America: Waiting to Explode?

drug addictAn interesting analysis of the West and in particular the US this morning appearing in “RT.”  In short, author Sam Gerrans notes America is in a state of decline and is a ticking time bomb just waiting for the right detonator.  And when that happens America’s demise and end will be unstoppable as civil unrest will appear on a scale never before seen anywhere.  Of interesting note, among the other points Gerrans makes, is that Americans are increasing consuming mind altering drugs to the tune of such drug use is up….get this….400 percent….in the past decade!!  Many of these drugs are the very narcotics lone gunmen are associated with and their psychosis.  Basically, Gerrans says we are  a drugged out nation with no morals and no self-reliance moving quickly now along the road to DOOM!  Amen to that!  You’ll find Gerrans analysis at:



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