Yellowstone Super Volcano Bigger Than Thought!

Researchers in Yellowstone National Park now say that the super volcano is MORE than twice as big as originally thought.  The park sits on top of  the world’s largest active volcano which is a super volcano.  It’s last eruption was about 600K years ago and it devastated the Western US.

Dr Robert Smith of the University of Utah has been studying the volcano and he notes that when you go to Yellowstone you must drive uphill because of the giant plume of magma underneath the ground.  It lifts the surface upward.  Smith has been studying the super volcano for the past 60 years.  He suspects that when it erupts the eruption lasts for many months or even years.

Dr Smith noted that a 4.8 earthquake in the park that damaged the Lake Hotel was the biggest quake in 30 years.  He and his team have found that the magma is 2.5 times bigger than originally thought underneath the park.  However, he doesn’t think it is going to erupt anytime soon.  Hmmm….well he was WRONG about the size of this thing so what are his chances of being wrong about it blowing?

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