Saudi Arabia Funded 9/11 Terrorists? Not Surprising!

Some of us can still add 2 plus 2 and come up with 4.  And some of us can also connect the dots.  So when it comes to 9/11 that’s exactly what MANY Americans and people around the world have done.  It is clear that the 9/11 terrorists had ties with Saudi Arabia and the money trail appears to go right back to the Saudis.  Now comes more possible proof for that determination by way of Senator Bob Graham who is the former chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee.

Senator Graham claims that a secret official report blamed Saudi Arabia for financing the 9/11 attacks and that report was “redacted” by former US President George Bush 2.  This should not surprise you at all.  Recall the “close” relationship GW Bush expressed with the Saudi king following 9/11?  Recall the two walking arm in arm at Camp David?  The love was clear!

Senator Graham says that a 28 page chapter in the report was withheld in order to protect the Saudis.  Graham is now retired and he’s advocating for public release of the report and a reassessment of US-Saudi relations.  Senator Rand Paul is also campaigning for release of the report.  Terry Strada who heads a group of 9/11 families said that almost every significant element leading to the attacks on 11 Sept 2001 “points to Saudi Arabia.”  He went on to say, “Money is the lifeblood of terrorism.  Without money 9/11 wouldn’t have happened.”  And he’s absolutely right!  If you want to know the TRUTH about anything like this ALWAYS follow the MONEY TRAIL!!  And in this case that money trail has CONSISTENTLY traced to SAUDI ARABIA!  As I suspect the money trail behind ISIS also traces back to the Saudis!

I have long maintained the Saudis are NOT our friends.  I’ve been laughed at for that statement but I continue to maintain my stance.  I do not think the Saudis have ever been our friends but have consistently put up a front pretending to be our friend while stabbing us in the back every chance they get.

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