Heroes & Losers

On June 19, 2014, a booking photo of a man arrested the prior day by the Stockton Police Department on weapons and gang charges went viral because people thought he was good looking. What has not been reported in the countless stories that followed, including the recent news of his $30,000 modeling contract that his agent said will help him “change his life”, was that on the very same day the photo went viral the Stockton Police Department laid to rest Officer Scott Hewell.


Officer Hewell was involved in a horrific crash in which the patrol car he was riding in struck a tree on the passenger side on May 28, and he died from his injuries on June 11. Officer Hewell was just 33 years old and had served with SPD for just under two years. He was survived by his parents and siblings. I’m asking for your help today in sharing this photo to get the handsome face of this fine young officer, killed in the line of duty in the early part of his career serving and protecting the citizens of the same city where this convicted felon described as “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area” was arrested, to go viral. Let’s let the Hewell family and the members of the Stockton Police Department know that Officer Hewell’s face and not that of a criminal is the one we want to remember.


Peron Says:  Why do we glorify the SCUM in our society while ignoring the REAL heroes like Officer Hewell?  If you think American society is A-OK you couldn’t be more WRONG!  There is something BADLY wrong with America!  

Hero?  No just a POS!



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