Trumps BIG SHOW in Dallas!

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump certainly knows how to win friends and influence people…..NOT!  This guy has attacked almost everyone and yesterday’s rally in Dallas was no exception when he launched into a tirade about the media calling them all “a group of losers.”  And he gave names to top it off!

Can you imagine this Corporatist as the next POTUS?  Frightening!

Can you imagine this Corporatist as the next POTUS? Frightening!

He began by crucifying Washington Post columnist George Will and then went on to Karl Rove and Fox News anchor Megan Kelly.  Will and Rove are two prominent and powerful GOP leaders and apparently Trump thinks he does not need them on his side to win the nomination.  He called Will a “disaster” He said Rove is “horrible” and Rove thinks Mitt Romney won (the last election).  He also expressed that he thinks Karl Rove is an “incompetent jerk.”  He then joked about previous comments he’s made about Fox News anchor Megan Kelly.  Last month he said after the GOP debate that Kelly who hosted the debate had “blood coming out of her….wherever.”  Observers took that as a lewd and crude reference to menstruation.  No Trump isn’t PC and in fact he’s far from it, apparently.

Trump filled the Dallas stadium as he’s been filling rallies around the country.  Question is, is he filling these rallies with supporters OR are the majority of them just looking to see a great SHOW.  Donald Trump is by any measure one of the best showmen ever born.  He’s loud!  He’s blunt and boisterous!  He’s not PC and he apparently doesn’t care what he says or about who it offends.  And he’s a “lone wolf” and always has been according to CEO’s on Wall Street.

Apparently, the Wall Street gang doesn’t see Trump as one of their own but as a bit of an outsider judging from a report I read yesterday published in Politico.  The CEO’s refused to have their names published in the reports but every one of them expressed a hope that Trump would not win the GOP nomination or presidency.  Most said if he does he’s going to be a disaster and he won’t be a friend of Wall Street as he’s already said corporate America needs to pay more taxes.  Apparently, when Trump first announced his candidacy the Wall Street gang didn’t take him seriously but now he’s got them running scared.  Scared that he just MIGHT win!  Well on this point I have to agree with Trump.  The Corporatist need to pay their fair share of taxes!

That all said let’s consider a President Trump for a moment seriously…..

Donald Trump wants the Corporatists to pay more taxes or at least pay their fair share.  This is just about the only point I agree with Trump on, sadly.  And he’s RIGHT!  The greed ridden, money sucking Corporatists do need to pay up just like everyone else in this country does.  No more special rules, government subsidies, tax breaks, or tax loop holes.  It’s time these banksters pay their part and stop throwing the burden on the common folk down on Main Street!  Come on!  Exxon-Mobile makes a $4 billion dollar profit in one quarter and doesn’t pay a dime in taxes on it. Seriously?

Trump wants to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the US straight across from California to Texas.  Really?  HELLO America!  Walls are not simply meant to keep people out.  They are also meant to keep people in (ie: you and me apparently).  And will this wall (I’ll call it the New Berlin Wall) have guard towers complete with massive spotlights and guards with Gatlin guns?  And will US Border Patrol agents who man this wall be instructed to shoot on sight any and all people attempting to jump the fence either direction?  Sorry but Trump’s idea of building a wall comes right out of the old Soviet playbook!

Trump also wants to round up any and all illegals in this country within the span of 2 years.  That would entail a MASSIVE POLICE ACTION in this nation similar to the NAZI SS tactics employed by Hitler during WW2 when they rounded up the Jews.  And if he does so who is going to do all of the landscaping?  Who will be washing the dishes in your favorite eatery?  And who will be doing all the other jobs that Americans refuse to do?  Oh and btw just who will be picking the harvest food supply Mr Trump?  Let’s face the FACT.  Illegal immigrants in the US are Americas latest SLAVE CLASS.  Get rid of this slave class and the foundations of the economy FALL.  Oh yes, America has always had it’s little slave class.  First it was Blacks, then Orientals working to build the railroads, and now Hispanics.

And Trump’s rants go on and on to no end.  Supporters say they support him because he’s upset the little princes of America.  That’s all find and well BUT Americans really need to think about what a President Trump would mean. And what does he plan for the plain folk on Main Street?  A return to the 1800’s?  Should we start naming our children Laura Engles and referring to our parents as Ma and Pa?  Should we get started building that Little House of the Prairie?

Personally and in my opinion I think a President Trump would do more damage to this nation than any President in history.  He’s already doing damage and he isn’t even the nominee yet or POTUS.  I think Trump is polarizing people even more than they are already polarized.  He’s thrown out the sexist and the racist card and seems not to care at all.  He thinks he can make Mexico magically pay for the border wall which is outright laughable because I can guarantee you right now 100% Mexico will NOT pay for such an eye-soar.  And an eye-soar is exactly what such a thing would be.  And IF Mr Trump thinks such a wall will not only stop illegals but also the illegal drugs coming across the border he’d better think again.

Already in places where there is a wall the drug dealers simply throw the drugs over the fence which are then picked up by someone on our side of the border and taken to be sold.  Others scale the wall in about 30 seconds.  The wall that does exist is a FAILURE pure and simple.  And speaking of drugs obviously Mr Trump has not considered the FACT that AMERICANS are the MARKET for these drugs!  Hey, no market equals no need to the drug smugglers.  Eliminate the market and you solve the illegal drug problem and right now the biggest problem when it comes to illegal drugs is the AMERICAN CONSUMER!  Oh yeah, we ARE a DRUGGED OUT NATION Mr Trump!  Get a frickin’ clue buddy!  Oh but wait…..there’s also that little problem with the CIA transporting these drugs from Latin America into the US (ie: Florida) aboard US AIR FORCE transports.  Anyone remember the testimony of Col Oliver North during the Iran-Contra Congressional Hearings during the Ronald Reagan Administration?????

I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take Americans long after Trump was elected to regret their votes.  It also wouldn’t take them long to figure out that this man is a grand-stander and SHOWMAN.  But then, once elected, it would be too late!  Sadly, Americans don’t seem to have any foresight nowadays.  Instead we operate on appeal to our emotions. That’s typically DISASTROUS both on an individual level AND societal level in case you didn’t know it.

Frankly, I don’t think Trump has any answers to solving America’s woes.  Instead what he’s doing is appealing to the emotions of many Americans and that’s dangerous.  And I’m wondering if all this emotional appeal is the real deal OR if it’s just a PLOY….as in….ACT……ACT OF A SHOWMAN TO FOOL THE AMERICAN VOTERS!  I do NOT believe the Wall Street CEO’s who say Trump is not one of their own.  I do NOT them when they say they’re running scared because Trump might win the nomination and/or election.  I think it is all one BIG SHOW frankly and should Trump get elected I think then we’d see the show end and his true colors.  And watch his Wall Street buds swim and glow in their new found Paradise!  Don’t be fooled America…..AGAIN.  Trump like Clinton raises a bunch of red flags and we’d better pay attention to those red flags this time around as it just may be our LAST CHANCE.

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3 responses to “Trumps BIG SHOW in Dallas!

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Wall Street is worried because bribing Trump, will be very difficult. The political eels of the DNC/GOP were jumping through hoops the moment the smelled money. If Trump holds his integrity, he just might end up tossing the political establishment of corruption, on its ear, and in the gutter with yesterday’s trash.

    • I tend to think Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, frankly. He’s obviously one of the corrupt Wall Street Boys and I think he’s playing a good game swindling the American electorate. Once in office he’ll be all for Wall Street I’m fairly certain. His rhetoric is just a bit too good to be true for some Americans who support him. We must be careful not to be fooled. Trump is NOT a Wall Street Corrupt Circle outsider. If he were then he wouldn’t have the bucks he’s got. You don’t get to where he’s at without buddies on Wall Street and criminals in high places.

      • He appears unlike the usual politician and may force other GOP members to start breaking away from the DNC progressive mold all the republicans have fallen into. Trump rubs elbows with Hillary, Obama, and all the others because they all want some money from hima nd he needs certain political favors or he would not donate. I just do not like when Trump said that he favored NSA data collection, but I guess it will have to be. Maybe something will be done with the economy and we can call it a Mexican standoff, or possibly a Gringo standoff. Whatever works best.

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