Davis is at it again! And America’s fastrack to Anarchy!!

When she got out of jail after being jailed for contempt of court by a US federal judge, Rowan County Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis said she did not want to be the the limelight.  She said all she wanted to do is work and be with her family.  Actions always speak louder than words and in Davis’ case it now is clear that she DOES want the limelight and wants to do far more than work and be with her family.  In fact, it now appears she wants to be a fundamentalist martyr.

She’s been altering marriage licenses in her county since getting out of jail for contempt, again.  She also, reportedly, has been using her old tricks such as the lame copy machine down excuse even though she agreed not to interfere in the issuing of gay marriage licenses when she was let out of jail.  Davis was ordered to issue the licenses to gay couples and that federal court order was upheld by the SCOTUS.  Davis is in violation, again.  You can read more about this at:


My original point in the Davis matter is that she is a public official sworn to uphold the law but she has chosen not to do so as demonstrated by her own actions.  But wait!  There is NO LAW!  As Britius pointed out the SCOTUS cannot make law as only the legislative branch (Congress) is empowered by our Constitution to make law.  The job of the courts is NOT to dictate law but to interpret law that has already been enacted by the legislative branch of government.  That’s part of our system of “checks and balances” that our Constitution set up. 

In fact, the courts have been dictating law from the bench for a long while now and the Executive branch has been using “executive orders” which amount to “imperial edicts” to set law as President Obama has consistently employed. What we have is our 3 branches of government out of control and using powers they do not have under our Constitution.  The problems is and has been that NONE of the officials from ANY of these branches of government have been held accountable for violating the Constitution!

The Constitution only empowers the legislative branch (Congress) to enact law.  Yet, for a long time we’ve had a Congress that is BEYOND inept.  That body is far more concerned with appeasing their Corporatist owners on Wall Street, passing laws that exempt them from laws imposed on the rest of us that we MUST obey, and allocating astounding sums of taxpayer money for projects like building a road to nowhere or naming a bridge after themselves. What we are seeing now is a complete breakdown of government from the highest to the lowest levels.  This is what happens when you don’t hold public officials accountable and weed out those in government who are corrupt!  What did we think the end was going to be of all of this.

America has now moved beyond a nation and society in decline.  We are now a nation and society on the brink of anarchy and chaos.  What will likely emerge after this nation/society experiences complete chaos and anarchy is most likely something that NONE of us in this country would wish on our own enemies!  What will emerge will make Hitler and his Nazis and the old USSR look like paradise!  America has fallen!  And it’s NOT the libs or the cons who are ultimately responsible for it all contrary to popular misconception.  The responsibility rests with the gross corruption of government that’s now been going on and growing for decades and their Corporatist overlords!

Consider that not one of the gang on Wall Street has gone to federal prison for their sacking of the US Treasury under Dumbass Bush 2.  Not one was ever charged with fraud or anything else.  Instead what happened was the banksters were given billions in taxpayer dollars and then heads were turned the other way pretending not to notice!  Oh yes, and the excuse was “too big to fail.”  Bullcrap!  No business is ever too big to fail!!  The bankster bailouts was one big demonstration of CORRUPTION in this nation that is growing worse not better.  Since then the Corporatist have continued to grow even more corrupt.  And they will continue to become more corrupt UNTIL they are held accountable, put out of office, and placed in a federal prison.

Now I’m NOT saying Davis is one of these types.  But, what I am saying is that Davis is one more public officials who has decided what rulings/laws she will and will not follow and that is exactly where corruption in this nation began long ago in my estimation.  We simply cannot have public officials deciding what laws or court rulings they will or will not uphold because that leads to chaos and anarchy which is exactly where this nation is headed to today.

Consider a few other things happening in this nation and becoming growing problems rather quickly.  Civil unrest is growing.  Increasingly police and the military are seen as enemies of the people.  Racism is apparently still VERY much alive and well in this nation even though we are in the 21st century and sexism is STILL a problem in the workplace!  Where does this all end?  Answer:  in the cesspool of anarchy that’s where!

The criminals now running government do anything and everything to keep the American people’s focus off of them.  First it was terrorism following 9/11 and the gansta’s have used that about all they can.  Now they’ve thrown out the race card and what comes next?  These people are doing anything they can to keep public attention off of themselves because they are corrupt politicians and they know fully well that should ever public attention be upon them any longer than 10 minutes that their days will be numbered in office.  And We The People continue to play the part of absolute FOOLS amid it all.  Can you honestly tell me with a straight face that skin color matters about ANYTHING?  Seriously?  Fact is people come in all shapes, sizes, and skin colors THANKFULLY and it does NOT matter what color their skin is as we are ALL PEOPLE period!

America has a bad habit.  We like to focus on the minor things while ignoring the big things and that is the PROBLEM.  Ignoring a problem does not make it go away and magically disappear.  In fact, ignoring a problem typically only makes it worse.  Try ignoring symptoms of a heart attack and let me know how far you get.  Likely you won’t get far.

Government at all levels doing whatever they want….civil unrest growing….racism raising its hideous head again, greedy Fascist Corporatist taking our last dime and then laughing about it as they enrich themselves even more, corrupt officials becoming even more corrupt, and on and on.  What is happening in our nation now is beyond astounding!  And the funny thing is no one is ever held accountable for it all.  WTF?  The insane now control the asylum.  The prisoners now rule the prison!  And we think everything is still going to work out ok?  Don’t count on it! We are a nation and people about to jump (or be thrown) into that cesspool of anarchy and when that anarchy comes it is going to be HORRIBLE for every person in this nation!  We will witness things happening that only exist in our nightmares or TV movies.  Yet, still the American people are apparently oblivious to it all?  Still we PRETEND it all just ain’t so?  When to we wake up?  When do we get a frickin’ clue America!!!???  The fascist gangsta’s are running things and NOTHING is going to get any better until they are ALL put behind BARS!

As for Davis?  I still say that since her religious views seemingly greatly conflict with her public job duties she needs to resign!  If she does not resign and still cannot comply with the federal courts then her office as Clerk needs to be placed in receivership until such time as her office can comply.  And that’s exactly what attorneys are arguing for as Davis continues to circumvent the courts.  IF she truly does wish to not be in the limelight and since her religious values so interfere with her job I think the best thing Davis could do for herself and everyone else is just resign her office.  But I highly doubt she’s going to do that because I think the truth is that Davis LOVES very much being in the very middle of the LIMELIGHT.



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