The Fall of America

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the “super El Nino” which some forecasters say will bring badly needed moisture to places like California and the American Southwest BUT which other forecasters say will bring drier than normal conditions.  So which is it?  I begin this post with this example because it is typical of America today.  One “expert” says one thing and another “expert” says the opposite and one is left wondering just which one is right.  This example demonstrates America today, sadly.

America is a land of two faces (two-faced if you like).  Up is down and down is up and, unfortunately, we’ve now completely succeeded in turning what has historically been right into wrong and wrong into right.  And, frankly, this nation has long surpassed anything that Sodom and Gomorrah could ever have hoped for or imagined.  We are no longer ruled by law but by corporate AND individual GREED without end.  We’ve chucked our morals and values into the toilet and now have the attitude that “anything goes and the SICKER the more thrilling.”  And just when we think we’ve heard the creepiest bunch of crap along comes even more CRAP that is creepier than that before!  Meanwhile, the solution today for many Americans seems to be that when you have a conflict with someone or for not just shot the person dead.  And the drugs?  Legal and illegal.  America is now the drug taking capital on the planet consuming 80% plus of all manufactured drugs and about the same percentage of all illegal drugs.  Isn’t that a nice honor?

That’s one America but there is another.  The other America is the traditional America composed of Americans who have somehow remained down-to-earth and avoided becoming legal or illegal drug addicts and, thus, are still in their right mind.  They work, raise their families, and ignore most of what goes on in this country because they know they are living in a society and nation that is LOST beyond being found.  They know well to stay to themselves because they know that if they cause waves about ANYTHING their heads will be on the chopping block of public opinion and they will be crucified beyond anything suffered by Jesus Christ. 

These are the two Americas and they are in constant conflict.  They are a time bomb waiting to explode and mark my words they WILL explode one day.  For now they tolerate each other but that’s about it and that mutual toleration is wearing thin right now.  Both Americas detest each other and both Americas want the other gone one way or the other.

So how has the greatest nation on the planet who WAS once the leader of the free world come to this?  What has brought our great nation and society to its knees?

One thing that has brought us here is weak leadership.  There hasn’t been a real president since Ronald Reagan and prior to him there hadn’t been one since JFK.  All of those presidents in-between have been weak and flip-flopping.  Their indecisive leadership on EVERY issue has helped to bring this nation to its knees.  That would be because these presidents did NOT serve the people who elected them but, instead, they served their corporate overlords who financed their election campaigns.  Bribes, backroom deals, lies, and cover-ups have been the hallmarks of these so called “leaders.”

Back in 2008 many Americans thought Barack Obama was some sort of savior who was going to lift our nation and our people out of our misery…..magically.  He, like all those before him, let his mouth write a lot of checks that anyone with any common sense knew his butt would never be able to cash!  Now seven years later the luster has worn off of Obama and he’s no longer seen as our savior.  Now he’s in the same mold as all those before him save a few and he now carries the historical medals of disappointment for the masses and is thought of as just one more corrupt politician who serves corporate interest and NOT the people.  Well what in the hell made any of you think he’d be different?

The next POTUS will most likely be the same.  A weak and indecisive leader serving corporate interests and not the American people.  He/she will be a president who cares far more about corporate dollars than the average Joe or Jane on Main Street.  And our enemies will continue to mock us and relish in our demise as they will take it as just one more step to the END of America which is the most they hope for.  Our children and our grandchildren will NOT grow up in the same kind of America we have.  In fact, it will be far different IF it even still exists which is DOUBTFUL.

This is what happens when a people (that would mean US) sleep!  For a long time now Americans have been overly concerned about their gadgets, entertainments, and personal greed.  We the People have FAILED to hold ANY of our public officials accountable for ANYTHING and instead have turned the other way pretending not to notice while thinking the “problem” would just magically go away.  But it didn’t!  And it hasn’t!  And in fact America’s problems have just grown WORSE!

In my book BRIBED leaders are WEAK leaders and we’ve had several such leaders in recent American history.  It is no longer possible in this nation for a common man or common woman to ever be elected POTUS.  That’s just fine with the greed ridden Corporatist but it is sad statement about just how weak and ignorant the American populace have become.  In days gone by Americans had a sense of CIVIC DUTY which included things like voting AND holding public officials accountable for their actions AND THEIR CRIMES.  But, today, it is a far different story as now we ignore them and none are ever fully or justly brought to account for their actions or crimes regarding ANYTHING!  Yet, ironically, most Americans still think that some day things will get better.  Seriously?  Dream on partner!  Ain’t goin’ to happen as far as I can see.

Strong leaders make INFORMED decisions that are in the best interest of everyone and just not a select few.  Strong leaders have a sense of protecting their people and of seeking to improve the conditions of their people.  Strong leaders DON’T see themselves as emperors but as fathers and mothers of their people!  Strong leaders are always aware of their actions because they believe they set the example for their people, ALL of them.  They know beyond doubt that there is no better teacher than via personal example.

Strong leaders seek common sense counsel and then make a decision and they don’t beat around the bush.  They do what they think is right and what they believe will help their people to prosper and they know they can’t satisfy all of their people all of the time.  So they let the pieces fall where they may and they are NOT apologetic nor do they get up in front of press cameras and cry like whipped schoolboys (such as Speaker John Boehner does so often).  Strong leaders don’t take bribes and they don’t make deals in smoke filled backrooms!  They are truly transparent because they believe they have nothing to hide.  And guess what America.  THEY DON’T!

When it comes to enemies and war they do WHATEVER is necessary to protect their people and the interests of their nations.  If that means blowing the shit out of some other country and leaving it is a state of complete annihilation then so be it!  The demonstrate STRENGTH, COURAGE, AND GUTTS not weakness!  When a nation is led by a strong leader would-be-enemies think twice about causing problems because they are AFRAID of the strong leader and that includes both foreign and domestic enemies.  In short, America in case you don’t yet get it, strong leaders KICK ASS and walk away leaving the pieces to fall where they may, period!!!

That’s some of the traits of strong leaders and sadly America hasn’t had one of those for a long, long time now.  And, frankly, I don’t see any such leaders on the horizon so if you are looking for one to be your savior then save your time and your breath because it isn’t going to happen.  Instead we continue to put people who in power who are WEAK people and WEAK leaders and, honestly, they aren’t even LEADERS at all!

America is ALREADY a FALLEN NATION and the whole world knows it.  It is, sadly, Americans themselves who seem not to know it.  We CAN still save our nation but NOT by continuing to put WEAK people into positions of power!  In fact, every weak wannabe leader we put into power is just one more step towards the end of America as a nation and as a society!  It’s time Americans wake the hell up and get a good dose or REALITY!  Our problems begin with the weak leaders ruling over us today because they are corrupt and DO NOT represent the interests OR the welfare of the American people.  The faster we all get a clue and start throwing these LOSERS out on their asses the BETTER off we will ALL be!  The fact is these people should not be in positions of power but ought to be in a federal prison serving life sentences!  The day is coming quickly when America will fall apart from the inside out and, frankly, I don’t want to see or experience that and neither do you because what emerges afterwards will be something that NONE of us want to live in no matter what our political ideology, religion, or anything else is.




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