ISIS Caliphate Demand People in Mosul Give Girls Up to Be RAPED!!

The Clarion Project has put out a very disturbing and disgusting report concerning ISIS and the newly self-proclaimed Islamic Caliphate of al-Baghdadi.  They are reporting that posters and ads in the media demanded that the people of Mosul give up their daughters to be raped by ISIS fighters as part of a “sexual Jihad.”  Young women who have been able to escape the city have done so but many have not been so lucky.  In the comments section of the report many people have stated that this is “not Islam” and the ISIS is a tribe of “murders, rapists, and psychotics” simply using Islam to justify their evil actions.

My question is now, if this is not real Islam then where are the REAL Muslims?  Why have Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt not ganged up militarily and launched an all out armed assault against ISIS and put them out of business?  These countries all have military’s that could take ISIS and its leadership out swiftly.  So why aren’t they doing it?  Iraq has told the US they do not want US soldiers back in Iraq and that they will deal with the invasion themselves.  Ok fine.  So what are they doing about it?  Very little it appears.  And I still want to know who is financing ISIS.  They seem to have plenty of new trucks, weapons, and tanks just like a regular army.  Someone is footing the bill and the world deserves to know who that someone is.

You can read the report for yourselves at the following link and, frankly, it is pretty DISGUSTING!!

I would say I wonder what all of our Iraq War vets are thinking about all this but I already know.  All their sacrifice apparently was in vain.



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