Court Rules in Favor of Nazi Arizona’s SB1070!!

Arizona2US District Court Judge Susan Bolton this past Friday upheld a controversial part of Arizona’s anti-immigration law known as SB1070.  Specifically, the judge upheld the part of the law that would allow Arizona police to check the immigration status of anyone they stop for any reason.  Opponents of the provision are calling it the “Show Me Your Papers Law” reminiscent of tactics used by the Nazi Gestapo during WW2.

Bolton said opponents failed to show the court that Arizona police would enforce the law differently on Hispanics than on non-Hispanics.  SB1070 was passed into law by the Arizona Legislature back in 2010 and has been repeatedly challenged in courts since that time.  Bolton’s ruling Friday was on the last of seven challenges to the law.

Bolton’s ruling came on the heals of another ruling by another federal judge who approved a deal (there’s that dirty little 4 letter word) between the US Dept of Justice and Maricopa County, Arizona which will resolve accusations of civil rights abuses against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies.

The National Immigration Law Center’s legal director Karen Tumlin said her organization is evaluating their options in light of Bolton’s ruling.  NILC was one of the parties in the suit challenging the Show Me Your Papers law.

What will now be interesting to see in Arizona is just how police in that state use the law.  Will they use it fairly without profiling or will they use it simply to check immigration status of any and all Hispanics in the state?  Or will they even use it at all?  One thing is for sure.  The State of Arizona is one of the most RACIST states in the union!  It always has been and always will be for as long as the state’s “good-ole boy” network remains in power.  Ironically, the state had much agriculture and growers use thousands of migrant workers to pick their crops during harvest season. It’s a bit like talking out of both sides of one’s mouth.  On the one hand the state wants illegals gone YET on the other hand they want migrants to pick their crops during harvest season.  Seems like Arizona wants it both ways.

I’ll wait until some statistics come out that PROVE police are not targeting Hispanics.  I’ll be VERY interested to see how many whites they stop and check immigration status!  Hey, maybe they are illegals from Russia, Germany, the UK, Australia, or a host of other nations!  Here’s what’s astounding, however.  Hispanics are soon to be the MAJORITY in Arizona and the US and it amazes me the CRAP LAWS like this get passed nowadays.  Maybe in the 1940s or 1800s but in 2015?  And can someone please tell me why Arizona with a rather large HISPANIC population has only had ONE Hispanic Governor (Raul Castro) in its entire history as a state?  The rest have all been WHITE males and women!  How’s that???????????????????????????

Fact of the matter is this law SMACKS of RACISM period!  Good move Arizona!  When are you changing your state’s name to include the term “Nazi”?




3 responses to “Court Rules in Favor of Nazi Arizona’s SB1070!!

  1. Think about this. If all of the illegals from Latin America in America went back to their homes and started a revolution it would change the course of Latino American history IF dictators were replaced by elected officials who truly did work to improve the lives of their Latino people in their own countries. The people would have no reason to come to America as they would have good jobs and security in their own lands. And the same can be applied to the Middle East nations with the same results. These tyrants today DON’T want the malcontents to stay and, in fact, they encourage them to go to America or elsewhere because they know that these people could light the fires of revolution……a revolution that would be unstoppable!

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