Russia to US: “Which side are you fighting for?”

Commentary by Viktor Lorinov

US foreign policy under Barack Obama (et al) has often been one that is confusing, frustrating, of mixed delivery, and seemingly without direction or logic.  That confusing foreign policy became clear today in Moscow when Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov questioned just which side the US is fighting for when it comes to ISIS in Syria, Iraq, and Libya.  This question came about when the US State Department rejected a request by Russia for the sharing of intelligence information on ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria.  The State Department response was one of pointing out that the US and Russia have no common goals in Syria.  Confused about that statement?

It is clear that the intention of President Vladimir Putin and Russia is to leave Syria’s Bashar Assad in power and eliminate ISIS as a terrorist threat.  The US intention is to remove Assad from power by convincing ISIS to remove him and then have the US work out a “deal” with ISIS ruled Syria sometime later.  Confused?  You should be because this is the same foreign policy we saw from the US Obama Administration as Khadafi was ousted and killed and Libya was taken over by ISIS and other rival terror groups.  It is clear in Libya that there is NO DEAL being struck.  What the US did was remove a leader and send Libya into chaos beyond belief and it seems that US foreign policy and intentions for Syria is a repeat.

One must now ask just what the US is doing as what we are seeing once again is wishful thinking on Washington’s part which seems not to have learned that wishful thinking doesn’t work when it comes to foreign policy especially when dealing with radical terrorist groups.  Finally, someone has asked the trillion dollar question of the US as to just which side they are fighting for.  Many around the world have been wondering the same thing for awhile now as the US seems far more interested in removing Assad and leaving ISIS alone.  It also appears that most US airstrikes on ISIS targets have been for demonstration purposes only and that the US has missed many intended targets.  Whether these misses have been the result of intention or mistake is questionable at this point.

Personally, I think the US “strategy” is beyond foolish.  Removing Assad and allowing ISIS to take over Syria and assuming the US can work out a deal with ISIS later is naive to say the least.  ISIS has served to further destabilize the entire region and it has caused the flood of refugees we now see streaming endlessly into Europe from the Middle East.  One would think US intentions would be to first eliminate ISIS and then, perhaps, find a way to remove Assad.  But, for some reason, the Obama Administration thinks leaving ISIS in place is the best strategy even though it is most likely the most FOOLISH strategy in the opinion of many.

The top concern at this point seems to be the US Treasury Dept investigation into how ISIS got so many Toyota pickups.  Seriously?  One would think that the top concern would be eliminating ISIS and figuring out how ISIS got so much money so quickly and, even more, how ISIS got the weaponry it possesses.  Someone is OBVIOUSLY supplying ISIS be it the Saudis, Americans themselves, or someone else.   Apparently, if you thought the US was still engaged in the “War on Terror” you are mistaken as it appears what is really happening is this Administration is consorting with the enemy!  That’s not foreign policy.  That’s TREASON!

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