Inside the Caliphate: Muslim vs Muslim

by Bolivar Rojas

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the leader of the now infamous terrorist organization known as ISIS or ISIL.  He’s captured strips of land between Syria and Iraq and has now declared a Caliphate Islamic State with himself as Caliph (temporal and spiritual leader).  He’s issued a demand that all Muslims worldwide submit to him and he’s encouraged them to move to the new Caliphate.  Meanwhile in Mosul, that is under his control, in Iraq his comrades have put up posters ordering the people of that city to submit their young daughters to his forces so they can freely have sex with them as part of their “sacred” duty of Jihad.  That was previously reported on this site just a few days ago.

BaghdadiBaghdadi is a ultra-conservative Sunni Muslim and he is now engaged in the destruction of Shite Islam in the territory he controls for the time being.  His forces have destroyed several Shite mosques and tombs as he believes the Shite Muslims are infidels.  Countless people in the region, mostly men, have been executed summarily Sunni and Shite alike.  Some have been crucified which is a horrible and slow way to die.  This past Friday, the Muslim weekly holy day, he appeared in a Mosque dressed in black from head to toe with a thick black beard.  Appearing righteous save for one thing.  He was wearing an obviously expensive Rolex watch just like James Bond wore in the movies!  Simple man?  Holy man?  I think not.

Baghdadi is insane.  He is a killer.  He obviously suffers from delusions of grandeur.  He has aspirations for world conquest.  He’s already slaughtered thousands in both Iraq and Syria and if left unchecked I’m sure he will slaughter even more ruthlessly.  The US was quick to send troops to Iraq to help them rid themselves of Baghdadi but Iraq has refused the help saying they will take care of the self proclaimed Caliph themselves.  But Iraq has done little to make that happen and with each passing day the self proclaimed Caliph seems to be gaining momentum.

This guy has an army.  His group is not the common rag-tag typical Muslim terrorist you see on your evening news.  His army is very well armed driving new trucks with all sorts of weapons at had including tanks.  One wonders just how he got them but I suspect he’s being funneled money from Saudi Arabia, the PRIMARY terror group sponsor on the planet.

Following his sermon delivered at a mosque in Mosul this past Friday, Western analysts are scrambling trying to figure out if the man dressed in the back garb is really Baghdadi or not.  Well it doesn’t appear to me to be rocket science as if you look at past pics of him it is him, plainly.  Why are we wasting our time on this analysis?  The West has really got its priorities SCREWED UP!  Why aren’t we sending in CIA assassin teams to take this guy out? If this is the “war on terror” then we’ve lost it due to our own ignorance and hesitation.

I can’t help but notice that the majority of the world’s Muslims are not flocking to Mosul to live under the murderous tyranny of this self proclaimed Caliph.  I can’t help but notice they are not moving there quickly so they can live under their beloved Sharia (Islamic Law).  Why not?  Isn’t this exactly what many of them have wanted for a long while now?  And now that it is here they want nothing to do with it?  Perhaps they fear that this Caliph will kill them too for not being conservative enough as he has ALREADY executed some of his own men for that very reason.  What a tangled web this has become.  I guess that old saying that you should be careful what you ask for as you just might get it is true after all.

Baghdadi should not be underestimated even though he’s a murderous lunatic.  He educated, in the West, and calculating.  He’s secretive and is seldom seen in public which is odd for a Caliph of any kind.  Perhaps he fears being killed himself as rabid dogs most often turn on their owner eventually.

Military officials in Iraq say they are still analyzing the video showing Baghdadi delivering a sermon at the Grand Mosque in Mosul last week.  The video is a full 21 minutes long.  Iraqi officials say that the government will let us know once they’ve decided if the man in the video is the Caliph or not.  That’s it?  HELLO IRAQ!  This guy and his murdering gang have taken over part of your country and a major city.  He’s killed thousands of your soldiers and police.  And Iraq’s main concern is deciding if some guy in black is Baghdadi or not?  Who cares!  Why isn’t the Iraqi military removing him and his army from Iraqi territory?

Basically what is now happening is nothing.  This guy is unchecked and doing whatever he wants with little to no resistance from the world community.  The fact that the world seems incapable of responding to this guy and the threat he now poses is astounding and shocking.  Why not remove him with a drone like others have been removed?  Does he know something that he might tell the world should we do such a thing?  Might he divulge that the US and West have been playing, financing, and supplying both sides of the fence or something like that?  I won’t be surprised as we’ve been doing just that in Syria and elsewhere.  The US has made a very BIG mistake by attempting to kiss the asses of these terror groups.  I suspect that if Baghdadi isn’t removed he is going to position himself to unleash terror around the world like we’ve never seen before.  It’s beyond astounding that the West has done nothing about him already.  But, we must remember, thanks to Barack Obama the US doesn’t play a leadership role in world affairs any longer.  No we are just one of the 3 Amigos, regular guys.  That in itself is even more astounding that Baghdadi that the US has brought itself to its own knees.  Unbelievable!

Oh and as for the Rolex?  Well this Caliph is demanding his subjects be happy in their poverty.  Obviously, he is NOT one of them in poverty.  What a hypocrite.




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