US is the Drug Capital of the World!!

by Nikita Charkov

drug addictAllow me not to pull any punches here and face the truth.  I’m sure many of you will not argue with me over the fact that America USED to be the “land of the free” and the unfortunate fact today is that America is the “land of the addicted.”  Although the America population represents only a mere 5% of the world’s population it holds the distinction of consuming an alarming 50% of the world’s prescription drugs and equally alarming 80% of the world’s narcotic prescription drugs.  And when it comes to illegal drugs America once again leads the pack consuming between 85%-90%.  Let’s face truth.  America is a drugged out nation and that explains much about what we see going on in the country today.

When American Colonel Oliver North testified before Congress during the Iran-Contra Affair he spoke of how massive quantities of illegal drugs were flown into the US from Latin America and the most astounding thing was when he described how some of these drugs were transported into the US aboard US Air Force planes.  That should have caused Americans to be greatly alarmed but there was no alarm at all among the American populace who simply ignored North’s testimony as if it were no big deal.

Consider the Mexican drug cartels.  These cartels are rich and powerful thanks to the illegal drug market in America.  If it were not for this drug market they would not even exist.  When it comes to the Mexican drug cartels it is drug addicted America who has enriched them and empowered them.  That’s not a Mexican government problem.  That’s an AMERICAN PROBLEM!  Yet, Americans continue to blame Mexico and Latin America for the problem even though it is clear that it is mostly an American problem and everyone seems to know this EXCEPT Americans.  But, this is par for the course as Americans don’t like taking responsibility for anything.  It’s much easier to blame someone or something else and that’s one reason why America is becoming the laughing-stock on the planet and why respect for America is sinking quickly around the world.

The first rule of economics is “no market, no supplier” and in this case the market is America and the supplier’s are  the drug cartels.  If Americans drug addicted there would be no market and, thus, no suppliers but the fact is Americans provide the market for the cartels and they just won’t face up to the fact.  The American “war on drugs” has failed as well as it was pretty much a farce to begin with and continues to be an even bigger farce today.  The fact is the biggest problem is the drug user and those all happen to be Americans mostly!

America is clearly a nation and a society in decline.  Again, everyone in the world seems to know this but Americans themselves, amazingly.  Between legal drug prescriptions which are most often abused and illegal drugs the mere fact is MOST Americans are drug addicts and the sooner this fact is faced up to, the better.  Violent crime is increasing in America and that’s clear despite official claims to the contrary.  American society is beginning to unravel at the seams in all aspects of American society.  Just when you think you’ve heard the most bizarre that can happen something even more bizarre comes to light as American behavior goes from psychotic to super-psychotic.

America was once a leader in the world.  Everyone wanted to be an American and be like America.  Today just the opposite is true.  Fact is MOST people in the world today do NOT want to be like Americans because they see how degenerate America has become and in large part we can thank the American drug addiction for this.  I hear a lot of Americans say that America will one day resume its rightful place in the world but I HIGHLY doubt that is true because no such thing will happen for as long as America is a drug addicted nation.  In fact, just the opposite will remain true and America will continue to degenerate into a chaotic society and nation and eventually assume its place in the dust bin of history.

You may not like what I’m saying here but the fact is the fact!  Drug use and abuse is behind almost every social, political, and economic problem we see in America today and those problems will not even begin to be resolved until Americans clean themselves up and stop being the world’s major drug market.  Americans will have to save themselves.  No wonderful leader is emerging to save them.  Until Americans face and deal with their legal and illegal drug addictions NOTHING wonderful will happen in America as nothing wonderful ever happens on the drug avenue but only grows worse and worse until the drug addict is dead by his own hand.  And that’s exactly what is happening in America today.  Death by slow suicide!  The mere fact is that long-term use of any drug is always disastrous and DISASTER is what America is today like it or not.

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