Clinton, Sanders, and Aliens….oh my!!

I watched the Democratic debate the other night in Las Vegas, NV and I’ve listened to all of the hogwash about how Hilarious Clinton “won” the debate.  Did she really?  Seems to me she spent a lot of time flip-flopping and trying to rewrite history and btw just how did she get a look at the super-secretive Obamatrade (TTP) deal not being a member of Congress, a sitting US Senator, or Obama administration secretary?

Clinton said when she was Secretary of State she hoped the TTP would be the “gold standard” but that the final deal doesn’t meet her expectations.  How does she know?  Did she slip into that dark secret room in the basement of the US Capitol for a sneak peek?  Did someone slip her a photo copy of the agreement for her review?  Does she have x-ray vision?  The WH press secretary was asked this yesterday and he beat around the bush as usual saying he wondered how Clinton knew what was in the agreement himself.  He then went on to say the agreement will be made public soon and, thus, avoiding the question as is typical of this administration.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton square off at the Democratic Debates in Las Vegas

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton square off at the Democratic Debates in Las Vegas

When it comes to Hillary Clinton (aka:  Hilarious) I like what radical journalist and political analyst Caleb Maupin said as reported on “Russia Today.”  He first pointed out that the Dem debate showed the world just how far removed from the rank and file the leadership of the Dem Party really is considering most Democrats are non-white yet all of the candidates are white.  He then goes on to say that Clinton represents the “establishment” of the Dem Party and she comes out of the Democratic Leadership Council which pulled the party significantly to the right in the early 1990s.  I couldn’t agree more and I might add SHE IS A CORPORATIST just like all those rich Republicans running for POTUS!!

Maupin goes on to say that Senator Bernie Sanders represents something much closer to what the average Democratic activist thinks and he is putting forth a message “laced with populism, calling out the rich and powerful.”  And as for his being a self-proclaimed Democratic SOCIALIST?  Maupin says labels have become less important than ideas.

I like what Sanders had to say about Clinton’s emails regarding the Benghazi Affair when she was Sec of State.  Sanders said people are sick and tired of hearing about her “damn emails” and want to talk about substantive issues!  LOL I couldn’t agree more.  I’m ready to PUKE if I hear one more word about her ignorant emails!!  FACT is (and get a clue Hilarious) in this 2016 POTUS race people are SICK of the politics of personalities and we DO want substantive debate and ideas that matter!!  Enough of the Hollywood glamour BULLSHIT already!

In other news the 2nd annual Fear Poll was released yesterday by Chapman University and at the top of the list of things American’s most fear is GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION.  In this poll 1541 adults were polled on 88 different fear options across a variety of subjects.  Results show that 58% of those polled fear government corruption more than anything else.  Well America guess what?  Your fears have been realized!  Our government is so corrupt now that it’s beyond repair!  Your elected reps no longer represent you but corporate America and interests!  Did you see any of those Wall Street Boyz and Galz go to jail over the bailouts?  You won’t!

The Chapman U Poll also revealed that many Americans believe Aliens once visited the Earth long ago as well.  Long ago?  Aren’t they still visiting????

Returning to America’s main fear (government corruption) that’s most likely how Clinton seems to know what’s in the Obamatrade agreement.  She was either allowed to see and read it OR a sitting member of Congress, the Senate, or the Obama administration told her what was in it….even though it’s supposedly SECRET for now.  Ah yes, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back.  That seems to be the way Washington operates today just like in ancient Rome!  And that ancient Roman corruption, in part, led to the downfall of the most powerful empire in human history.  I suspect the end result for America will be the same!

Now….about those ALIEN VISITORS………………………………..



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