Crisis in Europe

terrorThere’s been much in the news lately about the flood of Mid Eastern refugees invading Europe.  It is now at a crisis stage as European nations are shutting their borders.  Most of the refugees are from Syria and the Levant which is presently in turmoil thanks to Western Allies upsetting the status quo there via the Iraq War and attempts to remove Syria’s president Assad from power.  And then there is ISIS who seems bent on killing anyone and everyone no matter what.

Frankly, the West should have left this region alone after 911 in my opinion.  Dumbya Bush outright LIED to the American people claiming Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and they joked about it after none were every found by US or UN inspectors.  Sadaam wasn’t the best guy to have power but he kept control over the radicals in his country.  Once he was removed this stability broke apart and now Iraq is in chaos with ISIS chopping at their heels.  Remove Assad of Syria and we’ll have the same situation.  Meanwhile, Iran is emerging as the most powerful Islamic nation in the region and they are on the verge of having nukes which they’ve promised to annihilate Israel with sometime soon!

At present thousands upon thousands of Islamic refugees are pouring into Hungary, Romania, Serbia, et al.  Some (Muslim and non-Muslim alike) are claiming that this is a coordinated invasion of Europe by Muslims.  They are even mis-quoting the Koran to support their claim.  Let me begin with the mis-quote.

I refer specifically to what is being used which is the 4th chapter, 100th verse from the Qur’an which supporters are claiming encourages Muslims to leave their lands and invade foreign lands to spread Islam.  That’s not exactly what is says unless taken out of context.  What is actually says is this:

“He who leaves his home for the cause of Allah, finds in the earth many a refuge, wide, and spacious; Should he die as a refugee from home for Allah and His Messenger, His reward becomes due and sure with Allah; And All is often forgiving, most Merciful.”

Put in context this verse is referring NOT to invasion of foreign lands but to those who travel.  The mis-quote is even being published by some media and it would benefit them IF they would put it in context and quote the quote as it was written NOT as they would like it to be.  But, sadly, that’s par for the course with much of the media.  Fudge the FACTS and SPIN IT is the name of their game.

Secondly, the mass of refugees we see coming out of the Levant today are NOT Muslim invaders.  They are people trying to escape the turmoil in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere attempting to flee the perpetual war which they are sick and tired of, frankly.  The FACT is virtually every Muslim nation in the Mid East is now in a state of war, revolution, and/or crisis!  And that crisis can be traced back to Western IMPERIALISM in the region over the past few years.  Libya, for example, was fairly stable while Momar Khadafi was in power.  Now with him dead and removed Libya is in a perpetual state of civil war just like Iraq and Syria.  In Egypt, for example, they elected a President (Morsi) of their choosing in what was touted as the first “democratic election” in Egypt’s history.  However, that “democratic revolt” was countered by yet another revolt and the pro-Western General Sisi was put into power.  Just another dictator, frankly!

So the common Mid Eastern folk are tired of all of the perpetual war and they are getting out and going to Europe seeking more peaceful lives for themselves and their families.  And who would not want to escape such conditions? These people are not some advancing Muslim army.  They are common folk!  They are not invading Europe.  They are seeking refuge in Europe because they have nowhere else to go!  IF Europe and the West truly wish to solve this growing problem then the ONLY way to do so is for the West to GET OUT OF THE MID EAST and stop with all of the imperialism already!  But, I’m sure that will not be seen as a solution as the region has the oil we so badly desire and we’re going to get it at ANY cost.  And that’s what all of this mess is all about.  OIL AND BIG CORPORATE PROFITS!  So let’s face the real facts and stop with all of the SPIN!



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