Davis is at it again! And America’s fastrack to Anarchy!!

When she got out of jail after being jailed for contempt of court by a US federal judge, Rowan County Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis said she did not want to be the the limelight.  She said all she wanted to do is work and be with her family.  Actions always speak louder than words and in Davis’ case it now is clear that she DOES want the limelight and wants to do far more than work and be with her family.  In fact, it now appears she wants to be a fundamentalist martyr.

She’s been altering marriage licenses in her county since getting out of jail for contempt, again.  She also, reportedly, has been using her old tricks such as the lame copy machine down excuse even though she agreed not to interfere in the issuing of gay marriage licenses when she was let out of jail.  Davis was ordered to issue the licenses to gay couples and that federal court order was upheld by the SCOTUS.  Davis is in violation, again.  You can read more about this at:


My original point in the Davis matter is that she is a public official sworn to uphold the law but she has chosen not to do so as demonstrated by her own actions.  But wait!  There is NO LAW!  As Britius pointed out the SCOTUS cannot make law as only the legislative branch (Congress) is empowered by our Constitution to make law.  The job of the courts is NOT to dictate law but to interpret law that has already been enacted by the legislative branch of government.  That’s part of our system of “checks and balances” that our Constitution set up.  Continue reading


Davis Violates Federal Court Order….Again!

It doesn’t matter what ones chosen faith is because whether they be Christian, Muslim, Jew or of any other faith and they are on the fundamentalist-radical end of that faith they hold the SAME radical beliefs.  All of such people seem to hold the notion that they answer only to their God and feel they do not have to obey the law if it conflicts with their chosen radical religious beliefs.  They further hold in common the idea that they can just go ahead and do whatever they want even if it violates the law, injures someone, or gets someone killed.  We have seen the radical element in Islam out of control for a long time and we’ve seen the radical element in Judaism out of control periodically.  Now it appears that the radical element in Christianity is out of control and leading the charge is none other than Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis.

Week before last Davis was jailed for 5 days for contempt of a court order due to her refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.  Upon her release Davis promised not to interfere with her deputy clerks issuing licenses to gay couples.  At that point Davis let it be known that she did not want her name on the licenses even though she is the county clerk.  The judge appointed attorneys for all of her deputies and ordered them to report to him every 2 weeks.  This week the court assigned attorney for deputy clerk Brian Mason sent in his report stating that Davis may have violated the court order by confiscating all original forms and replacing them with new forms minus her name and the name of the county.  And she also removed all references to her deputy clerks.  The new form has Mason’s name but no place for his signature but only for his initials.

Davis questioned the legality of the licenses when she got out of jail and before she edited the forms.  The Kentucky governor, attorney general, and Rowan County attorney assured everyone the licenses were valid without Davis’ signature.  Now she’s changed the forms and Mason’s attorney says it appears to be an effort by Davis to circumvent the court order not to interfere in the issuing of licenses to gay couples.  He also questions the validity of the new forms.

It is rather obvious that Davis has no intention whatsoever to abide by the court order.  She knows fully well that the county name and a place for her deputy’s signature must be on the form.  Prior to her going to jail she played games with the process as well by claiming computers were down for long periods of time, copy machines down, etc.  She’s being sued over those antics.  Then the judge threw her in jail for 5 days and she said she would not interfere with her deputies issuing licenses.  Now she apparently has chosen to interfere nevertheless!

It is now abundantly clear that Davis has every intention of circumventing the court order not to interfere with the court order.  She thinks gay marriage is a “sin” and she is entitled to her opinions BUT she is a government employee sworn uphold the law and she has now FAILED to do so……again!  And it is for this reason that Davis must now be removed from office!  Obviously, she cannot uphold the law and obviously she has once again allowed her religious beliefs to interfere with the duties of her office.  She is continuing to pick and choose which laws she will uphold and which laws she will not based on her religious beliefs.  She has said that she doesn’t want to be in the limelight yet she has now put herself back in that limelight with her latest antics.

Let’s face it.  In MY OPINION Davis is a religious radical who appears to think she only answers to God and apparently has no intention whatsoever of upholding the law or duties of her office.  She is the classic religious radical in my opinion and must now be removed from her public office as she is unable to fulfill her duties based on her radical religious convictions.  She apparently believes her religious convictions take priority over the law and that she is simply exercising her right to freedom of religion.  However, what she is doing is IMPOSING her religion on gay marriage license applicants.  I have news for her and all of the other religious radicals like her. Your religious freedoms END just as soon as you try to IMPOSE your religious convictions on the rest of us!

Hopefully, the federal judge in this case will take action and return Davis back to jail where she belongs, apparently.  She’s trying to be a martyr which, sadly, is yet another typical trait of religious radicals who seem to think they don’t have to obey the law but only abide by their fanatical religious convictions.  She’s NOT exercising her religious freedoms.  What she’s doing is trying to IMPOSE her religion on the public and it appears to me she has every intention of continuing to do so one way or the other.  RESIGN FROM OFFICE KIM DAVIS!  You can no longer carry out your duties as a public official.



Crisis in Europe

terrorThere’s been much in the news lately about the flood of Mid Eastern refugees invading Europe.  It is now at a crisis stage as European nations are shutting their borders.  Most of the refugees are from Syria and the Levant which is presently in turmoil thanks to Western Allies upsetting the status quo there via the Iraq War and attempts to remove Syria’s president Assad from power.  And then there is ISIS who seems bent on killing anyone and everyone no matter what.

Frankly, the West should have left this region alone after 911 in my opinion.  Dumbya Bush outright LIED to the American people claiming Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and they joked about it after none were every found by US or UN inspectors.  Sadaam wasn’t the best guy to have power but he kept control over the radicals in his country.  Once he was removed this stability broke apart and now Iraq is in chaos with ISIS chopping at their heels.  Remove Assad of Syria and we’ll have the same situation.  Meanwhile, Iran is emerging as the most powerful Islamic nation in the region and they are on the verge of having nukes which they’ve promised to annihilate Israel with sometime soon!

At present thousands upon thousands of Islamic refugees are pouring into Hungary, Romania, Serbia, et al.  Some (Muslim and non-Muslim alike) are claiming that this is a coordinated invasion of Europe by Muslims.  They are even mis-quoting the Koran to support their claim.  Let me begin with the mis-quote.

I refer specifically to what is being used which is the 4th chapter, 100th verse from the Qur’an which supporters are claiming encourages Muslims to leave their lands and invade foreign lands to spread Islam.  That’s not exactly what is says unless taken out of context.  What is actually says is this:

“He who leaves his home for the cause of Allah, finds in the earth many a refuge, wide, and spacious; Should he die as a refugee from home for Allah and His Messenger, His reward becomes due and sure with Allah; And All is often forgiving, most Merciful.”

Put in context this verse is referring NOT to invasion of foreign lands but to those who travel.  The mis-quote is even being published by some media and it would benefit them IF they would put it in context and quote the quote as it was written NOT as they would like it to be.  But, sadly, that’s par for the course with much of the media.  Fudge the FACTS and SPIN IT is the name of their game.

Secondly, the mass of refugees we see coming out of the Levant today are NOT Muslim invaders.  They are people trying to escape the turmoil in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere attempting to flee the perpetual war which they are sick and tired of, frankly.  The FACT is virtually every Muslim nation in the Mid East is now in a state of war, revolution, and/or crisis!  And that crisis can be traced back to Western IMPERIALISM in the region over the past few years.  Libya, for example, was fairly stable while Momar Khadafi was in power.  Now with him dead and removed Libya is in a perpetual state of civil war just like Iraq and Syria.  In Egypt, for example, they elected a President (Morsi) of their choosing in what was touted as the first “democratic election” in Egypt’s history.  However, that “democratic revolt” was countered by yet another revolt and the pro-Western General Sisi was put into power.  Just another dictator, frankly!

So the common Mid Eastern folk are tired of all of the perpetual war and they are getting out and going to Europe seeking more peaceful lives for themselves and their families.  And who would not want to escape such conditions? These people are not some advancing Muslim army.  They are common folk!  They are not invading Europe.  They are seeking refuge in Europe because they have nowhere else to go!  IF Europe and the West truly wish to solve this growing problem then the ONLY way to do so is for the West to GET OUT OF THE MID EAST and stop with all of the imperialism already!  But, I’m sure that will not be seen as a solution as the region has the oil we so badly desire and we’re going to get it at ANY cost.  And that’s what all of this mess is all about.  OIL AND BIG CORPORATE PROFITS!  So let’s face the real facts and stop with all of the SPIN!


Biden Blasts Trump!

Vice President Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden

All I can say is that it’s about time someone stand up to the Donald!  And Vice President Joe Biden has done just that.  At a backyard Hispanic gathering Biden took on Trump and his immigration “solutions.”  He blasted Trump for saying Mexico is sending its “rapists” to America and told the crowd that the outspoken Trump will “pass” meaning I presume that Trump will soon be OUT of the race, hopefully.  Every man has a weak spot and I’m sure the DNC and even the GOP are searching for that weak spot.

As for Mexico sending its “rapists” to America?  Well Mexican jails and prisons are full of such types and come to think of it there are many Americans living (read “hiding out”) in Mexico from the law including American rapists!  I think Trump has got things a bit ass backwards all the way around.

Read more on Biden’s comments to Trump at:



Trumps BIG SHOW in Dallas!

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump certainly knows how to win friends and influence people…..NOT!  This guy has attacked almost everyone and yesterday’s rally in Dallas was no exception when he launched into a tirade about the media calling them all “a group of losers.”  And he gave names to top it off!

Can you imagine this Corporatist as the next POTUS?  Frightening!

Can you imagine this Corporatist as the next POTUS? Frightening!

He began by crucifying Washington Post columnist George Will and then went on to Karl Rove and Fox News anchor Megan Kelly.  Will and Rove are two prominent and powerful GOP leaders and apparently Trump thinks he does not need them on his side to win the nomination.  He called Will a “disaster” He said Rove is “horrible” and Rove thinks Mitt Romney won (the last election).  He also expressed that he thinks Karl Rove is an “incompetent jerk.”  He then joked about previous comments he’s made about Fox News anchor Megan Kelly.  Last month he said after the GOP debate that Kelly who hosted the debate had “blood coming out of her….wherever.”  Observers took that as a lewd and crude reference to menstruation.  No Trump isn’t PC and in fact he’s far from it, apparently.

Trump filled the Dallas stadium as he’s been filling rallies around the country.  Question is, is he filling these rallies with supporters OR are the majority of them just looking to see a great SHOW.  Donald Trump is by any measure one of the best showmen ever born.  He’s loud!  He’s blunt and boisterous!  He’s not PC and he apparently doesn’t care what he says or about who it offends.  And he’s a “lone wolf” and always has been according to CEO’s on Wall Street.

Apparently, the Wall Street gang doesn’t see Trump as one of their own but as a bit of an outsider judging from a report I read yesterday published in Politico.  The CEO’s refused to have their names published in the reports but every one of them expressed a hope that Trump would not win the GOP nomination or presidency.  Most said if he does he’s going to be a disaster and he won’t be a friend of Wall Street as he’s already said corporate America needs to pay more taxes.  Apparently, when Trump first announced his candidacy the Wall Street gang didn’t take him seriously but now he’s got them running scared.  Scared that he just MIGHT win!  Well on this point I have to agree with Trump.  The Corporatist need to pay their fair share of taxes!

That all said let’s consider a President Trump for a moment seriously….. Continue reading

Open Season on Cops?

Kentucky State Trooper Joseph Ponder.  This is the face of a HUMAN BEING!!

Kentucky State Trooper Joseph Ponder. This is the face of a HUMAN BEING!!

A Louisiana officer is in critical condition after being shot by a man who was then wrestled to the ground by passerby’s who used the officers handcuffs to detain the shooter and used the police radio to contact police.   In Kentucky a State Trooper who has been on the force for less than a year was shot dead during a chase and that suspect remains at large.  Kentucky Trooper Joseph Ponder was conducting a traffic stop last night on Interstate 24. Apparently, a chase began and the suspect fired numerous shots at Ponder’s patrol car, hitting the officer numerous times.  Shortly before midnight the trooper died of the gunshot wounds.  The suspect fled on foot and police have identified him as 25 year old Joseph Thomas-Shanks of Missouri.  He is a black male about 5 1/2 ft tall and weighing about 140 lbs.  Officer Ponder had just graduated from the police academy this past January and was stationed in Mayfield, Kentucky.  There is presently a massive search underway for the cop killer.

These are but only two examples of police officers being shot and killed across this country recently.  It seems like there is some sort of “open season” on cops and that’s alarming to say the least.  Contrary to what some people think cops are NOT the bad guys!  But some people seem to think they are and they seem to have made the choice to kill them.  Cops have families just like everyone else and they are people just like you and me.  They aren’t some sort of androids without emotions, hopes, desires, fears, etc.  They are just people like all the rest of us and now the families and friends of these two officers have been thrown into a living nightmare, literally, and beyond imagination thanks to some LOSER who thinks it’s ok to kill cops.  It’s not!!

In the larger picture this is just one more sign of the breakdown of America.  It’s another peg on the board of FAILURE that our nation and society are currently in the midst of.  American society is breaking down rapidly and chaos and lawlessness seems to be the call of the day.  We have government officials deciding what laws they will and will not uphold (Like Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis et al) and we have psychotics going around killing cops. Meanwhile our elected officials give into bribes and payoffs and we have a financial community that is not only out of control but riddled with corruption, crime, and greed beyond anything imaginable.  Drug use (legal and illegal) is rampant in American society and we have an upcoming election that is already a FARCE and SHOW obviously designed for nothing more than public ENTERTAINMENT!  Thank you showman Donald Trump!

America is a society and nation in decline and of this there is no doubt.  So how did we get to this point?  It’s simple. We The People FAILED in our civic duty!  In fact, we’ve been failing for decades now because we’ve refused to get involved and hold corrupt elected and public officials accountable.  We’ve been far to preoccupied with our i-pods to take time to go vote and we’ve adopted an ignorant attitude like “I’m only one person and I can’t do anything.”  We have created a NANNY STATE in which government is far too involved in our personal lives, daily, and we’ve successfully become a nation of CHILDREN in adult bodies, apparently. Manhood and womanhood are things of the past and we’re just far too consumed with being “politically correct” no matter how ignorant that all is to begin with. Corporate America sticks it to us every chance they get and hard working Americans are now paying more for less across the board.  Our working poor are quickly becoming the non-working ULTRA-POOR and the general attitude in America is we just don’t give a SHIT….about anything!  Values, convictions, morals….they’ve all been tossed into the toilet and, hell, we don’t even know what those things are anymore do we America?  We don’t give a damn about those less fortunate or the marginalized among us because we actually value our i-pods more than we value human life.  And now we seem to value our own criminal activity more than we value the lives of our police!  WTF?

Killing cops…..killing ANYONE is WRONG!  But, then again, perhaps that is what America has now become.  A barbaric killer society and if that is the case then it won’t be long before America is only mentioned in passing in the world’s history books.  Welcome to OBLIVION America!



Davis Returns to Work! Stay tuned????

Kim Davis the County Clerk in Kentucky who was thrown in jail by a federal judge last week for contempt stemming from her refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples returns to work today.  Will the drama continue?  Or will Davis simply float out of the limelight and follow the law?  Don’t get me wrong.  I admire Davis for her conviction to her religious principles.  It’s nice to see someone who actually stands for something instead of all of the willy-nilly’s we have today (the type who change with every shift of the wind and who really stand for nothing).  Such a person as Davis who stands by her principles no matter what is rare in American society today.

Davis says she’s decided not to interfere with her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to gay couples but she an her attorney question the validity of those issued licenses DESPITE the fact that the Kentucky Governor and Attorney General say the licenses ARE valid.  It seems Davis still has a bit of a problem understanding the law.  It’s not up to Davis to decide if the marriage licenses are valid as the SCOTUS has ruled gay marriage legal across the nation.  As a public servant Davis is required to uphold the law and the law is that gay couples can marry in the US in every state INCLUDING Kentucky like it or not.

As  public official you’d think Davis would understand that but apparently she doesn’t quite understand it.  She seems to still think she can pick and choose when it comes to the law but she couldn’t be more WRONG.  It’s not up to public officials to decide if they will or will not follow the law, contrary to popular opinion BTW.  If that were true then our society would quickly dissolve as everyone in the nation would be deciding if they are going to follow the law or just follow some and ignore the rest.  That’s not the way it works!  In America if you don’t like the law then get up off you lazy ass and work to change it.  But in the meantime you have to follow it.

Davis says she doesn’t want a conflict and that she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight.  In a written statement to reporters she said, “And I certainly do not want to be a whipping post.”  She says she’s not a hero but just a person who has been “transformed by the grace of God, who wants to work, be with my family.”  She also added that she just wants to serve her neighbors “quietly without violating my conscience.”  That’s all fine and well but the issue she has created isn’t about HER conscience.  It’s about a public official obeying the law of the land.

Davis says she does not plan to take any action against any of her deputies that issue licenses to gay couples.  While that may be true I’m sure that those who do issue such licenses won’t be scoring any points with her.  It seems Davis has a conflict of interest or principles.  On the one hand she believes gay marriage is a sin, apparently, and that can be extended to assume she believes being gay is a “sin.”  Yet, on the other hand she is an elected public official sworn to uphold the law whether she agrees with it or not.  Davis now wants to get out of the limelight, work, and be with her family.  Hopefully she’ll do just that and stay out of the limelight, do her job, and obey the law and/or work to change the laws she doesn’t like but follow them in the meantime.  And if she can’t resolve her conflict then perhaps being in public office is not the best choice for Davis and, thus, she needs to resign and get a civilian job that won’t conflict with her religious values.

I’m sure now that Davis is just the first of several more public officials to come deciding which laws they will and won’t follow.  And I’m sure one of them will love the spotlight and have no desire to sink back into the darkness because they’ll want more than their 5 minutes of fame.  And so the question then becomes one of public officials picking and choosing which laws they’ll uphold and which ones they won’t despite their oath to uphold the law.  And then comes chaos.  Yes, even more chaos in government than we already have today!  And with that chaos comes breakdown of a civilized society.  And, sadly, that appears to be the next stage for America.  It’s sad we’ve come to this point.

I admire Davis for her conviction but she’s a public official sworn to uphold the law.  If she cannot do so due to certain laws violating her convictions then she needs to resign her public office.