Dreamers: Why are we punishing them?

Editorial by Robert Lorez

A federal appeals court let stand a lower court’s decision that has halted President Obama’s plan to shield 5 million people from deportation which includes young immigrants called “Dreamers.”  The President created a program back in 2012 to prevent Dreamers from being deported.  The program does not create a path to US citizenship but, nonetheless, critics say it is essentially an “amnesty program.”  Twenty-six states have sued the federal government in an effort to stop the President’s plan.  Critics argue that the President overstepped his authority.  The program was created by President Obama through an executive action after Congress failed to pass immigration reform.  As a consequence Dreamers will not be allowed to obtain state drivers licenses or other benefits.

Dreamers are the adult children of illegal immigrants who were brought into the US when they were children by their parents who illegal entered the US.  The president’s program would allow these children, now adults, to apply for deportation deferrals and work permits.  Critics say US immigration laws should be respected and that’s all fine and well but, frankly, those laws are outdated and unrealistic in today’s world!

Children brought into the US illegally by their parents who came into the US illegally had no choice.  They were CHILDREN!  So why are we punishing them?  Many of these people don’t even speak Spanish and have never even been back to Mexico since their parents brought them to the US illegally.  Some know next to nothing about Hispanic culture and to throw them back into Mexico or Central America would be disastrous for many of them as they have grown up in America and consider themselves to be Americans.  Cultural shock would not even begin to describe some of the things these people would experience should they be deported.

Some of these adults who were brought illegally into the US by their parents have served in the US military, gone to US schools, have careers in the US just like all other Americans.  They’ve built their lives in America as Americans! So why are we punishing them for something that was no fault of their own?

MOST Dreamers are contributing members NOT of Mexican or Central American society but of AMERICAN SOCIETY.  They serve in the US military, attend US schools and colleges, have American jobs, pay American taxes. In every respect Dreamers ARE AMERICANS save one and that is their immigration status due to their parents bringing them into the US illegally.  So, I must ask, just what has American become?  Do we now punish children for the actions of their parents?  If a parent now commits a crime should we also punish their children?  Do you see the illogic in that kind of thinking?

Yes, American has laws and America has immigration laws but laws should never be set in concrete set so hard that they cannot be modified.  Fact is our immigration system is beyond broken and badly in need of revisions.  We can bitch about illegal immigration as we’ve been doing OR we can demand our representatives in Congress do something about our immigration laws that brings them more into line with modern times.  Congress responds when they hear the voice of the American people loudly and clearly!

Of course, the entire issue of illegal immigration (Dreamers included) is riddled with a cesspool of racism.  One would think that in this 21st century people would be beyond skin color but, sadly, many are not.  One would think that one would see all people as people and that one would see others as, simply, human beings.  But, sadly, that seems not to be so for some people in this country who seem insistent on fanning the flames of their own racial hatred and prejudice.  How sad for them.  I cannot imagine how such people live with themselves.

At some point this nation is going to have to not only face but resolve the immigration issues we are facing in a constructive, just, and fair way.  Ignoring the issue is not the solution to anything as it is not going away.  The deport the Dreamers and deny them the benefits of having been raised in America as Americans is UNJUST, UNFAIR, AND DESTRUCTIVE for all of us and our society!

It’s time to get off the racist boat!  Enough of the ignorance and bigotry already!  Enough of the bitching!  It’s time to face the issue and come up with some intelligent non-racist SOLUTIONS.  It’s time to STOP punishing children who are now adults who were brought to this country illegally by their parents who came here illegally.  We should NOT punish children for the actions of their parents!!!






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