2 comments on “Mexico: Fast Tracking Illegals to USA!!

  1. LOL you didn’t think Mexico was the friend of the US did you Peron? They have their own agenda and it is NOT the same as that of the US. In fact most of it is contrary to the US agenda. And besides there is BIG MONEY involved in illegal immigration so I guess Mexico has decided they want a piece of it. BTW can’t help but notice the pic of Obama and Pena Neito from 2013 in the WND article. Obama looks upset for some reason. Actually a bit like a schoolboy who just got the paddle on his ass. Pena Neito, however, looks like he’s the principal with the paddle. Wouldn’t you love to be a mouse in the corner for this one? Oh and I’m almost sure that guy in the background in the pic is Pena Nieto’s “muscle” if you know what I mean. Note to Barry O—-I wouldn’t visit Mexico anymore as long as Pena Nieto is running things.

    BTW I wonder how all those people who came from the region LEGALLY to escape the NIGHTMARE that IS Central America now feel. The very people they got away from and now coming to them in the US. I don’t think that is what they had in mind for the future. And I bet it really pisses them off that they went through LEGAL jump ropes to be able to stay and live in the US while these migrants just break US law and get to stay anyway.

  2. Mexico is an example for all latin american countries and indeed the usa shares a boarder with mexico. From a policy standpoint this is a step in the right direction. Mexico is dealing with reality, a constant inflow of foreigners crossing their border, currently they do not have a good tracking system in place for those that cross and stay in mexico. Now with this initiative they can monitor the flow of foreigners who cross their borders. In addition it limits abuses and extortion that happens to foreign migrants. Its clear that Mexico does not want innocent foreign migrants to be captured by cartels and then extorted. This was tragically demostrated in the past and still happens. This is mexico way of dealing with a real issue that helps protect against violence against the innocent. It has nothing to do with “sticking” it to the usa. The reality is that mexico has migrants that cross through their borders and they want those migrants to be safe and not manipulated, extorted or abused.

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