Open Season on Cops?

Kentucky State Trooper Joseph Ponder.  This is the face of a HUMAN BEING!!

Kentucky State Trooper Joseph Ponder. This is the face of a HUMAN BEING!!

A Louisiana officer is in critical condition after being shot by a man who was then wrestled to the ground by passerby’s who used the officers handcuffs to detain the shooter and used the police radio to contact police.   In Kentucky a State Trooper who has been on the force for less than a year was shot dead during a chase and that suspect remains at large.  Kentucky Trooper Joseph Ponder was conducting a traffic stop last night on Interstate 24. Apparently, a chase began and the suspect fired numerous shots at Ponder’s patrol car, hitting the officer numerous times.  Shortly before midnight the trooper died of the gunshot wounds.  The suspect fled on foot and police have identified him as 25 year old Joseph Thomas-Shanks of Missouri.  He is a black male about 5 1/2 ft tall and weighing about 140 lbs.  Officer Ponder had just graduated from the police academy this past January and was stationed in Mayfield, Kentucky.  There is presently a massive search underway for the cop killer.

These are but only two examples of police officers being shot and killed across this country recently.  It seems like there is some sort of “open season” on cops and that’s alarming to say the least.  Contrary to what some people think cops are NOT the bad guys!  But some people seem to think they are and they seem to have made the choice to kill them.  Cops have families just like everyone else and they are people just like you and me.  They aren’t some sort of androids without emotions, hopes, desires, fears, etc.  They are just people like all the rest of us and now the families and friends of these two officers have been thrown into a living nightmare, literally, and beyond imagination thanks to some LOSER who thinks it’s ok to kill cops.  It’s not!!

In the larger picture this is just one more sign of the breakdown of America.  It’s another peg on the board of FAILURE that our nation and society are currently in the midst of.  American society is breaking down rapidly and chaos and lawlessness seems to be the call of the day.  We have government officials deciding what laws they will and will not uphold (Like Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis et al) and we have psychotics going around killing cops. Meanwhile our elected officials give into bribes and payoffs and we have a financial community that is not only out of control but riddled with corruption, crime, and greed beyond anything imaginable.  Drug use (legal and illegal) is rampant in American society and we have an upcoming election that is already a FARCE and SHOW obviously designed for nothing more than public ENTERTAINMENT!  Thank you showman Donald Trump!

America is a society and nation in decline and of this there is no doubt.  So how did we get to this point?  It’s simple. We The People FAILED in our civic duty!  In fact, we’ve been failing for decades now because we’ve refused to get involved and hold corrupt elected and public officials accountable.  We’ve been far to preoccupied with our i-pods to take time to go vote and we’ve adopted an ignorant attitude like “I’m only one person and I can’t do anything.”  We have created a NANNY STATE in which government is far too involved in our personal lives, daily, and we’ve successfully become a nation of CHILDREN in adult bodies, apparently. Manhood and womanhood are things of the past and we’re just far too consumed with being “politically correct” no matter how ignorant that all is to begin with. Corporate America sticks it to us every chance they get and hard working Americans are now paying more for less across the board.  Our working poor are quickly becoming the non-working ULTRA-POOR and the general attitude in America is we just don’t give a SHIT….about anything!  Values, convictions, morals….they’ve all been tossed into the toilet and, hell, we don’t even know what those things are anymore do we America?  We don’t give a damn about those less fortunate or the marginalized among us because we actually value our i-pods more than we value human life.  And now we seem to value our own criminal activity more than we value the lives of our police!  WTF?

Killing cops…..killing ANYONE is WRONG!  But, then again, perhaps that is what America has now become.  A barbaric killer society and if that is the case then it won’t be long before America is only mentioned in passing in the world’s history books.  Welcome to OBLIVION America!




4 responses to “Open Season on Cops?

  1. UPDATE————
    Kentucky State Trooper Joseph Ponder was trying to help the driver (Johnson-Shanks) out along with his fellow passenger including 2 children. The trooper was trying to arrange for them to stay in a motel because the suspect was driving on a suspended license. For some unknown reason the suspect took off and later shot Ponder dead. So let me see if I got this straight. A cop tries to do a favor for someone he’s stopped instead of taking him to the slammer for driving on a suspended license and the thanks he gets is to be killed? And all this while two small children were in the suspects car? WTF!!!

    Troopers! No more favors! Right the tickets and send them to the slammer! I guess that’s the appropriate thing to do now……….

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