Sanders Explains Democratic Socialism

Sanders1Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont appeared in New Hampshire and answered voters there who question just exactly what Democratic Socialism is.  Sanders refers to himself as a Democratic Socialist and Independent but he is running on the Democratic ticket for the 2016 presidential race.

Appearing in NH yesterday a voter told Sanders, “I come from a generation where that’s (Socialism) is a pretty radical term.  We think of socialism (as) communism.  Can you explain to us exactly what it is?”.  Sanders responded by answering, “If we go to some countries, what they will have is health care for all as a right.  I believe in that.  They will have paid family and medical leave.  I believe in that.  They will have a much stronger childcare system than we have, which is affordable for working families.  I believe in that.”  Sanders is still planning a major speech in which he will explain Democratic Socialism in the near future.

Sanders went on to say that what he means by “Democratic Socialism” one must look to the Scandinavian countries which have a much lower rate of childhood poverty.  They also have a fairer tax system, he continued, “that guarantees the basic necessities of life to working people.”  Sanders then stated, “Essentially what I mean by that (Democratic Socialism) is creating a government that works for working families, rather than the kind of government we have today which is largely owned and controlled by wealthy individuals and large corporations.”

Sanders was criticized by opponent Hillary Clinton on this issue during the last debate but he noted that countries that have Democratic Socialist governments tend to have higher voter turnout and” more vigorous democracies.”  That’s true and, just to be fair, I must note that Scandinavia also has one of the highest income tax rates in the world.

Today in America our government is in fact largely owned and controlled by people with wealth and large international corporations.  Congress no longer represents the common working people on Main Street but, instead, it represents the financial tycoons on Wall Street, sadly.  These individuals and corporations are who I classify as “Corporatist.”

President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of the growing Military-Industrial Complex.  What has turned out to be is the Military-Industrial-Banking Complex which is even worse than Eisenhower imagined back in the 50s.  The financial bailouts of banks such as Goldman-Sachs and AIG which we were told were “to big to fail” was nothing short of the sacking of the US Treasury by these financial gangsters!  To big to fail?  Excuse me but when you are in business you are NOT to big to fail.  You either make it or you close your doors!  Congress was frightened into approving the bailouts.  Actually, Congress was threatened by these Wall Street gangsters who told them that if they didn’t approve the bailouts there would be riots and Marshal Law in the streets of America!  That’s when these gangsters should have been arrested and jailed!  But, the Bush Jr administration did nothing, as usual.  Why not?  Because that administration was in league with the gangsters and I strongly suspect the current administration is as well.  Oh yes, Barack Obama went into the Oval Office thinking he’d make big changes.  You remember, “Change we can believe in.”  But then, it didn’t take Obama long to figure out who is REALLY running things in this nation today and it is NOT the POTUS or Congress.  It is, in fact, the super rich and international corporations!

As Sanders has pointed out we DO need a government that works for (and represents once again) the working people of America.  Right now the Dems and GOP have pretty much got it all tied up nicely and, honestly, it doesn’t matter which party wins come 2016 because whoever is the victor will be a Corporatist and if they aren’t they soon will be.  Bribes work miracles in politics!

The way I see it is NOTHING is going to change after 2016 as long as we maintain the status quo in this nation.  The super rich and international corporations will continue their game at the expense of the working people in America.  They will continue to PROFIT at any cost while the common working man and woman continue to struggle even more just to make ends meet. And that is a crock of SHIT in my opinion!!

Already we are seeing these bastards rip us off more and more.  Remember when Obama said “Americans can do with less”?  Well he meant it and we see it now on our grocery store shelves.  Smaller packages but prices that are the same or higher.  Prices are NOT lower!  So we are paying more for less and that’s what Obama meant when he made that comment.  And utility prices?  Don’t even get me started and if we allow these gangsters to institute carbon taxes on us we are REALLY going to be taken to the cleaners as we’ll be paying phenomenal prices for heating, cooling, etc. Where does this all stop America?  When do the American people stand up, take to the streets, and send the message loud and clear that we are sick of this SHIT and we aren’t going to take it anymore!?

A government that works for the working people instead of the Fascist Corporatist wealthy and corporations?  That’s nothing new.  In fact, it is a RETURN to what America is SUPPOSE to be as set forth by our founding fathers.  Personally, I think Sanders is about our only hope.  In looking at all of the other candidates, Dem and GOP alike, I see CORPORATIST on their faces!  We DON’T need any more of them!  What we need is a POTUS that WILL return us to a government that works for We The People and ends the ABSOLUTE FARCE that we call government today!

To learn more about what Democratic Socialists believe and DO NOT believe you can go to the Democratic Socialists of America website at:





Parallel Universe Crashing Into Ours?

Could a parallel universe be crashing into our own universe?  That’s what some scientists now think and they say they’ve found proof of parallel universes which is something long theorized about.  Astronomers have detected strange bright spots in our universe which they believe is proof that another universe is bumping into our own.  This finding comes from analysis of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) data which essentially is the Big Bang echo left behind.  The scientists are at the European Space Agency’s, Planck Space Telescope project.

These astronomers say they’ve noticed that some light spots in the CMB are glowing 4500 times brighter than is to be expected.  They think that the reason for this is due to another universe bumping or “leaking” into our own according to a report in New Scientist.  And they say such a collision is possible.  Of course, this is an unusual claim and requires more evidence BUT consider the possibilities.

If a parallel universe is indeed bumping into our own or visa versa is it disrupting the time-space continuum?  At some point will we all meet our “alternate selves”?  And what happens when the two alternate universes collide completely?  Do we all perish or do we all suddenly find ourselves in another reality?  Or, do we all cease to exist?

Although more evidence is required to verify this assumption it is interesting nevertheless.  For more on this story see:


Exorcism Live! What a HOAX!!

UntitledI wasted 2 hours last night watching “Exorcist Live” on Destination America channel.  I knew it would be a disappointment but I watched it anyway and, of course, it was a disappointment.  The affair took place in St Louis, Missouri at the home where the movie “The Exorcist” was based on.  Reportedly, in the 1940’s a young man was possessed by the devil and an exorcism was performed by the Roman Catholic Church.  The incident is the basis for the movie that came out in the 70s.

The guys conducting the investigation said they heard voices several times.  I heard nothing.  While in the bedroom where the 40s exorcism took place one of the guys hit a lamb with his arm accidentally and when asked if he hit the lamb and made it shake he said no.  WTF?  I saw his arm tap the lamp and make it shake!

There was a psychic as well who conducted a seance.  Nothing came of that either and of course a Ouija Board was used.  When the group asked if there was an evil entity in the house trying to talk through the board the psychic shut the seance down.  WTF?  A bishop from the Old Catholic Church along with the psychic conducted a house exorcism which, as expected, went nowhere as nothing happened.  I kept hoping the alleged “evil entity” in the house would at least slam a door, pound a wall, or make the lights flicker radically.  But….NO DICE!  Nada!

In my opinion this was all hype and show and nothing more.  Perhaps when the original exorcism was conducted back in the 40s the Catholic priests drove the demons out forever?  Possibly and likely.  I read some of the tweets while the show was going on (yes I got very bored) and several said watchers were hiding under their covers with their Bibles.  WTH?  Seriously?  God forbid the evil entity started really acting up because these people would have panicked beyond belief I suspect Bible or no Bible.  Sorry but I saw NOTHING spooky during the entire two hours of the show and, no, I wasn’t hiding under the covers with my Bible.  :O

So, as expected, nothing happened other than a lot of drama and hype.  Yes it was a disappointment and I knew it would be before I even started watching.  So why did I even bother to watch it?  Good question.  Maybe I wanted to be disappointed LOL.  What a waste of time!!

Now…..about those sounds coming from my attic and that ghostly lady in my bathroom…………………………..


Libya: From Stability to Chaos

Analysis by Monomakh

Back in the early 80s or late 70s Libyan leader Moamar Khadafi released a statement saying that the American people wanted him to be their leader.  He later released another statement saying that the people of Hawaii wanted him to be their leader.  During his last visit to the UN in New York he wanted to erect his large tent in Central Park which the City of New York quickly replied “no” to and that response only infuriated the somewhat bizarre dictator as to be expected.  Crazed?  Eccentric?  Absolutely, however, Khadafi provided some degree of stability in Libya and that stability no longer exist in today’s Libya, unfortunately.  Instead what exist today in Libya is chaos, civil war, and a nation basically ruled by terrorists and warlords and all thanks to the United States and its coalition permanently removing Khadafi from power and life not so long ago.

Khadafi was a nut-sack but he was also somewhat entertaining with his bizarre statements and his wild hair and looks.  Despite his odd looks and nutty mind he did take care of his people while he was in power.  Khadafi modernized Libya building highways, hotels, modern cities, and by giving his people free healthcare, a free place to live, and jobs.  Yes, he was a crazed and ruthless, at times, dictator who clearly suffered from illusions of grandeur.  But, the man had some merits that should be recognized alongside his bizarre behavior and “dark side.”

Libya, like so many other Middle Eastern countries, suffered the pains of tribal war for centuries and in modern times we also saw factional wars in Libya and other nations in the region.  These people have fought each other for centuries continuing an age old “tradition” of war.  However, Khadafi maintained a rather fragile peace between the tribes when he ruled Libya and that provided the nation with stability, at least somewhat, and some stability is better than no stability in my estimation.

Then along came the US and the coalition.  The US bombed Libya and provided rebel factions inside Libya with intelligence and arms in order to oust Khadafi.  They did more than that.  In the end members of these factions sodomized and murdered Khadafi.  And in his place?  That deserves a closer look.

When Western news reports started flowing out of Libya in the midst of the US bombings several reporters made comments about how they recognized some of the “freedom fighters” in Libya.  In fact, several said they remembered the rebels fighting in Iraq against the US!  These reporters were quickly shut down (silenced) by the international cabal who feared their true operation in Libya being exposed I suspect.  Then, when the US was finished bombing and Khadafi was sodomized and dead pictures started coming out of Libya showing the new government that valued “freedom and democracy.”  Problem was this freedom and democracy government was hoisting the flag of al-Qaeda above government buildings!  Freedom and Democracy?  When it comes to al-Qaeda I hardly thinks so.  Again, reporters showing the black flag of al-Qaeda now flying over Libya’s government offices was quickly shut down as the international cabal of bankers feared their true operation in Libya being exposed. Continue reading

Putin’s Secret Weapon: The TRUTH!

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

You’ve heard it said that “the truth hurts” and most often that is true as we tend to live in our little self-created fantasy-lands where everything is ok and has a happy ending.  However, the reality is that everything is never ok and seldom does everything have a happy ending.  That’s just reality and today more than ever the US and the West need a serious REALITY CHECK!  Here’s a bit of truth that America needs to swallow:

The US regime is incompetent, irresponsible, lying, hypocritical, and terminally arrogant

These accusations against the US were made recently by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the UN and by saying these words he did what no other leader has done.  He spoke the TRUTH!  Putin simply said what everyone already knows and by speaking them he just verified what many in the world today thought and have been thinking for a very long time now.  Like I said, “the truth hurts.”

The link below is to an article published by the Greenville Post recently.  It’s well worth a read as it explains much about US foreign policy or the lack thereof.

There’s also another article about the US coming to the breaking point which is also well worth a read.  In that article Sam Gerrans continues his assessment of America domestically and internationally.  America is a boiling pot and I’m sure that most of us know it is a boiling pot on the verge of overflowing which means there won’t be a happy ending.

The truth of the matter is that the Fascist Global Corporatist have now brought us to a state of perpetual war.  We see it all over the world and, sadly, America is either directly or indirectly behind it!  We have pursued a “foreign policy” in which “might is right” and it is quickly bringing America and the entire West, for that matter, to a point of self-destruction domestically and internationally. 

Ancient Rome was once powerful and highly respected.  Over time the Roman Empire began to decline due to misguided policies foreign and domestic, economic decline, and corruption brought about by greed and the surrender of morals and traditional values.  The demise of the Roman Empire didn’t take long.  The empire ended and that once powerful and influential empire was brought to its knees and entered into the realms of extinction.  The barbarians came crashing through the gates and the once powerful Rome could not stop them.  Many comparisons have been drawn between the US and the ancient Roman Empire and it does in fact appear that the US is moving down the same road towards extinction, sadly.

There is a bully on every block and in every schoolyard.  He’s physically strong but most often mentally weak.  He’s corrupt and lacks any real morals or values and somewhere deep down inside he knows it.  He thinks that by bullying others he can get what he wants and that strategy works fine for a time.  BUT, there ALWAYS comes a day when someone challenges the bully and calls him out in front of the entire school.  Someone who simply speaks the truth about the bully and exposes him as an “naked emperor.”  That’s what Putin has done!  He’s exposed the US as a “naked emperor” and it’s not a surprise to anyone because most people in the world have already figured it out.  The fact of the matter is that the US strategy of “might is right” is no longer working and everyone knows this except America, apparently. 

We’ve cast diplomacy out the door in favor of using our military to get what we want and all under the guise of promising “freedom and democracy.”  Yet, Afghanistan doesn’t have freedom and democracy.  Iraq doesn’t.  Libya doesn’t.  Egypt doesn’t.  In fact, out of all the places we’ve been with our military the promised “freedom and democracy” have NOT been delivered.  What has happened is our actions have turned the Middle East into a hotbed of chaos and instability and helped to give rise to some powerful enemies such as ISIS and al Qaeda et al.  We’ve gone into Syria uninvited and without a UN resolution just like bullies.  And we are pursuing a policy of supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups thinking that once Syria’s Assad is ousted like Iraq’s Saddam and Libya’s Ghadafi that we can negotiate with ISIS who would then be in control of Syria.  That’s so insane that it’s hardly imaginable but that is current US foreign policy in Syria under the LOST and INCOMPETENT Obama Administration!  Fact of the matter is you can’t negotiate anything with terrorists, thugs, and rapists and that is exactly what ISIS et al is/are!  Why?  Because they have no interest in negotiations of any kind. period.  For one thing the people in and in control of ISIS are absolutely insane and for the US to think it is dealing with rational people is beyond irrational.  We aren’t!

All that we see the US and the West (the pet poodle of the US) doing is very much in line with the ideology of the Fascist Corporatist.  War is BIG business and BIG PROFITS!  And that is the ONLY concern of the Fascist Corporatist.  Business and profit!  And as for human lives and human rights or the right to a nation’s self determination?  To hell with that shit because the cabal ruling over America and the West today could not care less, period!

In truth, the Fascist Corporatist are incompetent and that is proven by almost their every action which tends to leave the world scratching its head and wondering just what in the hell is wrong with the US today and the West.  Their actions in Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria, et al prove time and time again that we are irresponsible and think nothing of wrecking havoc and creating instability.  An instability which, frankly, puts the whole world in more danger of global war (read WW3) than ever before.  America and the West area also two-faced.  We’ve outright lied beyond belief to other nations and leaders for decades now to the point at which they do NOT respect us at all and automatically assume that every one of America’s promises is “just another American lie.”  And, sadly, it usually is!  Our word means nothing apparently.  It’s been said you can judge a man or woman by their word which should be their bond.  If their word is no good, then they are no good.  And that’s what the world has now found out about America, the UK, Germany, and the rest of the Western World.  Our word is no good and we are no good!!  We have become hypocritical beyond imagination, in addition, saying or promising one thing and doing or delivering the opposite, typically.  That creates an air of mistrust and this is one PRIMARY reason MOST of the world no longer trusts America or its Western allies.  And, finally but not lastly, we have become arrogant.  Arrogant and egotistical beyond belief, in fact!!  To listen to our leaders America does no wrong and no matter what we do and how insane it really is our actions are always justified and righteous.  Seriously?  That’s beyond laughable as no one and no nation is perfect.

This is what the world knows and this is what Putin knows and being a REAL MAN Putin is no afraid to speak the truth unlike the metrosexuals and Fascist Corporatist we now have ruling over us in America!  He’s simply spoken what everyone knows and pointed to the bull elephant in the center of the room that people are tired of tip-toeing around.  Like I said, “the truth hurts.”  Hopefully, more will speak the truth and point to the out of control and demented old elephant in the center of the room because truth has a way of slapping one in the face with a REALITY CHECK and that might be the ONLY thing able now to save what is left of the once great America.



Uber Pays NO TAXES!

How’d you like to make $17 million dollars and not pay one dime of taxes?  Or better yet how’d you like to make $4 billion in 3 months and not pay a dime of taxes as Exxon Mobile does?  Sound to good to be true?  Well for YOU it is but for the corporatist it is REALITY!

The controversial taxi service Uber made $17 million dollars last year and didn’t pay a cent of taxes according to reports.  The latest accounting shows that in the UK Uber should have been liable for at least 21% of its last years profit in taxes but the company paid ZERO.  It also deferred other tax amounts over the next year thanks to loopholes in the UK tax laws.

Now don’t think for a minute that Uber has broken any UK laws because there is a UK law that allowed Uber to “transfer” its profits to the Netherlands branch of its operation where taxes are lower than in the UK despite the fact that the profits were made in the UK and not the Netherlands!  Critics want the UK laws enforced and the loopholes closed especially taxi drivers who are small time and struggling to make a profit.  But that won’t happen as the global corporatist have it all locked up so they can make millions or more and not pay one dime of taxes while the poor taxi driver ends up paying MOST of his/her profit in taxes.  Do you see how the system operates?  One set of laws for the rich and another for the not-rich!

Uber takes advantage of shifting their profits around the world and, thusly, avoids paying taxes.  American corporations do the same.  By shifting their profits to countries considered “tax havens” these international corporations avoid paying one dime in taxes to any country which means their profit is pure PROFIT with no expenses!  This gives multi-national corporations a big advantage over companies based solely in one country.  This is how the system works against companies that are national and not multi-national.

Taxi drivers in the UK are now fit to be tied and demanding justice.  Of course on this planet today you will find NO SUCH THING unfortunately as the system is now all set up to SCREW the little guy at every turn!  Of course the taxi drivers in the UK have filed a complaint with UK tax authorities but they would have been better off writing their complaint on toilet paper and flushing it down the toilet as NOTHING will be done about their complaint because Uber has NOT broken the UK tax laws.  However, let one of the small time taxi drivers try what Uber did and they’ll be put in a UK prison for the rest of their natural lives I assure you.

Earlier this year an alliance of taxi drivers in the UK called on the government to crack down on unfair tax practices and, as to be expected, their demands went NOWHERE.  They small time drivers seem not to understand that in today’s world it’s all about the MULTINATIONAL corporation NOT the small time cab driver.  And they also seem to not understand the system is geared against them which is just fine with the Corporatist.

So the bottomline is that Uber can make millions in profits and not pay any taxes at all while the regular taxi company can barely break even thanks to the high taxes they must pay.  And that’s the same for any industry today. The profits multi-national corporations make are SHOCKING but there’s nothing that you can do about it because it is the corporatist who write the law and put it into law and it is ALWAYS geared AGAINST the common working man and woman no matter what.  That’s how Exxon Mobile makes a $4 billion profit in 3 months and doesn’t pay a cent in taxes.  That’s how drug manufactures who now make more profit than the oil companies make such astounding profits and don’t pay a dime in taxes.  And for you and me?  That explains why it costs $1 to make XYZ medication but we get forced to pay $800 for that medication.  The manufacturer makes a HUGE PROFIT and we are left scrapping just to make ends meet.  LMAO who said feudalism is dead?  I assure you it’s very much alive today.

For more on this story see:


Pistorius: From the Slammer to the Mansion!

Convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius is now resting in the comforts of his uncles mansion in South Africa after being released a day early and under the cover of darkness from prison.  Sentenced to 5 years in prison for killing his girlfriend Pistorius has only served one year of his 5 year sentence.  South African law provides for such a release and for the next 4 years he will be under “house arrest.”  Such release decisions are left up to the prison authorities and in this case they decided to move Pistorius from the slammer to the million dollar mansion.  So he will now spend the rest of his sentence in luxury while other prisoners will wallow in the cesspool of South Africa’s prison system most of which do not have anywhere near the bucks that Pistorius and his family have.  Can you say, “Money talks and bullshit walks?”.

Pistorius was acquitted for the murder of his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day a year ago  and instead was found guilty of manslaughter.  However, on November 3 prosecutors hope to get that verdict overturned and convict him of murder as they have appealed the ruling to the South African Supreme Court.  If convicted he could face 15 years in prison but not face the death penalty as SA no longer has a death penalty.  That’s provided, of course, SA has no “special” provisions allowing for the rich and noted to serve their prison terms in some mansion somewhere instead of a 3 by 3 jail cell.

So here’s my problem with all this……………..

This former Olympian star and rich boy was sentenced to 5 years in prison for killing his girlfiend but he’s only served less than 1 year in prison and now under the cover of darkness and a day early he’s released and placed in his uncles million dollar mansion under “house arrest.”  How many other prisoners convicted of the same are rotting away in an SA prison somewhere?  As far as I’m concerned this is just one more example of how the rich get away with murder!  Poor people go to prison and are left to rot.  Rich people don’t!  And the world in ignorance actually thinks that’s “justice” which is even more astounding that Pitorius now living in luxury!

Once again we see just how warped JUSTICE really is all around the world today.  It’s not the crime you commit.  It’s how much MONEY you have! We often tend to focus on how corrupt things are in America especially the criminal justice system but we should realize that it just doesn’t exist in America but all around the world.  Why?  Because HUMANITY is corrupt no matter where they live!  And what’s even more shocking is that the rich now thumb their noses at all of us poor folk!

I’m sure poor people in SA found guilty of killing someone are stuck away in prison and forgotten about.  It’s just like the banking scams in the US.  Not one of the Wall Street boyz or girlz ever went to jail but if you or I did it we’d be put away never to see the light of day again for life!  That’s NOT justice!  That is INJUSTICE and the sad fact is that today all over the world what we see is INJUSTICE in every form.  But, don’t you see, this is the way the global corporatist system works.  One set of laws and punishments for them and another set for the common folk.  They are the lords of the manor and we are the SERFS!  LMAO who said FEUDALISM ever ended????  It’s very much alive and well today and YOU are one of the SERFS so GET USED TO IT!

What a load of absolute SHIT!!