A New Vision for America

“In 1957, Dr. King observed that both political parties had betrayed the cause of justice.

And so it must be repeated today. Our beloved America is dividing again in two Americas.

Our struggle is for nothing less than the soul of our country.

We want an America that is respected in the commonwealth of man;

we want our values to shine like a beacon around the world.

As an American of conscience,

I hereby declare my independence from every bomb dropped;

every threat leveled, every civil liberties rollback, every child killed every veteran maimed every man tortured.

And I sadly declare my independence from the leaders who let it happen.”

Former US Representative Cynthia McKinney say we need a “vision of transformational change.”  She describes the present state of the world as “dire.”  But she believes that even a dire situation does not mean there is no possibility of change.  In fact, in her latest article published by Russia Today, McKinney says “a dire situation means the timing is right for change.”

McKinney writes that her daily values include truth, justice, peace, and dignity.  She says that it is her belief that “drastic corrective action  is needed urgently.”  The world, in her estimation, is in shambles and not by accident but “by design.”  She believes now is the time for people of conscience to impose direct action onto the plans of the warmongers.  She says we must do this by resisting them even more than we do now.   Former Representative McKinney goes on to state that she and others want America to be a peace leader and peace maker and not a “Pax Americana” imposing itself on the world with weapons and war.

Riddled with unbelievable greed, plagued by white collar crime at levels never before seen, America has now become a Pax Americana in which we impose ourselves, our wayward values, and our greed and corruption on the world via financial and/or military force.  Our rich have become super-rich and our working poor have become our working ultra-poor.  Those who profit do so at the expense of the working man and woman for whom they care nothing about.  Wars followed by wars! Government that no longer represents the people but represents financial and corporatist interests.  Lies followed by more lies!  Growing racism and hatred.  This is the America of today and McKinney is absolutely right.  We ARE in need of a NEW VISION.  A TRANSFORMATIONAL VISION forged by people of conscience not the warmongers, corrupt politicians, or greedy corporatists but by the common people.

Read Rep. McKinney’s article at:



2 responses to “A New Vision for America

  1. Planet Earth has floated in a cesspool of deception for seventy years.

    Sir Fred Hoyle “blew the cover” on Stalin’s BIGGEST LIE in his 1994 autobiography:


    On pp. 153-154 of his 1994 autobiography, “Home Is Where the Wind Blows,” Sir Fred Hoyle BLOWS THE COVER ON THE BIGGEST LIE in “STALIN’S SCIENCE.”


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