in 2008 when he said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” America because he’s done it!  This country is about 2 inches away from becoming a full fledged Third World, Poverty Stricken, Banana Republic!  Planted those Banana Trees yet?  Well you better get started because time is almost out.





Mexico: Fast Tracking Illegals to USA!!



This report is REALLY going to PISS some of YOU off badly.  In fact, after you’re finished reading this post most likely you’re going to hope on board with the suggestion often made by Brittius that the US march down into Mexico, take it over, and declare it the 51st US State.  Let’s begin with Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden addressed the US Governor’s Conference yesterday and blasted Congress.  BOTH parties in fact!  He basically said they are a bunch of 535 LOSERS which I agree with fully as they are starting with that drunken CRY BABY named John Boehner!  Biden went on to say that DC is in a big mess and that it is now up to the state Governor’s to turn this nation around and get us out of this mess we are in.  I agree with that too with one stipulation.  That is, if the US Governors are going to take on this task then WHAT THE HELL DO WE NEED TO KEEP PAYING CONGRESS FOR?  I suggest that if the Governor’s take on this role that we ELIMINATE the US Congress altogether.  Think of how much money we’d save by not having to pay those 535 LOSERS for doing NOTHING.

Next, recall last week the First Lady of Guatemala visiting the US and touring some of the USBP shelters where the unaccompanied children from Latin America are being housed.  She said that these children were NOT fleeing their countries due to violence and poverty but simply were seeking better lives in the US.  She also said they are NOT refugees.  Now her comments are to be expected as she has a vested interest in this whole affair since her husband is the President and she most certainly does not want to give the impression that her husband is a leader who is basically a corrupt dictator in league with the drug cartels and most likely making some money off the trade via kickpacks to keep his mouth shut and look the other way.  Although her comments were NOT widely reported by the MSM they are worthy of note as it appears she thinks all these thousands of children in shelters in the US is no real problem at all.

Also, earlier today I posted a report about Russia and China building a canal across Nicaragua which will rival the Panama Canal and which will allow both countries to establish military bases in the country.  Our enemies are gathering at our backdoor and STILL the 535 LOSERS in DC sleep?

And now comes this little item which is the very item that is REALLY going to PISS some of YOU off……

Mexico and Guatemala have decided to fast track illegal migrants to the USA!  Guatemalan President Otto Perez and Mexican President Pena Nieto have signed an agreement which will make that fast track happen very quickly and almost immediately so that illegals can get to the US-Mexico border even faster than they are now.

It’s being called the “Southern Border Program” and NO it’s not talking about the US southern border but the Mexican southern border with Guatemala et al.  It’s being sold as an agreement that will make it easier and safer for Central Americans, including unattended children, to enter the US ILLEGALLY.  When it comes to illegal border crossings don’t think Mexico is on our side of the issue.  It’s not.  In fact this agreement undercuts anything and everything the US can do to stop illegal immigration!

The American MSM did not report this story on a large scale and, in fact, they’ve mostly ignored it.  Surprised?  Well you shouldn’t be!  They don’t report the news.  They report on “politically correct talking points” and that’s all.

The two presidents met and signed the agreement on July 7 of this year in Mexico.  The agreement makes it LEGAL for immigrants from Guatemala to cross the border with Mexico and travel across Mexico en route to the US border at the Rio Grande River in Texas.  The agreement completely ignores the fact of US law making it illegal to cross the border.  In fact, this program is basically Mexico and Guatemala giving the US the MIDDLE FINGER!  Hmmm…..told you this was going to really piss you off didn’t I?

Under the plan Mexico will begin issuing “Regional Visitor Cards” to people from Guatemala which will provide them with legal documentation to remain in Mexico as long as it take for them to get across the border and into the US.  Mexico and Guatemala applaud the agreement saying it will make for safer passage of illegals across Mexico on their way to the US and it will “safeguard” their “human rights.”  Mexico says it will also help make security stronger on their border with Guatemala and other Central American countries.

The “Regional Visitors Card” will recognize that the holder has been given temporary stay in Mexico.  It’s intention is to give the holder enough time and legal status in Mexico so that the person can get to the US-Mexico border and cross over into the US.  Once Mexico issues these cards it will be doing NOTHING about stemming the massive influx of illegals to the US border.  If you think the numbers of children coming across now are bad JUST WAIT.  We haven’t seen anything yet!

Additionally, Mexico will now open 10 new border crossing checkpoints on its border with Guatemala and TWO MORE on their border with Belize.  They will function as “Comprehensive Care Centers for Border Transit” which will give these illegals their temporary stay cards so they can make it to the US border without any problems whatsoever by the Mexican police or immigration authorities.  In other words, once given these cards these illegals will have the official permission of the Mexican government to cross Mexico and enter the US illegally UNOPPOSED!

But wait..there’s more!

Mexico will also expand throughout Mexico the 5 medical care units that were originally set up in the Mexican state of Chiapas to give medical care and temporary shelter to Central American illegals.  Of course “special attention” will be given to unattended minors from Central America.  Mexico will also keep playing a major role in various international organizations that promote legal immigration such as the United Nations.

Mexico and Guatemala believe that by formalizing ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION it will make such travel across Mexico “safer” for the illegal immigrants.  Are you getting the feeling that Mexico is facilitating illegal immigration into the US?  You should be because that is exactly what they are doing with this agreement.

Now before you get completely out of whack there is yet one other tidbit of info on this matter you should know.  That is that Mexico is ALSO working on making this SAME agreement with El Salvador and Honduras!  If you still don’t GET IT let me explain to you what Mexico is doing.  They have paved a wide-opened highway for illegal immigration from Central America and STRAIGHT INTO THE USA!!


Now just so the US of A gets the message from Mexico LOUD AND CLEAR the national edition of El Universal news released a video explaining it all to America and dictating how it’s going to all work.  And guess who is the person speaking in that video?  Why it’s none other than George Papandreou the former Prime Minister of GREECE!  Yeah I know.  I’m wondering the same thing…..WTF does he have to do with all of this??????

Papandreou has not only been the PM of Greece but he’s also been the president of SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL since 2006.  In the video he encourages the US to extend the legal right to Central American migrants to enter and STAY IN THE US and for the US to create for them a “pathway to citizenship.”  SHOCKED?  You shouldn’t be.

Now a lot of you have been blaming Barack Obama for this massive influx of illegals from Central America into the US and, in part, it is his fault but NOT fully as you should now realize that there are plenty of other players in this matter.  People in Central America ARE, in fact, being told that if they can just get their children to the US border they will be allowed to stay in the US, get free education and medical care, and a host of other things.  And to add evidence to this they are being told that to date NOT ONE of those who have reached the border has been sent back to Central America by the US government.  Like I said, we haven’t seen nothing yet!  Just wait until Mexico starts issuing the legal status cards and watch the current numbers of illegals coming from Central America to the US triple literally overnight!

Now I’m sure some of you are REALLY PISSED OFF right now and you’re also wanting to know why in the HELL the American MSM has kept this all “hush-hush.”  Well most of THOSE people are Socialist and Communist and their fearless leader, Papandreou, is speaking out in support of illegal immigration.  So why would they report this in the US as they know it would anger Americans and short circuit their plans to fill the US with millions of illegals and transform this nation into a WEAK THIRD WORLD NATION.  The goal is the wholesale DESTRUCTION OF THE USA FROM WITHIN OUR OWN BORDERS!!  And thus far that plan is working PERFECTLY thanks to the 535 MORONS in that Do-Nothing Congress and the LETHARGY of the American Public!!

So Mexico is now facilitating illegal immigration into the US just as they are facilitating the drug cartels who pump illegal drugs into the US to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars per year.  FACT is there IS NO “war on drugs” and there is NO “war on illegal immigration” either.  If you believe that SHIT that their is then you must be really STUPID!  That’s all lip service.  All the massive influx of illegals we are now seeing is all by DESIGN and Mexico is now about to step it all up BIG TIME!

Soooooo……r u PISSED OFF yet????  Well you SHOULD BE!

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China-Russia to build Canal in Nicaragua!

Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega

Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega

There’s a  bit of old wisdom that says when a vacuum is left something, or someone, else will fill it and, indeed, that is the way things work especially in the realm of international politics. For a long while the United States seems to have been content with leaving Central America as a Third World region wrecked by poverty, violence, and large scale illegal drug activity.  In fact, the US has treated most of Latin America as if they were the “people over south of the tracks.”  That’s one reason we are now seeing a surge in illegal migrants coming to the US from Latin America.  They are escaping the very circumstances that the US has turned a blind eye to for far too long.  What essentially has now happened is that the US has left a vacuum in Central America and let us not forget that part of that vacuum was our turning over the Panama Canal to Communist China not so long ago.  What kind of logical move was that when it comes to “national security”?

The now apparent low interest vacuum created by the US is about to be filled by Russia and China and you can’t possibly convince me that that is “good” for our own “national security” because it will mean that China and Russia will have a very big and very strategic position in Latin America, the backyard of the USA.  What are our politicians in this country thinking?  Are they thinking?  Doubtful.

Planned El Gran Canal in Nicaragua

Planned El Gran Canal in Nicaragua

China and Russia are teaming up to build a trans-oceanic canal in Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua similar to but bigger than the current Panama Canal.  This move, from an international political standpoint, will give both China and Russia an even bigger influence in the region of Latin America that the US should have but doesn’t seem to want or care about.  What comes after the canal?  Chinese and Russian missiles aimed at all US southwest cities under the guise of “defense” of the canal?

This all comes about as Russia is stepping up arms sales to Latin America and Russia has expressed, along with China, a desire to establish military bases in the region.  And that is of no concern about US national security?  WTF?  They plan to use existing facilities in the region for “refueling” of their aircraft and warships.  Russia is also trying to establish bases in Cuba (anyone remember the Bay of Pigs?) and Venezuela.  Of course, Iran too is trying to establish bases in Venezuela.  Strategic moves are being made here by our stealthy enemies and meanwhile the LOSERS in DC seem oblivious to it all.  Question is WHY?

The Nicaragua canal will be an alternative to the Panama Canal.  China will do the construction while Russia will provide security and other duties.  This is all the brainstorm of a man named Wang Jing who is a Chinese businessman and who has gained the approval for the canal from Nicaragua’s el Presidente Daniel Ortega.  This same Chinese businessman also plans to build a deep water port in the Crimea which is a strategic area in Russia’s war with Ukraine.

The canal is being called the “Nicaragua Grand Canal Project.”  Nicaraguan opposition leader Eliseo Nunez Morales says the planned canal does NOT have a “declaration of neutrality” like the Panama Canal does and what that means is in the event of conflict the route would NOT remain neutral.  He further says the agreement allows for the establishment of military bases in the region by Russia.  He thinks the canal project is a cover for the building of large Russian military bases in Nicaragua and he’s opposed to the whole idea.  He warns that this will allow Russia to bring in covert agents and programs also.

Taxes will not be imposed for conducting business on the canal sources say.  Those who oppose it say that leaves the whole project wide open for gross corruption with Russian and Chinese money.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has a close relationship with Russia’s Putin and the canal and bases would bring the nation within the sphere of Russian influence plainly.  Of course this would all greatly help to stimulate the economy in Nicaragua where many of the unattended children are coming to the US from today.

This story has been happening for awhile but it has mysteriously received very little coverage in the American media for some “odd” reason.  You’d think this would be a major story and there would be a great outcry from Washington but it’s not.

So just in case you don’t get it here’s what is about to happen starting this December which is when construction of this canal is set to begin.  China and Russia will start boosting the economy in Nicaragua and Latin America in general.  Russia and most likely China too will begin establishing a large military presence in Nicaragua right on America’s backdoor step.  Other nations in the region will see the benefits of it all being earned by Nicaragua and so they will want the same.  They will buddy up to China and Russia while giving the USA the middle finger and before you know it even Mexico will succumb to the Russians and Chinese.  And before we know it Russia and China will have a very large MILITARY presence throughout Latin America AND Mexico and the USA will be nothing short of SCREWED!  Anyone remember the movie “Red Dawn”?  Looks to me like the Chinese and Russians are about to make it REAL!

And STILL I wonder about the people in Congress?  Oh wait, their priority right now is suing Obama instead of  impeaching him….as if it matters.



Yellowstone Super Volcano Bigger Than Thought!

Researchers in Yellowstone National Park now say that the super volcano is MORE than twice as big as originally thought.  The park sits on top of  the world’s largest active volcano which is a super volcano.  It’s last eruption was about 600K years ago and it devastated the Western US.

Dr Robert Smith of the University of Utah has been studying the volcano and he notes that when you go to Yellowstone you must drive uphill because of the giant plume of magma underneath the ground.  It lifts the surface upward.  Smith has been studying the super volcano for the past 60 years.  He suspects that when it erupts the eruption lasts for many months or even years.

Dr Smith noted that a 4.8 earthquake in the park that damaged the Lake Hotel was the biggest quake in 30 years.  He and his team have found that the magma is 2.5 times bigger than originally thought underneath the park.  However, he doesn’t think it is going to erupt anytime soon.  Hmmm….well he was WRONG about the size of this thing so what are his chances of being wrong about it blowing?

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La Bestia Derails!!

La Bestia the Death Train

El Bestia the Death Train

A freight train commonly known as “La Bestia” or the “Death Train” has derailed in Mexico.  The train is often used by illegal migrants to get near the US-Mexico border.  The train derailed in the southern Mexican State of Oaxaca yesterday stranding 1300 people who were riding on top of its boxcars.

Many of those who were riding atop the train were young people yet no one was apparently injured this time which is amazing.  The train came off the tracks according to Mexican officials.  Heavy rains in southern Mexico might have caused the train to derail officials speculated.

1300 people were riding this train on top of the boxcars.  That’s shocking!


ISIS Goes On Killing and Destruction Rampage!!

The terrorist group known as ISIS who now holds land in Syria and Iraq has gone on yet another murder and pillaging rampage.  ISIS militants were filmed taking sledgehammers to tombs in Mosul, Iraq, bulldozing churches and mosques, and killing Sunni religious leaders even though ISIS claims to be a Sunni Islam organization.

One grave these radical lunatics destroyed is that of the PROPHET JONAH who is revered both in Christianity and Islam.  ISIS believes that the veneration of any tombs or shrines is a sin against Islam.  At least 50 murdered bodies were found south of Baghdad most likely slaughtered by ISIS forces.  Most of them were blindfolded and shot.

The Prophet Jonah is known as Younis in Arabic.  He was the central figure in the Bible’s Book of Jonah who is best known for having been swallowed by a fish or whale.  ISIS also destroyed the shrine of the Prophet Seth (Shayth).  They’ve destroyed mosques and churches as well.

As all this goes on it appears that the only thing the Iraqi government can do is argue with each other over what should be done.  ISIS seems to be able to do just about anything they want in Iraq as a result.  Meanwhile in the Kurd region the Kurds have seized the city of Kirkuk which is a major oil center and that puts them closer to having their own state carved out of Iraq.

ISIS rebels also slaughtered three Sunni clerics in Mosul who called upon local residents to reject ISIS.

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Peron Says—Isn’t it funny?  Murder, Rape, more Murder, destruction of shrines, churches, and mosques and all in the name of “Allah.”  I think we’d all be better off without ANY religion many times!  ALL RELIGION HAS MORE BLOOD ON ITS HANDS THAN ALL HUMAN WARS COMBINED.  So HOW IN THE HELL can ANY OF THEM claim to be so RIGHTEOUS?