China-Russia to build Canal in Nicaragua!

Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega

Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega

There’s a  bit of old wisdom that says when a vacuum is left something, or someone, else will fill it and, indeed, that is the way things work especially in the realm of international politics. For a long while the United States seems to have been content with leaving Central America as a Third World region wrecked by poverty, violence, and large scale illegal drug activity.  In fact, the US has treated most of Latin America as if they were the “people over south of the tracks.”  That’s one reason we are now seeing a surge in illegal migrants coming to the US from Latin America.  They are escaping the very circumstances that the US has turned a blind eye to for far too long.  What essentially has now happened is that the US has left a vacuum in Central America and let us not forget that part of that vacuum was our turning over the Panama Canal to Communist China not so long ago.  What kind of logical move was that when it comes to “national security”?

The now apparent low interest vacuum created by the US is about to be filled by Russia and China and you can’t possibly convince me that that is “good” for our own “national security” because it will mean that China and Russia will have a very big and very strategic position in Latin America, the backyard of the USA.  What are our politicians in this country thinking?  Are they thinking?  Doubtful.

Planned El Gran Canal in Nicaragua

Planned El Gran Canal in Nicaragua

China and Russia are teaming up to build a trans-oceanic canal in Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua similar to but bigger than the current Panama Canal.  This move, from an international political standpoint, will give both China and Russia an even bigger influence in the region of Latin America that the US should have but doesn’t seem to want or care about.  What comes after the canal?  Chinese and Russian missiles aimed at all US southwest cities under the guise of “defense” of the canal?

This all comes about as Russia is stepping up arms sales to Latin America and Russia has expressed, along with China, a desire to establish military bases in the region.  And that is of no concern about US national security?  WTF?  They plan to use existing facilities in the region for “refueling” of their aircraft and warships.  Russia is also trying to establish bases in Cuba (anyone remember the Bay of Pigs?) and Venezuela.  Of course, Iran too is trying to establish bases in Venezuela.  Strategic moves are being made here by our stealthy enemies and meanwhile the LOSERS in DC seem oblivious to it all.  Question is WHY?

The Nicaragua canal will be an alternative to the Panama Canal.  China will do the construction while Russia will provide security and other duties.  This is all the brainstorm of a man named Wang Jing who is a Chinese businessman and who has gained the approval for the canal from Nicaragua’s el Presidente Daniel Ortega.  This same Chinese businessman also plans to build a deep water port in the Crimea which is a strategic area in Russia’s war with Ukraine.

The canal is being called the “Nicaragua Grand Canal Project.”  Nicaraguan opposition leader Eliseo Nunez Morales says the planned canal does NOT have a “declaration of neutrality” like the Panama Canal does and what that means is in the event of conflict the route would NOT remain neutral.  He further says the agreement allows for the establishment of military bases in the region by Russia.  He thinks the canal project is a cover for the building of large Russian military bases in Nicaragua and he’s opposed to the whole idea.  He warns that this will allow Russia to bring in covert agents and programs also.

Taxes will not be imposed for conducting business on the canal sources say.  Those who oppose it say that leaves the whole project wide open for gross corruption with Russian and Chinese money.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has a close relationship with Russia’s Putin and the canal and bases would bring the nation within the sphere of Russian influence plainly.  Of course this would all greatly help to stimulate the economy in Nicaragua where many of the unattended children are coming to the US from today.

This story has been happening for awhile but it has mysteriously received very little coverage in the American media for some “odd” reason.  You’d think this would be a major story and there would be a great outcry from Washington but it’s not.

So just in case you don’t get it here’s what is about to happen starting this December which is when construction of this canal is set to begin.  China and Russia will start boosting the economy in Nicaragua and Latin America in general.  Russia and most likely China too will begin establishing a large military presence in Nicaragua right on America’s backdoor step.  Other nations in the region will see the benefits of it all being earned by Nicaragua and so they will want the same.  They will buddy up to China and Russia while giving the USA the middle finger and before you know it even Mexico will succumb to the Russians and Chinese.  And before we know it Russia and China will have a very large MILITARY presence throughout Latin America AND Mexico and the USA will be nothing short of SCREWED!  Anyone remember the movie “Red Dawn”?  Looks to me like the Chinese and Russians are about to make it REAL!

And STILL I wonder about the people in Congress?  Oh wait, their priority right now is suing Obama instead of  impeaching him….as if it matters.




2 responses to “China-Russia to build Canal in Nicaragua!

  1. The wolf packs are gathering at our backdoor as we sleep due to an illegal drug induced stupor. From now on when I hear Obama or any of the others talk about “national security” I will automatically designate their talk as BULLSHIT!

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