Russia Guts Islamic State!!

Russia Attacks ISISThe Russian Defense Ministry is reporting that Russian airstrikes in the past few days have resulted in the destruction of most of the Islamic States (ISIS) ammunition depots, heavy vehicles, and equipment.  In the past 24 hours 88 sorties by Russian warplanes have hit 86 of their ISIS targets in and around Syria in the provinces of Aleppo, Latakia, Idilb, and Raqqah.  In addition, Russian air forces also took out ISIS command posts, ISIS plants producing explosives, field camps, and ISIS bases.  ISIS field headquarters were also targeted near the city of Anadan from which intelligence sources believe the terror group coordinates some of their terror activities.

Russian forces also targeted and destroyed a bunker with an ammo depot near Latamna in the Syrian province of Hama.  Russia air forces have been targeting ISIS targets in Syria since being invited into the conflict by Syrian President Bashar Assad in late September of this year.  Along with targeting ISIS, Russian forces have also been targeting other terrorist groups in the region including the Al-Nursa Front.

Russia, Syria, and at times Iraqi forces have been cooperating in the region in an effort to gut the Islamic State ISIS.  Now less than one month later Russia is claiming that it has removed much of the firepower of ISIS and killed several ISIS leaders.  The US and its western allies have voiced opposition to the attacks.  US and coalition forces are also operating in the region but they are uninvited and have no UN mandate.  Russia, on the other hand, was invited by Syria and is seeking a UN mandate.  US and Russian goals in the region are in opposition.  The US was hoping to use ISIS to topple Assad and work a deal out later with a Syria controlled by ISIS.  Russia, in contrast, wants to leave Assad in power and eliminate the terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.



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