Disney and other US Companies Brings in Slave Labor!


Back in October about 250 Disney US workers were laid off and replaced with cheap labor brought in from India.  And Disney isn’t the only American industry doing this.  In fact, it is now THE TREND!

Outsourcing companies are hired.  They have foreign workers with US visas.  They bring them into the US and put them in jobs once held by Americans and pay them less than their former American counterparts.  Outsourcing is now working two ways and in this case it is costing Americans JOBS.

To add insult to injury the Disney American workers were made to train their foreign replacements.  Former American employees said the foreign workers who arrived to replace them were younger techs with limited data skills who DID NOT SPEAK ENGLISH fluently and had to be instructed in the basics of the work assigned to them. You can read the entire humiliating story at the below link.  And what does Disney say about it all?  Well they’ve been trying to glaze it over nice and sweet claiming it’s all part of a reorganization and letting it be known that the head of Disney supports things like increased border security and a pathway for legal status of people in the country illegally. But wait!  Isn’t this about JOBS?

Companies who are using outsourcing companies to throw Americans out of their jobs claim they just can’t find American workers with the necessary skills they need in their company.  WTF?  So all those 250 Disney workers didn’t have the required skills for the jobs they’d been doing for the past 10 years or longer???  

The outsourcing companies recruit and hire foreign workers in places like India.  They then move them to the US to take over jobs held by American workers.  The foreign workers come to the US on a H-1B visa and some companies say it saves them 25-49%.  Of course this is so as they pay the foreign workers less than they were paying the American workers.  Many American companies use H-1B visas to bring foreign workers into the US  to fill jobs with special skills.  Most of the companies who secure these visas are outsourcing and consulting firms based in India or are American subsidiaries.

Can you imagine that?  Imagine being in a job for 10 years or more and finding out you are being replaced and if you want your severance package you have to train your replacement?  And what this all boils down to is PROFIT for the corporation!  To hell with the American worker they say and they humiliate us as we walk out the door to top it off.

But, this is all a part of CORPORATISM and is to be expected because in this fascist corporatism government is used to do the bidding and enforce the will of the corporation and to hell with the proletariat.  This practice is growing as companies around the country are contracting with these outsourcing firms, laying off American workers, and replacing them with foreign workers paying them less than they were American workers.  It’s not only called PROFIT but also SLAVE LABOR!!

So just what are Americans supposed to do for jobs?  And I find it very hard to believe that these companies can’t find Americans with the needed skills and there are plenty of people out there who went to college to get those skills and have ended up flipping burgers at McD’s because there are no jobs for Americans!  Companies around the country are outright LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH!  They offer many excuses and justifications and make numerous false claims but the bottom line is PROFIT rooted in pure 100% GREED!  Meanwhile American workers gt to be unemployed and end up on the streets!  Corporate America is now run amok.  They seem content with the masses of Americans being unemployed.  And think about this…..when you buy anything made by these companies you are supporting them!  Here’s an idea….how about all Americans boycotting Disney and all other companies engaging in these practices?  Why do we continue to support them with our hard earned dollars?  It’s time to STAND UP FOR AMERICA AND AMERICANS!

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