EPA Succeeds in Poisoning Water Supply in US Southwest!!!

Animas River Durango Colo 2015I’m sure you’ve all heard about it by now unless you’ve been living in a cave and if you’re buying the official “party line” then you must be living in a cave.  What am I talking about?  Well it seems that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency—keyword “protection”) released millions of gallons of toxic waste into the rivers of the American southwest last week and those rivers have turned an ugly neon orange now as they are filled with lead, arsenic, and a few other goodies making their way through the river systems of the SW down to the Colorado River killing everything along the way.  And, of course, it was all “accidental” says the EPA.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Accidents do happen but something on this scale?  The EPA will pay for clean up operations but damage control got underway right away as EPA officials moved to get Navajos and other Native American peoples to sign waivers stating they’d get x-amount now but nothing more in the future.  WTF?  Navajo tribal officials are outraged over the EPA ploy (read con-job) and they have come right out and said the federal government is attempting to “swindle” them just like they have so many times in the past.  I wholeheartedly agree!

It all began near Silverton, Colorado when an EPA led team “accidentally”  pulled the plug on 3 million gallons of toxic waste water and the disaster has now spread down river from Colorado, into New Mexico, into Utah, and heading into Arizona.  The toxic waste was from an old gold mine.  Thus far at least two rivers have been shut down completely.  Last Wednesday and EPA “cleanup” team (cleanup?  you can’t be serious) used heavy equipment (read bulldozers, etc) to breach a dam at the mine.  That’s when the “accident” happened and sent 5 million gallons of orange toxic waste into America’s southwestern river systems.  The waste immediately flowed into a nearby creek and made its way down into a river near Durango, Colorado and then onward into the river systems.  The old abandoned gold mine is known as the Gold King Mine near Silverton, Colorado.

The toxic waste flowed into the Animas River near Durango and then down into the San Juan River.  Since last Wednesday SEVEN public water supplies have been shut off in Colorado and New Mexico.  EPA Administrator said the accident is “tragic  and very unfortunate” and that’s about all she could offer for an apology.  Yet I can’t help but wonder why no heads are rolling!  Not one person FIRED over this?  Oh yes, they protect their own don’t they?

McCarthy, the EPA administrator told reporters that the EPA is “taking responsibility to ensure that the spill is cleaned up.”  That wouldn’t be like the EPA taking responsibility for cleaning up the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico a few years back would it?  God help us all if so!  The EPA blew that one and, sadly, I already see some of the same ploys at work in this most recent environmental DISASTER.  That is, damage control already under way, telling the public there’s nothing to worry about, and now EPA officials saying the rivers are “restoring themselves.”  WTF? Recall in the BP oil spill they said the same thing?  The EPA said the Gulf was restoring itself yet an ABC reporter and news program sent a sub under the Gulf water and found that the Gulf had NOT cleaned itself up but that all of the oil simply sunk to the bottom!  And the Gulf is STILL experiencing the damage done!  And let me not forget to mention the “strange” health problems people along the gulf begin experiencing (all of which are signs of being exposed to massive amounts of toxic btw).  And need I mention all of the wildlife, birds, and fish that were slaughtered not only by the BP spill but the toxic chemical the EPA sprayed over the area in a futile effort to clean the mess up?

In a futile effort to justify the “mistake” by the EPA in Colorado, EPA administrator Gina McCarthy said there are “thousands” of old abandoned gold mines throughout the Western US and the EPA “works with states to clean up the spills.”  Well that’s true BUT they aren’t leaking into the river systems to the tune of 5 million gallons of toxic waste are they Ms McCarthy!  And btw there are thousands of old abandoned uranium mines, copper mines, etc.

Now allow me to give you a taste of just how DISASTROUS this all is……

Water samples taken after the release of the toxins showed lead concentrations in some areas to be THREE THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED (3500) TIMES NORMAL LEVELS!!  Found inside the toxic waters were also such nice little poisons with greatly elevated levels such as copper, zinc, cadmium, manganese, arsenic, and a host of other poisons (read DEADLY).

US health officials are warning farmers, ranchers, and recreational users to avoid the toxic waters completely.  So just what are farmers suppose to water their crops with as rain in these parts is sparse?  And just what water supply are the cattle, sheep, etc to drink from?  And what about the wildlife and fish and birds????  I’m sure they WON’T get the EPA memo!!  Oh but wait….look over there…it’s the EPA to the rescue once again mi amigos!  Seriously?  Do we REALLY want these incompetents coming to the rescue????

Trout fishing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and just pure scenic pleasure are popular public activities along these waterways that have now been turned into flowing rivers of orange POISON thanks the the US EPA.  No more of that I’m afraid!

The EPA is pouring fresh non-toxic water into the river systems upstream in an effort to “dilute” the toxins and large holding pools are being dug to contain the poison waters in certain areas.  But what about the shorelines?  The wildlife?  The scenic beauty these river environments once provided?  Gone!  Get over it already America!  GONE like most everything else held dear in this screwed up nation!!

The EPA’S regional administrator in Colorado ways that thus far no ill health effects have been seen but they will continue to monitor the situation as some adverse health effects may occur over time.  YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT! Ill health effects weren’t immediately seen in the BP oil spill either but as time went on they did and most of those people died.

The deadly orange toxin is now working its way down the San Juan River in northwestern New Mexico towards Colorado and it will eventually flow into the mighty Colorado River which is the river you see in the bottom of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  From there it will flow along the Arizona/California border and into the Gulf of California near Yuma, Arizona and eventually out into the Pacific Ocean which is already contaminated by the Japanese nuclear reactor leak if you recall.  Hey this keeps up and before long the EPA will have to shut down the entire Pacific Ocean as it is quickly becoming one big CESSPOOL!

Navajo tribal officials have declared a State of Emergency already in the Four Corners area and EPA officials note that some towns on the reservation use wells instead of the river systems to get their public water.  Anddddd???? Does the EPA not think these toxins will soak into the ground and get into those well water supplies???

I must also note that the EPA reportedly took their dear old sweet time in reporting the spill.  Were they hoping no one would notice the blue-green fresh water turning a neon orange or something?  Were they considering a cover-up and couldn’t come up with one?

I’m still asking the question.  Where are the EPA people responsible for this disaster?  Reassigned to other jobs in far off places?  Hidden in some sleazy motel hiding out?  They certainly have not been FIRED!  This is just one more show of incompetence by an EPA who has a horrible track record!  And once again no one is held accountable and when they are I’m sure they’ll only get the typical slap on the hands routine and sent back to work.  Let’s face it America.  Our government is INCOMPETENT!!  It’s run by a bunch of FLUNKIES!  Corporate America has taken all of the real professionals via higher pay and/or the real professionals that ought to be running things don’t want a damned thing to do with running things as they see what a FARCE this nation has become!  And THAT is why we have the LOSERS running America now!!  Yeah you read it right!  I said LOSERS!!

I’m calling for the IMMEDIATE resignation of the two LOSERS at the EPA.  One, the federal administrator of the EPA McCarthy and the regional EPA director in Colorado!!  These people are the overseers and THEY are responsible for the actions of their underlings.  They should BOTH RESIGN in absolute DISGRACE without federal pensions!!  But, alas, America….that’s not the way things work in our good old boy, crony system today is it?  Most likely they’ll get bonuses or promotions instead!

The rivers of the great American southwest along with the lakes and other bodies of water are now TOXIC for DECADES to come, if the TRUTH were known.  Thank you EPA!  And Obama wants to cut greenhouse gases, shut down power plants, and restore the environment with these people leading the way?  LMAO you bet!







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