3 comments on “Trumps BIG SHOW in Dallas!

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    Wall Street is worried because bribing Trump, will be very difficult. The political eels of the DNC/GOP were jumping through hoops the moment the smelled money. If Trump holds his integrity, he just might end up tossing the political establishment of corruption, on its ear, and in the gutter with yesterday’s trash.

    • I tend to think Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, frankly. He’s obviously one of the corrupt Wall Street Boys and I think he’s playing a good game swindling the American electorate. Once in office he’ll be all for Wall Street I’m fairly certain. His rhetoric is just a bit too good to be true for some Americans who support him. We must be careful not to be fooled. Trump is NOT a Wall Street Corrupt Circle outsider. If he were then he wouldn’t have the bucks he’s got. You don’t get to where he’s at without buddies on Wall Street and criminals in high places.

      • He appears unlike the usual politician and may force other GOP members to start breaking away from the DNC progressive mold all the republicans have fallen into. Trump rubs elbows with Hillary, Obama, and all the others because they all want some money from hima nd he needs certain political favors or he would not donate. I just do not like when Trump said that he favored NSA data collection, but I guess it will have to be. Maybe something will be done with the economy and we can call it a Mexican standoff, or possibly a Gringo standoff. Whatever works best.

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