Iraqi Airstrikes Hit ISIS Leaders Convoy!

BaghdadiRecent airstrikes on Syria by Russia have emboldened the Iraqi Air Force and today they announced that airstrikes were carried out by the Iraqi Air Force on a convoy believed to be that of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  At present Baghdadi’s fate is unknown.  The attack took place in western Anbar Province when the convoy believed to be carrying Baghdadi was enroute to Karabla to attend a meeting with ISIS commanders.  The attack took place not far from Iraq’s border with Syria where it is known Baghdadi was meeting with another group of ISIS commanders.

Iraqi defense forces said the location of the meeting was also bombed along with the convoy and many ISIS leaders and commanders were killed or wounded.  The report also said although the fate of Baghdadi is unknown it is known that he was “carried away by a vehicle.”

Back in May of this year it was reported that Baghdadi suffered a spinal injury and was seriously wounded in an airstrike by anti-coalition forces leaving him incapacitated.  However, that report was not entirely accurate and the current report may not be entirely accurate either.

In other news from the region Russian airstrikes destroyed 29 ISIS camps inside Syria within the past 24 hours.  This is being reported by the Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow.  Russia forces are targeting ISIS and other terror compounds in four Syrian provinces along with supply depots and fortified installations and training camps.  Intercepted ISIS communications indicate that ISIS members and leaders are in a growing state of panic over the recent Russian airstrikes.  In other words they are running scared and one wonders if Russia can do all this in less than a month then WTH is wrong with the US and why hasn’t the US done this before.  The answer to that question is clear.  Russia and the US do NOT have the same agenda in the fight against ISIS.  The US wants to remove Syrian President Assad from power and they hoped to use ISIS to do this and work out a deal with ISIS after Assad was gone.  Russia’s goal, however, is to leave Assad in power and destroy ISIS and other terror groups operating inside Syria and possibly Iraq.  Russian forces were invited by Syria to help destroy the terrorist installations.  The US, however, has no invitation and no UN mandate.

Hopefully, the airstrikes carried out by Iraq killed Baghdadi, thus, severing the head from the monster called ISIS or simply the Islamic State.  And hopefully the Russian airstrikes will continue to embolden the Iraqi regime to remove ISIS completely and Syria as well.  This is something the US could have done long ago and SHOULD have done.  It is foolish thinking to believe that ISIS could be used as a pawn by the US to remove Assad and it even more foolish for the Obama Administration to believe that after this happened it could work out a deal with ISIS.  The US seems blind to the fact that ISIS is the most brutal and evil force on the planet right now.  It’s members rape and kill men, women, and children indiscriminately.  ISIS has slaughtered virtually any and all Christians living in Syria and anyone who dare opposes their terror.  Further, ISIS seems to love beheading innocent people including a number of foreign reporters.  The US has done NOTHING about this tyranny and for the US to even consider a deal with ISIS is beyond treasonous!  One should not be surprised by the US position, however.  It is just one more example of the directionless, confusing, and often unrealistic foreign policy of the Obama Administration which seems to NEVER understand the consequences of consorting with the enemy, in this case, ISIS!!




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