Russian War Planes Strike Syria

Putin3Once again we see the inept foreign policy of Obama and Company riddled with indecision, confusion, and lack of guts.  Yesterday Russia entered the conflict in Syria with strikes on several targets and immediately we saw the start of a propaganda war led by the indecisive US and allies.  Syria invited Russia to enter the conflict which is unlike the US and her allies who were never invited to enter the conflict and who have no UN mandate to even be in Syria.  That’s a big difference as the US in Syria demonstrates once again the imperialistic intentions of the imperial government sitting in Washington DC.

Russia’s involvement in Syria is by invitation of the Syrian government and Syrian President Assad.  The Russians are working with the Syrian army and their involvement in the Syrian conflict is diametrically opposite to the involvement of the US and allies.  Obviously, the US claim that they are seeking a “diplomatic solution” is not working and has not ever worked!  ISIS is now more powerful than ever and it astounds one to see a rag-tag group of terrorists being so powerful so quickly and with finances that are apparently endless.  The US diplomatic solution has only served to provide ISIS with enough time to build up their forces and finances.

Russia’s Putin has wasted no time.  The Russian airstrikes on Syrian rebels (ISIS is not the only group) were immediate.  The decision in Moscow to launch immediate airstrikes was decisive with no hand-wringing.  That’s in stark contrast to what we see happening in Washington where indecisiveness and hand-wringing appear to be the call of the day MOST of the time.  All that the Obama Administration has done in any conflict is prove time and time again that it is indecisive and lacks the guts to carry out what needs to be done to put an abrupt stop to ISIS and the other terror groups operating in Syria.  Further, once again we see the confused Washington administration attempting to destabilize the Middle East demanding Syrian President Assad be removed.  Why?  So Syria can become another Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya?  And what comes next?  An ISIS on steroids?

Russia’s Putin seems to have a sincere desire to eliminate the terrorists in Syria.  America’s Obama seems to have an alternative agenda with no answers and no solutions to anything!  Thus begins the propaganda war launched by Washington yesterday on the heels of the Russian airstrikes with Washington claiming no targets were hit except women and children.  Putin has contradicted that assertion by saying the airstrikes did hit intended terror targets that were not ISIS connected.  Russia is aiding the Syrian army.  Washington is aiding its own personal oil and banking interests IMO.

Confusion, uncertainty, indecision…….these have been the hallmarks of the administration of President Barack obama5Obama as they were with Bush 2 before him.  That’s why our allies are confused about US intentions and even angry at the US.  Mixed signals have been sent to our allies in just about every conflict or situation from Washington and we have left our allies scratching their heads wondering WTH?  This is NOT the way to conduct foreign policy!  But it is the way to sour our allies and carry off a hidden agenda which I strongly suspect is what Washington is doing.

The FACT is the ONLY solution to ISIS and the other terror groups operating in Syria and Iraq is a military solution.  Putin appears to realize that.  Obama does not!  All of the politics and posturing can come later and if need be Assad can be removed later.  Removing Assad now is NOT going to change anything.  Why is the US so focused on removing Assad believing his removal will solve everything when the clear fact is it would achieve nothing as far as eliminating ISIS and the other terror groups?

What the decisive and quick Russian airstrikes are already showing is that the soft handed approach by Washington is not working and that Washington CLEARLY has its priorities confused….once again.  It also is exposing the fact that Washington never has had any real intention on eliminating ISIS or the other terror groups operating in Syria and one must ask “why not?”.  Instead the US indecision and lack of any major military operation has only served to give ISIS et al time to become better organized, better armed, and better financed.  And, again, one must ask “why?”.  Why has Washington not done what Putin did long ago?

Although the US likes to run to and fro claiming they have a wonderful coalition the FACT is now clear that it is Russia building the REAL coalition with a mandate from the host country and most likely soon to have one from the UN Security Council.  Russia is stepping in as the world leader.  Once again, sadly, the US is stepping back from that role which is odd, to say the least, for the most powerful nation on the planet.

The US isn’t a weak nation but for the past almost 8 years it’s been playing the role of a weak 3rd world nation!  Banking and financial interests are consistently put before any other interest in any part of the world.  The US wants Assad out because he won’t “cooperate” with Washington and be their puppet and that is obvious.  Russia also fears that once terrorist goals are achieved in Syria all of those foreign fighters (including Russians) serving the terrorists will return home well-trained and armed which might very well cause domestic conflicts.  The US should be worried about the SAME as there are MANY Americans fighting on the side of ISIS and the terror groups.  Yet, this seems to have not been considered by Washington at all and, again, one must wonder “why not?”.  Putin seems to think that pre-emptive airstrikes are the solution.  Washington appears to think confusion and indecisiveness are the solutions! Of course there is NO comparison between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.  Putin is a real leader while Obama is nothing more than a celebrity.  And THAT is the MAJOR PROBLEM in the US!  We must STOP putting celebrities into power and start putting in REAL leaders with GUTS who are DECISIVE and CLEAR about their intentions in ANY area.  If we cannot do that then we might as well dissolve the union and have 50 new countries because the road this nation is on is the road to NOWHERE!  Putin, it appears, is now making that abundantly clear to the entire world.  Finally, Vladimir Putin is exposing another TRUTH for the whole world to see and that is that the US “war on terrorism” is a BIG FARCE which most people in the world today have known since day 1 under the Bush 2 administration!



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    The UN is corrupt, and everyone knows it. Obama, might move into a position with the UN once he leaves office in January of 2017. If the ecurity Council is Obama’s current quest, it will come complete with unworkable crisis and a built-in purpose for Obama to stump And look to do damage beyond what he has done singlehandedly. It would be a built-in purpose that Obama could spend years on, and get nowhere because it will always be, somebody else’s error or somebody else’s “fault”.

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