Can Sanders Win?

Andy Borowitz writing in The New Yorker says Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders can’t win the 2016 election because his record of integrity disqualifies him from the White House.  He says there is a key feature in American politics that makes a person of integrity “ineligible for the White House.”  Borowitz points out that the US political system has installed several “safeguards” over the past decades to keep someone with independence and backbone OUT of the WH!  Further, due to Sanders’ failure to become a member of either of the two major US political parties (Sanders is an Independent and avowed Democratic Socialist) has excluded him from the “network of cronyism and backroom deals which is required in our system to be elected.  Additionally, Sanders is also disqualified from being POTUS because he is not beholden to major corporate interests or investment banks.  In other words, in order to get elected in this nation today you must be CORRUPT, SLEAZY, and the puppet of major corporations and/or banks!  If you are none of these things then you’ll never occupy the WH.

Borowitz’s article also points out that Sanders has alienated the super rich and is unable to raise the $1 billion required for a successful presidential campaign.  Sanders has consistently attacked the super rich demanding they be forced to pay their fair share of taxes and he’s consistently called for a redistribution of income as well as more labor unions and tighter banking rules.  Apparently, the present US political system has been set up over the past few decades to keep people like Bernie Sanders OUT of the presidency and, sadly, that system seems to work perfectly.

Read Borowitz’s full article here:

Sanders et al yesterday proposed a bill in the Senate to make it easier for workers to form and join labor unions.  That’s sure to not go over well with the Corporatist.  Corporate profits are at an all time high right now and, in contrast, worker wages are at an all time LOW.  And that’s just the way the Corporatist want it.  American workers have been exploited to the peak!  The last thing Corporatist want is an organized and unionized workforce in America because that would mean an average of 27% higher wages for them and a similar decline in corporate profits.

Read the full article on this at:

The sad fact is this nation will never have a president of integrity like Sanders because the current political system is so corrupt it is beyond repair and it has now been designed to keep people like Sanders out of the presidency.  Sadly, these facts only prove what many of us already believe, that is, We The People no longer elect our public servants.  Corporate and Banking America do!  And it further proves that our elected representatives no longer in fact represent WE The People but WALL STREET!!  But here’s the saddest thing of all. All this proves beyond any doubt that America has now gone down into the CESSPOOL even moreso than most of us thought!  If Bernie Sanders does manage to get elected as POTUS it would not only be a political miracle but a BLESSING for Americans and the world.  That is, it would be a victory for the common folk, we who struggle daily on Main Street.  And TAT IS EXACTLY WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN before our great nation and people are sent down the cesspool even further!!




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