Davis Returns to Work! Stay tuned????

Kim Davis the County Clerk in Kentucky who was thrown in jail by a federal judge last week for contempt stemming from her refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples returns to work today.  Will the drama continue?  Or will Davis simply float out of the limelight and follow the law?  Don’t get me wrong.  I admire Davis for her conviction to her religious principles.  It’s nice to see someone who actually stands for something instead of all of the willy-nilly’s we have today (the type who change with every shift of the wind and who really stand for nothing).  Such a person as Davis who stands by her principles no matter what is rare in American society today.

Davis says she’s decided not to interfere with her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to gay couples but she an her attorney question the validity of those issued licenses DESPITE the fact that the Kentucky Governor and Attorney General say the licenses ARE valid.  It seems Davis still has a bit of a problem understanding the law.  It’s not up to Davis to decide if the marriage licenses are valid as the SCOTUS has ruled gay marriage legal across the nation.  As a public servant Davis is required to uphold the law and the law is that gay couples can marry in the US in every state INCLUDING Kentucky like it or not.

As  public official you’d think Davis would understand that but apparently she doesn’t quite understand it.  She seems to still think she can pick and choose when it comes to the law but she couldn’t be more WRONG.  It’s not up to public officials to decide if they will or will not follow the law, contrary to popular opinion BTW.  If that were true then our society would quickly dissolve as everyone in the nation would be deciding if they are going to follow the law or just follow some and ignore the rest.  That’s not the way it works!  In America if you don’t like the law then get up off you lazy ass and work to change it.  But in the meantime you have to follow it.

Davis says she doesn’t want a conflict and that she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight.  In a written statement to reporters she said, “And I certainly do not want to be a whipping post.”  She says she’s not a hero but just a person who has been “transformed by the grace of God, who wants to work, be with my family.”  She also added that she just wants to serve her neighbors “quietly without violating my conscience.”  That’s all fine and well but the issue she has created isn’t about HER conscience.  It’s about a public official obeying the law of the land.

Davis says she does not plan to take any action against any of her deputies that issue licenses to gay couples.  While that may be true I’m sure that those who do issue such licenses won’t be scoring any points with her.  It seems Davis has a conflict of interest or principles.  On the one hand she believes gay marriage is a sin, apparently, and that can be extended to assume she believes being gay is a “sin.”  Yet, on the other hand she is an elected public official sworn to uphold the law whether she agrees with it or not.  Davis now wants to get out of the limelight, work, and be with her family.  Hopefully she’ll do just that and stay out of the limelight, do her job, and obey the law and/or work to change the laws she doesn’t like but follow them in the meantime.  And if she can’t resolve her conflict then perhaps being in public office is not the best choice for Davis and, thus, she needs to resign and get a civilian job that won’t conflict with her religious values.

I’m sure now that Davis is just the first of several more public officials to come deciding which laws they will and won’t follow.  And I’m sure one of them will love the spotlight and have no desire to sink back into the darkness because they’ll want more than their 5 minutes of fame.  And so the question then becomes one of public officials picking and choosing which laws they’ll uphold and which ones they won’t despite their oath to uphold the law.  And then comes chaos.  Yes, even more chaos in government than we already have today!  And with that chaos comes breakdown of a civilized society.  And, sadly, that appears to be the next stage for America.  It’s sad we’ve come to this point.

I admire Davis for her conviction but she’s a public official sworn to uphold the law.  If she cannot do so due to certain laws violating her convictions then she needs to resign her public office.



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