Strange Weather….

Severe storms ripped through Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma today which included tornadoes that killed 13 people in the Mexican town of Ciudad Acuna, a city of 25K people across from Del Rio, Texas.  An infant is also missing as the storm took up its carrier with the baby in it.  In Texas 12 people are reported missing from flash flooding.  Acuna, Mexico was severely hit by the twister and Mexican government officials are describing the scene as “devastating.”

Record rainfall hit Texas and Oklahoma and the storm continued to spawn even more twisters.  At least 2000 people in Texas have been evacuated from their homes along the Blanco River which rose an ASTOUNDING 26 feet IN ONE HOUR!!  The worst hit communities were Wimberley and San Marcos in Central Texas along the Blanco River corridor between Austin and San Antonio.


The below image was captured on today.  Notice the strange blobs around Odessa and Lubbock? I’ve never seen anything like these two blobs on accuweather radar/satellite.  Anyone know what the blobs are all about?




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