Pistorius: From the Slammer to the Mansion!

Convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius is now resting in the comforts of his uncles mansion in South Africa after being released a day early and under the cover of darkness from prison.  Sentenced to 5 years in prison for killing his girlfriend Pistorius has only served one year of his 5 year sentence.  South African law provides for such a release and for the next 4 years he will be under “house arrest.”  Such release decisions are left up to the prison authorities and in this case they decided to move Pistorius from the slammer to the million dollar mansion.  So he will now spend the rest of his sentence in luxury while other prisoners will wallow in the cesspool of South Africa’s prison system most of which do not have anywhere near the bucks that Pistorius and his family have.  Can you say, “Money talks and bullshit walks?”.

Pistorius was acquitted for the murder of his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day a year ago  and instead was found guilty of manslaughter.  However, on November 3 prosecutors hope to get that verdict overturned and convict him of murder as they have appealed the ruling to the South African Supreme Court.  If convicted he could face 15 years in prison but not face the death penalty as SA no longer has a death penalty.  That’s provided, of course, SA has no “special” provisions allowing for the rich and noted to serve their prison terms in some mansion somewhere instead of a 3 by 3 jail cell.

So here’s my problem with all this……………..

This former Olympian star and rich boy was sentenced to 5 years in prison for killing his girlfiend but he’s only served less than 1 year in prison and now under the cover of darkness and a day early he’s released and placed in his uncles million dollar mansion under “house arrest.”  How many other prisoners convicted of the same are rotting away in an SA prison somewhere?  As far as I’m concerned this is just one more example of how the rich get away with murder!  Poor people go to prison and are left to rot.  Rich people don’t!  And the world in ignorance actually thinks that’s “justice” which is even more astounding that Pitorius now living in luxury!

Once again we see just how warped JUSTICE really is all around the world today.  It’s not the crime you commit.  It’s how much MONEY you have! We often tend to focus on how corrupt things are in America especially the criminal justice system but we should realize that it just doesn’t exist in America but all around the world.  Why?  Because HUMANITY is corrupt no matter where they live!  And what’s even more shocking is that the rich now thumb their noses at all of us poor folk!

I’m sure poor people in SA found guilty of killing someone are stuck away in prison and forgotten about.  It’s just like the banking scams in the US.  Not one of the Wall Street boyz or girlz ever went to jail but if you or I did it we’d be put away never to see the light of day again for life!  That’s NOT justice!  That is INJUSTICE and the sad fact is that today all over the world what we see is INJUSTICE in every form.  But, don’t you see, this is the way the global corporatist system works.  One set of laws and punishments for them and another set for the common folk.  They are the lords of the manor and we are the SERFS!  LMAO who said FEUDALISM ever ended????  It’s very much alive and well today and YOU are one of the SERFS so GET USED TO IT!

What a load of absolute SHIT!!





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