4 comments on “Davis Violates Federal Court Order….Again!

  1. While I agree, that the subject should have AVOIDED the entire mess by issuance of the gay marriage license, an action was taken where the subject is now at the forefront of a nasty battle in the courts. My question is this: What law? Nothing was ever passed and enacted by the US Congress. Only the Legislative Branch can make laws, and not the Executive Branch nor Judicary Branch is authorized to make laws. In fact, litigation might overturn the Supreme Court gay marriage decree, as it is unconstitutional, because congress, did not enact, anything. It might take years in the courts to square away that mess. Take my advice: Don’t be a problem solver – Be a problem avoider.

    • Courts have been legislating from the bench for a long time now on all levels. It’s been an ongoing problem even though our Constitution only empowers the legislative branch to enact laws. And then we have the Executive branch with the current el Presidente issuing “imperial edicts” known as “executive orders.” Meanwhile we have a Congress that is inept and does virtually nothing but pass bills giving themselves pay raises, exempting themselves from laws that the rest of us must follow, and allocating millions of bucks to name a bridge after themselves. What’s this all about? It’s a progressive breakdown of government that has been going on for a long while and is now getting worse to the point that we now have minor government officials deciding what laws they will uphold and which ones they will not even though the gay marriage issue is a court ruling and not an enacted law at all.

      My point is this. Where does this all stop? When are government officials held accountable? When do they start carrying out the duties of their offices? Or do we simply allow all of them to impose their religious views on the rest of us? Although there is no law regarding gay marriage Davis is in violation of a SCOTUS ruling. She needs to be held accountable. I’m sure if we decided to not abide by a court ruling we’d be thrown in jail quicker than we could blink an eye. Enough of officials doing whatever they want period! It’s time to hold them accountable and remove them from their offices!

      American society is now way past breakdown. American society is quickly moving into chaos. Let that chaos and anarchy come, don’t fight it, ignore it and watch what happens. The “new” America will make Nazi Germany and the USSR look like paradise. Is that what we want? Fact is America has some highly serious problems and MOST are the result of government corruption and Corporatist greed. Not one Wall Street kingpin has gone to prison for anything! Not one of the banksters who were bailed out with taxpayer money were held accountable nor has any one ever gone to jail for fraud. Instead they were allowed to literally sack the US Treasury and then heads were turned the other way pretending to see/know nothing. Many Americans want change. Well there will be NO CHANGE until we start holding government officials responsible and their bankster overlords. Until then all that will happen is a continued bitch session which gets us nowhere.

  2. Well government should be held accountable and officials like Davis should be held accountable and forced to uphold their oath. Instead this official thinks herself to be some sort of martyr or something in the name of religion. None of us want a theocracy in the US yet if it were left up to Davis and others like her that is exactly what we’d have. So conservative? Perhaps a Conservative Socialist as my core belief is that the means of production should be owned by the people not billionaires 🙂

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