Town Stops Migrant Buses; CDC Activates Emergrency Center!

Commentary by Bolivar Rojas—-

As you know the town of Murrieta block ICE buses trying to bring undocumented aliens and unattended migrant children to a shelter in their fine community.  The outrage and demonstration caused the buses to be detoured to San Diego so the migrants could be “processed” there instead.  The town is now bracing for revenge from the Federal Government over their actions.  Yes SERFS that IS the way Imperial America works now, apparently.  How dare you people defy the Lord of the Manor and his engineered plan!

El Bestia!  The Beast; aka the Death Trains

El Bestia! The Beast; aka the Death Trains

Meanwhile, down in Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio says this crisis on the border was calculated by Obama to justify his executive orders (aka:  imperial edicts).  He says what we are seeing on the border is all part of the “game plan” by the Obama admin to create a crisis and then push for amnesty.  Now that is right out of Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s “bible” otherwise known as Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”  The sheriff also wants an explanation from the feds as to why he has 3800 illegal aliens in his jail if what the Obama admin claims is so.  That is, “The border is now more secure than ever” as they stated not so long ago.

And then there is the matter of fences.  Of course you know that the Feds come up with all kinds of excuses as to why a border fence could not be built and would never work.  So, Charles Krauthammer wants to know if that is so then why is there a fence around the White House?  Obviously, fences DO work!  And he also wants to know why when the Israeli’s erected the fence between themselves and the West Bank terror attacks went down.  He says the border needs to be heavily patrolled and it needs to be a double or triple fence that is patrolled at all times as that would have a tremendous impact on illegal border crossers.  Well Mr Kruthammer the problem right now is that the US Border Patrol is no longer really patrolling anything.  Instead they’ve been pulled off of their patrol duties so they can play WET NURSE in the detention centers!  That’s right, Krauthammer, instead of patrolling and capturing illegals or drug smugglers the USBP has been graciously handed the duties of changing diapers, preparing meals, janitor duties, and other little housekeeping tasks.  Man, Krauthammer, where have you been?  In a cave?

Elsewhere down on the border US ranchers are getting the message loud and clear coming from the Mexican drug cartels.  That message is, “Look the other way or face the consequences!”  Get it gringos?  Increasingly, ranchers are being threatened into looking the other way and ignoring the human smugglers and drug smugglers now flooding across the border.  And who are they going to call anyhow?  The USBP is busy playing WET NURSE in the detention centers!

To be fair the feds have now launched an ad campaign to discourage dumping of children at the border.  WTF?  That little tidbit of info comes from The Washington Times today.  The campaign is aimed at Central American parents who are sending their children to America via La Bestia riding the freight train rail cars.  Billboards and radio ads are being used by the feds in this campaign in Central American countries as well as Spanish language interviews in the press.  The billboards tell the parents that it is NOT TRUE that their children can get legal status in America.

That’s all fine and well BUT when do the feds start flying these unaccompanied children BACK to Central America where their parents are?  When does the first plane leave?  Just how long does this “processing” take?  Months?  Years?  Decades?  I strongly suspect NONE of these children are going to be flown back home.  Instead the feds are busy shipping them around the US to their relatives.  And that brings up yet another matter.  That of DISEASE.

You might now know it but diseases we’ve eradicated in this country decades ago have never been eradicated in other countries.  I’m talking diseases like measles and chicken pox to name two.  And there are now reports that these very diseases are appearing in the detention centers where these children are being warehoused.  In fact, there is a growing concern among the feds about this to the point that the CDC has now opened an “Emergency Operation Center” in response to the influx of illegals.  This comes after months of silence.  The CDC center will monitor and coordinate emergency responses to public health threats so they told Infowars this week.

So this all goes on and on and on.  Of course there is the other side of this coin that needs to be looked at as well and that is from the view of the parents in Central America who are taking the risks and sending their children northward to America.

Living and safety conditions throughout Central America have now deteriorated to the point that the people living there are desperately trying to GET OUT by ANY means possible.  We are calling these people “illegal border crossers” but they are also refugees fleeing the horrible conditions that now exist throughout Central America.  Violence and Poverty and now the name of the ONLY game in town.  The drug cartels have amassed a lot of money thanks to their being able to sell their psychosis inducing goods to America and Europe which are the two top drug buying cultures on the planet.  Of course little to nothing is done about our bad DRUG HABIT because we just don’t want to face the FACT that if we were not the primary drug buying markets the cartels would quickly be OUT OF BUSINESS.  Instead we want to continue our DRUG HABITS (legal or illegal it does not matter) and bitch and complain about all these illegal immigrants coming across our border with Mexico.  That’s much easier than facing the FACT that WE OURSELVES have helped to create that very problem!  Oh and let’s not forget to blame President Obama either, ok?  God knows this is all his fault and has been since day one no matter if he was el presidente or not.

The drug cartels in Central America are just like the ones in Mexico.  RUTHLESS, NOTORIOUS, AND VERY DEADLY!  If you think they are made up of Jose Ole the drug pusher on the corner near you, you could not be more WRONG!  These cartels have ARMIES and they are armed to the teeth and have lots of American and European money at their disposal.  In Central America they literally own the politicians all the way down from the el presidente to the local police.  In fact they now run just about everything in Central America society!  They “recruit” kids to do some of their dirty work and to help make the drugs that Americans and Europeans so desperately want and “need.”  Those kids who refuse to help either have to leave their homelands OR they are executed by the cartels.  What kind of choice is that?

Parents figure that their children would be better off going to America and they see the dangers of riding La Bestia (the death trains) from Central America, across Mexico, and to the US border as WORTH IT….EVEN if their child dies along the way.  Their thinking is ANYTHING is better for their children than continuing to live in Central America, ANYTHING including DEATH.  So they put these kids on those freight trains and off they go towards America some never to be seen again as the ride is highly dangerous and many will be killed along the way.  Can you imagine the mindset of these parents?  Can you imagine the desperation?  Conditions in Central America are so bad that death is preferable.

And then there is the matter of POVERTY that plagues the whole of Central America.  Most people living there live on less than $1 per day!  They don’t know if they are even going to eat today or not.  There is no work, no jobs, no food, no anything!  No parent in their right mind wants their child to grow up in such conditions and Central American parents are no different than American and European ones.  So they figure that they might not be able to escape the horrors of life in the region BUT they can get their children out by sending them to America and hope that they might have something BETTER than what they’ve had.  So they take the risk and put their kids on La Bestia for the long ride north and they don’t care what the price might be.  Again please try to imagine the desperation of these parents.  So what is created?  A human mass of refugees!  And that’s what we have coming to the US border right now.  And it’s NOT the fault of Barack Obama, fully, as this has been going on for decades now even before anyone knew who Obama was or cared.

So what is the solution?  Send these children back to Central America and within 6 months they’ll be right back at the border.  Their parents will make sure of that as they don’t want their kids being terrorized and exploited by the drug cartels and they don’t want their children living in the increasing poverty that now plagues all of Central America.  And if you think the Central American governments are going to do something about all this then you could not be more WRONG.

ALL of the governments in Central America are corrupted beyond imagination.  MOST do exactly what the drug lords tell them to do because they know what’s good for them if they don’t.  US Vice President Joe Biden just got back from that area where he pledged millions in US aid to help these countries fight the cartels and eradicate poverty.  Well guess what Joe?  ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN!  The corrupt politicians in Central America will gladly take the US taxpayer money and make certain that it never sees the light of day for eradicating poverty OR putting the drug cartels out of business.

Illegal drugs are BIG money!  If the truth were known most of these Central American countries GNP is from illegal drug sells to AMERICA AND EUROPE!  And poverty? Well Joe the thinking down there is to keep the people stupid and poor as that makes them easier to control and greatly reduces the possibility of REVOLUTION.  No Central American el presidente in their right mind is going to use US dollars to stop any of the cartels or poverty!  Get a clue, please, Joe!

Historically, every one of these Central American countries used to be states of Mexico when Mexico was part of the Spanish Empire.  Some were states of Mexico after Mexico gained independence from Spain.  Perhaps they need to be so again?  But then we’d have to rely on Mexico to control all this but the problem is Mexico has the SAME problems.  OR the US military could just invade Central America and turn it into the 51 US state or simply pull off a “regime change” that is pro-American.  OR we can just simply continue to do what we’ve been doing which is NOT A LOT!  And if that is our choice the border invasion is only going to get worse as more and more Central American refugees head towards America.

And then there is the little matter of who is buying all those illegal drugs from the cartels.  The primary markets are the US and Europe.  Why?  Because WE HAVE A DRUG PROBLEM that no one wants to face or really do anything about!  WE are the people buying all that cocaine and pot!  Basic economics teaches….NO market…..NO producer!  If we actually did something about OUR drug habit then we’d eliminate the market and those drug cartels would be OUT of business in a heartbeat.  BUT we are NOT willing to do that.  Instead it is far easier for us to BITCH AND COMPLAIN about all those illegals crossing our borders!

Nothing in the world or in life is ever due to a single fault.  Everything is due to a combination of faults and in this case it’s time for AMERICANS to claim their part of that fault!  Enough of the bitching already!  How about we do something about OUR drug problem?  How about we use the most powerful military in the world to go into Central America and clean out all the RAT NESTS?  Immediate and harsh action is now REQUIRED in Central America!  The longer we put things off the worse they are going to get.  Amnesty is NOT the answer!  If Obama has in fact engineered part of this humanitarian crisis at the border then he’s made a very BIG MISTAKE!  What comes after amnesty?  THE SAME THING, SAME PROBLEM!  Instead of treating the symptom why don’t we try treating the cause….I mean….CAUSES!  And btw if you need some banana republic type pro-American dictator to run things down there once we’ve invaded just let me know 🙂








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