CAPTURED!! Church Shooter Arrested at Traffic Stop

Earlier today we looked at his facebook page.  He only has about 70 friends and several are black Americans.  The gun he used to kill 9 people inside the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, NC yesterday was given to him as a birthday present.  And, to top it off, he has a prior arrest record!  Who am I talking about???

mourning1Why Dylann Roof of course. The 20 year old young man who sat in a prayer meeting at the AME church yesterday for about an hour before opening fire killing the pastor, a state senator, and 7 other people while wounding several others.  Too bad he didn’t listen to the Pastor a bit closer as if he had he might have had second thoughts about what he was about to do.  But now?  Now 9 innocent people are dead and several more wounded and, in essence, the young and obviously misguided Dylann Roof’s life ended yesterday as well for all effective purposes.  What in the hell has happened to our youth of EVERY COLOR?!  Oh wait, it’s our honoring of the gangsta image isn’t it?  Gangland is the role model so what do you expect our youth to do???

Charleston Police announced the 21 year old’s arrest this morning saying Police had taken him into custody about 11 am local time following a traffic stop in nearby Shelby, NC.  His prior arrest record includes drug charges last March in Lexington County NC.  Yesterday’s shooting is being investigated as a hate crime according to Charleston Police.

Look at the pain on this face.  Do we need anymore?

Look at the pain on this face. Do we need anymore?

I’m not posting a pic of the young man in order NOT to contribute to his 5 minutes of wannabe fame!  You can see his pic at the first link below.

One person inside the AME Church who was spared by the killer said that the killer told them to “Tell the world what happened.”  A 5 year old inside the church played dead to escape being killed reportedly.  

President Obama knows many members of the church including the pastor who was killed yesterday.  In a statement the President said, “There’s something particularly heartbreaking about a death happening in a place where we seek solace and we seek peace, in a place of worship.”  US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said the Justice Dept has opened a hate crime investigation into yesterdays shootings and said, “Acts like this one have no place in our country.  They have no place in a civilized society.”

Roof’s childhood friend turned him in to authorities after recognizing him in the surveillance video.  North Carolina state representative Wendell Gillard said, “This shooting should be a warning to us all that we do have a problem in our society. We need action.  There’s a race problem in our country.  There’s a gun problem in our country.  We need to act on them quickly.”  Great thoughts but solving both will require BIG CHANGES in American society starting with the FAMILY.  The problems this nation faces and we as a society face did not develop overnight.  They’ve been in the making for a long, long time.  They can’t be solved overnight or with one stroke of a pen.

One of the people killed was a state senator named Pinckney and a relative told reporters the gunman specifically asked for the pastor prior to the start of the Bible Study and set next to him before opening fire.  The relative also said survivors told her that the gunman told his victims prior to opening fire, “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country.  And you have to go.”  If that isn’t the most psychotic and ignorant statement ever made in American history then what is?

I said above that I refuse to grace this site with a pic of the shooter Dylann Roof but I have chosen to grace this site with a pic of the people now mourning at the AME Church.  They are the most important IMO and are far more deserving of a place on this site than is Roof.  As for the young Roof in looking at his pick I see once again the young white male loner as we’ve seen many times in the past in similar shootings in this country.  I see a very confused young man in his pic.  In one pic on his facebook I saw one of him out in the wild with a very angry face that appeared near or in a state of rage.  In his current mugshot I see that same look of anger and of hate, sadly.  The eyes are distant as we’ve seen in many other young killers.  This young man is NOT ok!

On his facebook we found one post from a visitor encouraging Roof to give his life over to Jesus saying he didn’t hate Roof for what he did but was praying for him that he’d realize his sin and change his life.  The message was posted by a Black American.  As I read it I could only hope more of us could think the same in this situation but, instead, many of us are feeling anger over what happened yesterday at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.  But we must not allow our anger to rule over us.  We should take a clue from the message posted on Roof’s facebook that I just mentioned.  Hate met with hate only breeds MORE hate!  Anger met with anger only gives rise to MORE anger and eventually rage!  We should not lower ourselves to such levels.

Finally, I want to pick on on something the facebook poster said.  They made a statement that children are not born with hate in them but that they are taught to hate.  Sadly, in most cases we as parents teach that hate.  Perhaps we all need to start teaching our children the opposite.  Love, compassion, and color blindness!  Those are the things we need to teach our children.  What we saw yesterday in the AME Church was the end result of a child taught to hate. We don’t need a repeat!  We don’t want a repeat!  This country, this society, has a problem alright and what that problem boils down to is that we Americans have walked away from our morals and values as human beings!  We made right into wrong and wrong into right while turning up, down and down, up!  It’s time that we as a society turn it all back around because where our waywardness has gotten us is what we saw yesterday in Charleston and what we’ve seen far too many times in the past involving our youth who are, frankly, nothing short of LOST!




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