Trash Obamcare? BAD Idea!

The SCOTUS is set to rule in the next few weeks on a suit brought about by Republicans claiming that language in the Affordable Healthcare Act authorizing government subsidies for people who can’t afford health insurance applies only to states that have set up their own insurance exchanges.  Most states have not set up these exchanges so they rely on  If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Republicans then millions of people in this country will lose their health insurance as government subsidies will only then be given to people who live in states that have set up their own exchanges.  Where would such a ruling put us?  BACK TO SQUARE ONE!

Millions would lose their health insurance and unable to afford it they would simply do without and have none.  This would put us right back to where we were in this nation prior to the passage of the ACA at which time millions of people in this nation were uninsured and health care costs were skyrocketing along with health insurance premiums. Once again these people would use Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care centers as their primary medical care and they would not be able to pay.  Someone has to pick up the cost and that cost would be picked up by the US taxpayer, again!  ER’s cannot refuse to treat someone with or without insurance.  They are obliged under law to provide any and all care necessary to stabilize the individual.  YOU would pay for that!

Obamacare isn’t perfect and President Obama stated such at the time of the passage of the ACA.  But it is a starting point and it’s better than no starting point at all which is what we had prior to Obamacare.  Republicans think they are helping the American taxpayer but, in fact, if the court rules in their favor they will be hurting the American taxpayer as we would have to pick up the tab for those who can’t afford health insurance, yes again.  Something tells me that House Republicans are ignoring this glaring fact as I don’t believe they are actually that ignorant.

Once again we have the “haves” setting up a conflict with the “have-nots” which, sadly, is so typical in American society.  Oh yes, I know all of the thinking and myths like “welfare is a crutch,” or “get a job, ” blah, blah, blah.  Talk is fine but where’s the action?  And btw do we as a society not have an obligation to help those that are less fortunate?  As Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc do we not have a moral and religious obligation to help the poor, widowed, and fatherless?  Sadly, many religious people simply wear their religion on their shirt sleeves and only follow its teachings when it suits them.  But that is NOT what a true believer does!  A true believer (someone who really is going the Heaven) knows they have an obligation to help the less fortunate and they put that obligation into ACTION by helping them not ignoring them or not by making their plight and suffering worse!

No matter what their circumstances we CANNOT and MUST NOT go back and allow the poor and working poor to be uninsured.  We have an obligation to help them and help them improve their life circumstance.  But that can’t happen if we are continuously setting up conflict between those who “have” and those who “have not.”  There is, in FACT, a growing ABYSS between those two groups of people in America and some day that divide is going to cave in and all hell is going to break loose in this nation.  It’s just a matter of time.  Is that what we desire?  Do we wish to see civil unrest in this country on a scale never imagined?  Do we wish to see our nation and our people break apart and at each others throats?  Frankly, I do NOT think that is what MOST Americans want at all.

I often hear Obamacare referred to as “socialist medicine.”  So be it call it what you want.  It’s been needed for a long, long time!  A little bit of socialism never hurt anybody especially when it actually helps the less fortunate and compels us to carry out our moral and religious obligations!  I would urge the court to rule AGAINST House Republicans because if they don’t they are going to put this country back to square one with MILLIONS OF UNINSURED AGAIN!




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