3 comments on “Biden Blasts Trump!

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    Follow along, because I said it a few times, Joe Biden can be a very formidable opponent if he will stop joking around and get serious. Biden is an Old School “Dinner Table” Democrat. Biden has the most experience of all candidates DNC/GOP for the Presidential Election. As NOvember 2016 starts to near closer, watch Biden, as he will turn serious as a heart attack, and starts becoming sharper and focused. Sidesteps will be, “Congress make the laws”, not judges, not presidents, and all gun control issues. Biden can easily get the blue-collar vote. If Biden talks to college people seriously and not like they are toddlers, he can sweep the 2016 election cycle.

      • Sanders has too much baggage. Look for a democrat that is Black or Hispanic, possibly a woman also. Whoever it may be, the requirement stands as a truthful person, no volume, no snipets of Obama’s words to a brain-dead audience. If they stick to issues with a determination and seriousness, they will give the GOP nominees a run for their money. Joe Manchin (D-WV), might, fill the bill, and he does in fact, own firearms and hunts since his childhood. That cuts into GOP’s following by maybe 15%, but that number can easily go up in Manchin’s favor. He was also Governor, and that is heavy duty experience, when teamed up with a standing vice president.

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