The US FREEDOM Act: But is it FREEDOM?

banana repPresident Barack Obama, watered down socialist from Illinois, has signed the US Freedom Act into law but the trillion-dollar question is, is it really FREEDOM or is it just a revamping of the US Patriot Act with lots of frosting on top.  In the days following 9/11 2001 former POTUS George Bush 2 rammed the US Patriot Act through Congress and it passed overwhelmingly even though MOST of the people in Congress didn’t even bother to read it.  But, that shouldn’t surprise you as MOST people in Congress don’t read ANY bill before voting on it.  Their superiors just tell them how to vote and like good little doobies they do it!  Worthless?  That would be an understatement.

One of the most controversial provisions of the US Patriot Act has been the authority given to the NSA to collect phone data and records on American citizens even though they may not be terror suspects.  That provision is expiring and the US Freedom Act is supposed to be an “overhaul” of the provision.  So what happens to phone record collection now that Obama has signed the USFA into law?

Phone record collection on American citizens will resume for the next 6 months!  During that period the NSA will work with phone service providers in an effort to work out some action that will allow them to query their records with “known terrorist phone numbers pursuant to a court order” from the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.   The NSA will be able to collect any and all data from all the phone numbers the suspected terrorist phone contacts.  So, basically, the NSA will STILL be snooping around Americans phone records!  But, it won’t be collecting all phone records.  That’s the icing btw.  Feel better?  YOU SHOULDN’T!

As for the phone records that the NSA has been collecting for the past many years since 9/11 Obama administration officials are at a loss to say what will be done with them.  Further, they are also at a loss to say if they will continue searching through those phone records.  Hey, it’s either a simple yes or no but as is typical with this administration we get no direct answers and no firm commitment.  So what this means is that most likely the NSA will continue to snoop through those already collected phone records and keep them on file….”just in case.”  Well, ya know, there’s a terrorist around every corner…don’t ya America?

Additionally, the roving wiretap provision that gives the FBI the authority to eavesdrop on terror and espionage suspects will go back into effect under the newly signed US Freedom Act.  The so called “Lone Wolf Provision” which officials say has never been used will also go back into effect.  The Lone Wolf is the WACK-JOB who thinks he’s the reincarnation of Osama bin Laden or something I guess.  The FBI will also continue to be authorized to collect certain business records as part of their “national security investigations.”  However, the Freedom Act requires the government to limit the scope of its record collection.  The new law also gives phone companies more freedom to report to the public just how many national security demands for records its received and it also requires declassification of opinions made by the FISA court or, if not possible due to national security, then a minimum a summary from the court regarding its opinions.

The new law does nothing to blunt the NSA collection of foreign Internet records which includes a lot of American communications and it does nothing to stop the NSA’s attempts to exploit technology such as encryption.  Keep in mind President Obama proposed this idea of the Freedom Act over a year ago in an effort to quench growing public opinion and discontent about the actions of the NSA and FBI towards law-abiding citizens.  The mainstream media is claiming that Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell is the biggest “loser” by passage and enactment of the Freedom Act because it quenched his efforts to have the Patriot Act extended.  Really?  Correction….the BIGGEST LOSERS are the LAW-ABIDING AMERICAN PEOPLE not McConnell!!

What the Freedom Act is is just a glaze over the Patriot Act and nothing more.  The hope is it will be more digestible to Americans and make them feel like they are still living in the “Home of the brave and land of the free” even though they are NOT.  It’s a few crumbs from the table of the elite who seek to pacify the American public and their growing ire with public officials.  And, sadly, most Americans will buy this POS legislation because they’ll never read it or find out that it really changes NOTHING!  All they’ll hear is “FREEDOM ACT” and assume the Patriot Act is no longer the law of the land which, of course, is a crock of shit!  They’ll fail to realize that what Obama’s Freedom Act is really just a NAME CHANGE for the Patriot Act and nothing more!

But let’s be realistic here……Government in any country MUST work to protect its citizens against terror threats and that is certainly understandable.  But, the question is to what extend do we limit civil and constitutional rights to provide that protection?  IMO the Patriot Act went to far and, frankly, was/is unrealistic.  We know who hates us! We know who the terrorists are and where most come from!  We also know many of the “lone wolf” WACK JOBS in this country who, honestly, should have been committed to mental institutions long, long ago.  Yet, we are stuck on PC (political correctness) and instead of making a really sincere effort to take down these people we try to play the PC BULLSHIT game pretending like we don’t know who these nut-jobs are or where they come from.  Isn’t it time we START going after the people we know are real terrorists and stop playing the PC bullshit game?  Why must the freedoms of the law-abiding American also be sacrificed in the name of protection and “national security”?

The Freedom Act is just one more example of the US government giving the masses just enough to cool them down and shut them up!  They did a lot of that back in the 1960s during the civil rights riots and it worked amazingly well. Now that old strategy has been employed again only this time it’s just not minorities or unhappy college students but EVERY AMERICAN.  And, still, we are licking it up like kitty milk!  Are we an ignorant people or what?  Or do we just not care anymore about anything?

This nation was founded on the principles of individual FREEDOM.  That’s what the Bill of Rights is all about and that’s why it was created in the first place.  Our founding fathers wanted to ensure that American never became a dictatorship rooted in some sort of police state.  However, we seem to have cast the hopes of our founding fathers to the wayside in the name of “national security” and the “PC bullshit game”!!  What Obama should have signed into law and what Congress should have passed was a bill ending the Patriot Act altogether and restoring American FREEDOMS.  There are other ways to nab terrorists and suspected terrorists without blunting the freedoms of law-abiding Americans.  They can call the new law the Freedom Act but, in reality, it is just one of many “DO NOTHING ACTS.”  Our founding fathers have turned in their graves!  What a BANANA REPUBLIC we are living in!!!!






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