Biden Blasts Trump!

Vice President Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden

All I can say is that it’s about time someone stand up to the Donald!  And Vice President Joe Biden has done just that.  At a backyard Hispanic gathering Biden took on Trump and his immigration “solutions.”  He blasted Trump for saying Mexico is sending its “rapists” to America and told the crowd that the outspoken Trump will “pass” meaning I presume that Trump will soon be OUT of the race, hopefully.  Every man has a weak spot and I’m sure the DNC and even the GOP are searching for that weak spot.

As for Mexico sending its “rapists” to America?  Well Mexican jails and prisons are full of such types and come to think of it there are many Americans living (read “hiding out”) in Mexico from the law including American rapists!  I think Trump has got things a bit ass backwards all the way around.

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    Follow along, because I said it a few times, Joe Biden can be a very formidable opponent if he will stop joking around and get serious. Biden is an Old School “Dinner Table” Democrat. Biden has the most experience of all candidates DNC/GOP for the Presidential Election. As NOvember 2016 starts to near closer, watch Biden, as he will turn serious as a heart attack, and starts becoming sharper and focused. Sidesteps will be, “Congress make the laws”, not judges, not presidents, and all gun control issues. Biden can easily get the blue-collar vote. If Biden talks to college people seriously and not like they are toddlers, he can sweep the 2016 election cycle.

      • Sanders has too much baggage. Look for a democrat that is Black or Hispanic, possibly a woman also. Whoever it may be, the requirement stands as a truthful person, no volume, no snipets of Obama’s words to a brain-dead audience. If they stick to issues with a determination and seriousness, they will give the GOP nominees a run for their money. Joe Manchin (D-WV), might, fill the bill, and he does in fact, own firearms and hunts since his childhood. That cuts into GOP’s following by maybe 15%, but that number can easily go up in Manchin’s favor. He was also Governor, and that is heavy duty experience, when teamed up with a standing vice president.

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