Pope Says NO WORK on Sundays!

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

The more I hear from this Pope the better I like him.  He’s got common sense and intelligence which is RARE in world leaders today.  In a sermon he delivered in Italy Pope Francis told his audience that not working on Sundays just isn’t for the faithful but for the non-faithful as well.  He said that abandoning the practice of not working on Sundays negatively impacts families and friendships.  The Pope went further and said opening stores and other businesses on Sundays as a way to create jobs is not beneficial for society.

The Pontiff added that the priority should be “not economic but HUMAN.”  Further he added that the importance should be on families and friendships NOT commercial relationships.  “Maybe it’s time to ask ourselves if working on Sundays is true freedom,” he said.  I think he’s absolutely right and NO it is not freedom.  I agree with him completely that Sundays should be a day for NOT working, for being with family and/or friends, and for enjoyment not doing the same old grind for “da man.”

The Pope also encouraged parents to spend more time with their children.  He encouraged parents around the world to play with their children and that is good for society and the home as well.  Too often we ignore our children and our families and friends and it is time for a CHANGE in all that.  To hell with “da man” and the SOS grind!  Everyone needs a day to play so why not Sundays?

This Pope is a far cry from the imperial papal court of Pope Benedict and others before him.  He’s already put church leaders off their thrones and into the alleyways and streets demanding that they reach out to the poor and marginalized and stop with all the Augustus Caesar routines already.  It’s about time and with the sex abuse scandal still a dark cloud over the church I would say THIS POPE just might ensure the future of the Catholic Church in ways that no other Pope can.  There is something different about him.  Something odd but appealing.  Something very simple yet so glistening.  Now if the US can just get a POTUS like him we might be on the road to restoration instead of self destruction.

Now mi amigos go and have yourself a nice Sunday off and if you aren’t off…..TAKE IT OFF ANYWAY!!  🙂  Just tell your boss the Pope gave you permission and I’m sure they’ll understand.

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