Pic from TX detention center released by US Congressman Cuellar

Pic from TX detention center released by US Congressman Cuellar

US Border Patrol Union reps say understaffing and unsanitary detention facilities that are also poorly equipment are making the general American public more susceptible to a myriad of diseases thanks to the illegal migrants now on American soil. There is now documented evidence of H1N1 virus cases among illegal minors in a facility in south Texas. This news comes from Chris Cabrera who is the NBPC local 3307 Vice President. He warns that concern for diseases once eradicated in this country could spread beyond the detention centers and into the general American population and, thus, throughout the USA.
Cabrera said, “No showers, no pillows, no bedding, nothing, there’s a lot of dust, a lot of dirt floating around in (the centers) and very grim conditions.” He noted that these detention centers are makeshift and temporary. One is set up in a BP garage for buses. Cabrera said these facilities are NOT designed to deal with the massive numbers of people now in them with more still coming across the US-Mexico border. He stated that the USBP is “overwhelmed” and not outfitted for this massive influx of illegal migrants. Further, he said everything in the centers is put together “on a fly.”
Cabrera also told reporters that the so called “quarantine areas” inside these centers consist of nothing more than yellow caution tape! That’s laughable he said and does little to keep anyone safe. Actually, the yellow caution tape does NOTHING to prevent the spread of contagious disease!! He said behind the tape are people, including children, with scabies, chicken pox, and “whatever.” He also noted that disease like H1N1 are highly contagious as is the regular flu and anyone who comes in contact with someone who has it can get it and it can be fatal. Further, Cabrera noted that US Border agents have ALREADY contracted diseases after being exposed to afflicted individuals in these centers. He named Dengue Fever as one such disease as well as HIV and the Ebola virus. ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION AMERICA?
It should also be noted that last week the VP of the NBPC local 1929 in El Paso wanted federal assistance for border agents from the CDC but the CDC told him “they had no interest in the issue,” Cabrera told reporters. However, as reported this morning in a previous post Infowars confirmed the CDC has activated an Emergency Operation Center to monitor the situation. Monitor? THAT’S IT???
Dr Elizabeth Lee Vliet and other health care professionals are sounding the alarm across the country saying that diseases now being seen in these detention centers are a “ticking time bomb.” She said the hardest hit will be those with weak immune systems. She said also, “A public health crisis the likes of which I have not seen in my lifetime IS LOOMING.”
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Dr Vliet and others are not the only ones now sounding the alarm. Radio host and trained PhD Epidemiologist Michael Savage is sounding the warning loudly on his daily radio show. He says that the liberal MSM is refusing to report that once contained or eradicated diseases are coming back into the US through the influx of illegal aliens now crossing the border with Mexico. He said on his show, “What the liberal media is hiding from you can be dangerous for your safety, you security and your health.”
Savage also noted that diseases are now showing up in US Border agents who have been pulled off their patrol duties to work inside these centers. The agents have been turned into babysitters and caretakers and they have now been exposed. Savage said right now we have TB, hand-foot-and mouth disease, Chagas disease on the rise and testing positive in US Border agents. Along with these they have now also been exposed to H1N1 Swine Flue and chicken pox. These agents are going home after working in these centers. They are going to the grocery store, playground, and everywhere else YOU and YOUR FAMILY go! Guess what? If just one agent has any of these disease YOU have now been exposed!! This is how disease spreads.
Savage went on to say, “The Border Patrol is being threatened with lawsuits and firing if they disclose this. Congressmen are being turned away from the border as they go to investigateĀ this surge of infected illegal aliens being thrown across the border at us.” Savage also said that the border crisis is an “invasion orchestrated in the White House for POLITICAL REASONS.”
This past week American protestors in Murrieta, California stopped several busloads of illegal migrants from Central America from being dropped off at a detention center in their community. Savage said these protests were a seminal moment in which the “real America” said NO to the federal government. “It’s the beginning of the NEXT AMERICAN REVOLUTION. This is NOT a joke! Take a look at their faces. Women, men, children holding sings to STOP illegal immigration.”
Read more of what Savage at to say at:
And so it begins. If you recall in one of my first posts on this influx of illegals after seeing the pics taken and released by Breitbart news in Texas I warned of the threat of such diseases. That didn’t take rocket science to figure it out. Once I saw how these people were being warehoused I knew the dangers! And now apparently my assessment was absolutely CORRECT!
All of this may be a political move by Obama and his cronies to force passage of amnesty for illegals but that isn’t going to solve the border problem. President Ronald Reagan granted illegals amnesty if you recall and instead of making things on the border better that amnesty actually made things worse. This all cannot be blamed on Obama although he loves to find backdoors around Congress when he doesn’t get his way. This has been a decades long ongoing problem and it has never been resolved because our elected officials in Washington insist on suing illegal immigration for POLITICAL REASONS and GAIN! That in itself is DISGUSTING!

Disgusting that these “public servants” play with human lives as if these PEOPLE are mere pawns on a chess board. That right there should show EVERY American just what kind of people we have serving in government. Election time is just around the corner and hopefully the American voter will start making some SMART decisions instead of going to the ballot box and voting for continued STUPIDITY!!
So expect these disease to spread rather quickly throughout the general population in America. Yellow caution tape stops NOTHING. What kind of health care professionalism is yellow tape? They’ve got to be pulling our legs!!




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