S’up with America?

banana repRioting in Ferguson, police shooting dead unarmed black youth, officers being fired for shooting unarmed black football players, the continuing human flood across our southern border ever-increasing, a POTUS mostly in the background (what’s new?), a GOP SHOW that beats anything PT Barnum could have come up with or Red Skelton for that matter, and a leading DEM presidential candidate whose emails are now the subject of a FBI and Dept of Justice CRIMINAL investigation.  Oh and let us not forget the recent “deal” with the Ayatollah’s in Iran paving the way for that wayward state to develop nuclear weapons.  A state that has stated repeatedly that its desire is to “wipe Israel off the face of the map.”  And this “deal”?  No oversight, no sanctions, no accountability, and no international access to any Iranian nuke sites!  What a DEAL!!  And one last thing….ISIS….young Americans being arrested for trying to join ISIS and meanwhile ISIS is busy executing women in mass.  The reason?  Because they refuse to have sex with ISIS fighters!  And this is a “conservative Islamic state” headed by a self-proclaimed “Caliph” who is supposed to be the religious and secular head of all Muslims?

And now comes news that China has cut the value of its yen yesterday and also again this morning scaring the beejeebees out of Wall Street with some of the brighter politicians and economists in our country warning this is the beginning of the end of the dollar.   Likely they are right.  But that’s ALWAYS been the COMMUNIST plan and China is STILL a Communist state.  The plan NEVER was to confront America and the West via military action.  The plan has always been to destroy us economically, bring us to our knees (read starvation and civil unrest) and THEN march in the Red Armies!

And so I’m sitting on my front porch this morning with my little puter and cup of java mixed with Hershey’s chocolate (try it) wondering just what in the HELL is going on America?  I think we’ve succeeded in transforming our country and our society into the biggest JOKE in human history since Adam dawned!  Law and order are breaking down across this nation and civil discontent and unrest are growing.  The “haves” continue to get more and the “have not’s” continue to get LESS to top it all off.  And I can’t help this morning but wonder just where in the HELL is the leadership in this country?  I see 535 FLUNKIES sitting up on Cap Hill doing a whole lot of NOTHING other than watching our nation and our people sink even deeper into that cesspool we’ve been in for the past 30 years!  Oh wait, I do see them doing something.  That is, collecting big FAT paychecks and enjoying that luxury healthcare at OUR expense!

I do see a ray of hope, however.  Vermont Senator and Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders once considered the “dark horse” in the Dem race is leading second to Hillary and drawing crowds and donations that are astounding to many politic watchers.  Hillary will be OUT of the race before long I suppose as that little mess known as Benghazi that got a sitting US Ambassador killed is just won’t go away.  Finally after running out of options, ploys, and games she turned over her emails to the FBI yesterday but I wouldn’t count on those that might incriminate her not being erased.  Yes, Hillary…stuff it under that dirty old carpet!

And then we have the showman Donald Trump who continues to be loud, boisterous, and full of himself.  He puts on a good show and he’s appealing to what many Americans are feeling BUT is this man really presidential material?  He pretends he knows what We The POOR People are going through but I DOUBT he really knows as he’s got more bucks in his pocket than any of us will ever have in a lifetime.  Please Mr Trump SPARE US.  You have a silver spoon in your mouth and the FACT is most Americans don’t even have a tin spoon or any spoon at all!!

So I’m asking S’up America?  And in answer to my own question I’d say A LOT OF BULLSHIT!  So what’s new?  One thing I know is this.  2016 is CRITICAL for all of us living down here on Main Street…red, yellow, black, white, magenta, and anything in-between.  Critical because we will be making the choice to continue down the same old Corporatist path leading us into deeper poverty and want OR making a change and putting someone in the White House who really DOES see through the BULLSHIT in this country and has a REAL desire to do something about it (no I’m not talking Trump).  And if we make the choice to continue down the same old Corporatist road?  Well the American NIGHTMARE will just continue to get worse as the never-ending GREED in this country continues to DESTROY our nation and people.




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