3 comments on “2016 Election Just Another REALITY SHOW?

  1. Joe Kennedy, the father of JFK/Ted/Bobby/Joe Jr., was Ambassadoe to Germany and was suspected by the FBI of associating/harboring Nazis, when a ship came in during the late 1930s and two men were stopped and asked for passports but they ran back aboard ship, then a cal went out and Joe Kennedy supposedly in a chauffered car pulls up and the two mystery men were ushered into the car under diplomatic imunity and vanished into the night. JFK was dating a known Nazi spy, and I believe Hoover had him transferref to the Pacific Theater of Operations, where he was assigned to the PT fleet (PT-109). Vanavar Bush (Grandpappy), worked with German scientists, who fled Germany. Their research led to the NASA space program, and incidentally, it was JFK, who said, “We choose to go to the moon not because it is easy, but because it is hard”. Reagan was much different, and in my opinion the best in America’s history. Politics is subjective to where a person stands and how he views life. LBJ had the Gulf of Tonkin resolution over an alleged attack to a US Navy vessel that did not exist and the incident never happened. 58,000 American lives were lost, and the number of GIs that served in that war number in the millions, including myself. That is why Reagan’s presidency was so important to me. He did not come off as a slimy politician or a blowhard. People exactly like the Reagans, were fom an older generation, that always looked out for me and were better than many (most) blood relatives I have. Reagan gave me hope.
    The problem with modern politicians is that they want to be on the gravy train. The old timers, Eisenhower, JFK, Reagan, operated under Good Faith. Today, there is no faith by people wanting an opportunity to profiteer and have swollen egos to match their lust for power and greed. America needs leadership that breaks away from the corrupt two party system. Main Street, not Easy Street. Career politicians are only out for themselves and will be corrupt. They will change laws to favor themselves and figure ways to bend laws in their favor. Growing up, when I tried to bend rules, my father would beat me. He threw steel toe boots at me and they magically always hit me. Elected officials must have term limits, including the judiciary branch. The fierce political catfight leading up to November 2016, on both sides, the DNC and GOP, will at times apear degenerate. Desperate people trying to become some grand leader, all the real statesmen, are not in the running.

    • Excellent comment. I think nowadays it’s more of a “Ladies and Gents may I present to you the esteemed Senator from Goldman-Sachs….” than anything else. Our political system is riddled with corruption, greed, and bribes. The system no longer works and will not work in the future as a result. Career politicians? Term limits should be mandatory for all public offices. There are term limits on the POTUS so why not all those others? Congress is great for being one who professes “Do what I say, not what I do.”

      • Perfect reply! In fact, when I was on the streets on patrol, I said that it was inhumane to subject any human to what others get themselves into and that police, should only serve five years, and then ‘re-enlist’, or get one-quarter of whatever pension benefit allowable and they go on their way. It would also motive the cops to mind their actions and behave.

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