America’s Rise to Socialism

The status quo is NOT working for growing numbers of Americans today and although “socialism” has been a bad word for many Americans that’s beginning to change as the economy continues to decline and as the gap between rich and poor continues to widen.  More and more Americans are finding that they are not in the upper classes but in the working poor lower classes.  More and more Americans are increasingly upset by the unbridled greed that seems to control this country.  And more and more Americans are finding out that the “American Dream” is a myth for them!

Socialism has always been equated with such nations as the former Soviet Union but what the Soviets had going on was NOT democratic socialism.  I call their form of government “Sovietism.”  What they had going on was a virtual police state and that’s not what Democratic Socialism stands for nor advocates at all.

Yesterday Senator Bernie Sanders who has thrown his hat into the 2016 presidential election appeared in Iowa.  Overflow crowds showed up to hear him speak in Ames, Davenport, and Kensett.  Sanders said that Americans are tired of the status quo, the overwhelming greed in this country, and established politics.  “People want a movement,” Sanders said, “to be part of a movement that takes on the billionaire class.”  He went on to say that we have a “..handful of people in this country with enormous economic and political power who are getting it all.”  Sanders may not win the nomination or election but he is already putting the pressure on front-runner Hillary Clinton causing her to begin to shift from the middle to the left.

Sanders wants a redistribution of income, an increase in social security benefits, in-state college tuition abolished, and a single payer national health care insurance like that found in Canada or the UK.  He also wants government to reign in the rich and powerful especially the corporations.  These are all socialist ideas as Sanders is a socialist who runs as an independent and caucuses with the democratic party.  Front-runner Hillary Clinton is a CORPORATIST and a GLOBALIST plain and simple!  She’s part of that 1% rich and powerful and she is NOT what working Americans are looking for in the next POTUS.  

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has also thrown his hat into the ring and if Sanders bails O’Malley is sure to pick up the torch and put pressure on Clinton to move out of the middle and towards the left.

Americans are increasingly frustrated.  It used to be that we lived paycheck to paycheck but for many Americans today that no longer even works.  Savings accounts have been wiped out and prices continue to increase.  Americans are paying MORE for LESS as the unbridled greed of the Corporatists continues!  All Americans want the American Dream.  They want to raise themselves up and improve the lives of their families and children.  But that is increasingly more difficult to do today for MOST Americans.  And let me not forget to mention the LOW WAGES jobs that many Americans are locked into today due to the lack of higher paying jobs!

Since the days when he was a candidate back in 2008 I’ve heard President Obama rattle on about creating American jobs and fixing the infrastructure in this country but he’s no the only one.  I’ve heard the same talk from Republicans and Democrats in Congress and across the nation.  So WHERE IS IT?  All I hear is talk with NO ACTION and, meanwhile, our infrastructure in this country continues to age and deteriorate!  This has been going on for the past 8 years with NO ACTION.  Our nation’s infrastructure is BADLY in need of repair and maintenance and that would create thousands of jobs for Americans but, to date, there is only talk and no action!!

Growing numbers of Americans no longer feel that their elected representatives in government represent them. That holds true all the way from the elected dog catcher to the elected POTUS.  It especially holds true for those in Congress and the Senate and Americans are feeling more and more like these elected public servants represent entities like Goldman-Sachs, AIG, Chase, etc.  To top it off MOST Americans feel they have no real voice and can do nothing to change the status quo.  MANY Americans have simply given up!  Giving up is NOT the answer, however.

The gap  between rich and poor in this country (and I’m including the vanishing middle class as poor) is no longer a simple gap.  IT IS NOW AN ABYSS!  More and more Americans are realizing we don’t have a republic anymore but an oligarchy dominated by the rich and powerful which is growing near to what you’d see in a FEUDAL society! Most Americans have no desire to become simple SERFS!  But, in fact, what we have in America now is Corporatism and an increasingly Corporatist state.

The late WW2 dictator Benito Mussolini once defined FASCISM as a marriage between the state and corporation in which the state is used to do the bidding of the corporation and enforce the corporations will.  He later termed this ideology as Corporatism saying fascism is corporatism.  And that is what we have emerging in America today.  A fascist-corporatist state in which the will, desire, and welfare of the common people is no longer heard nor represented but, in which, the will, desire, and welfare of the corporation is paramount.  This is the status quo in politics and economics Senator Sanders and others are talking about and this is what they want CHANGED.

DEMOCRATIC Socialism is catching on with growing numbers of Americans especially younger Americans.  No longer is socialism a dirty word in America nor to be feared.  People are looking at it as a viable alternative to the current political and economic system.  They want an end to the monopoly on wealth and power in this country held in the hands of a FEW.  It’s about time!!





6 responses to “America’s Rise to Socialism

  1. Thank you “Compelling Stuff.” Sadly, Americans have been brainwashed into believing Socialism is something akin to Nazism or Sovietism in which government is oppressive of the people but that is not true at all in terms of Democratic Socialism. True Democratic Socialists support freedoms and a constitution along with representative government. Most Americans need to educate themselves about the differences.

  2. How do you use government to “reign in the rich and powerful especially the corporations” without forcefully taking their property or freedom?

    “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” -George Washington

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