Uber Pays NO TAXES!

How’d you like to make $17 million dollars and not pay one dime of taxes?  Or better yet how’d you like to make $4 billion in 3 months and not pay a dime of taxes as Exxon Mobile does?  Sound to good to be true?  Well for YOU it is but for the corporatist it is REALITY!

The controversial taxi service Uber made $17 million dollars last year and didn’t pay a cent of taxes according to reports.  The latest accounting shows that in the UK Uber should have been liable for at least 21% of its last years profit in taxes but the company paid ZERO.  It also deferred other tax amounts over the next year thanks to loopholes in the UK tax laws.

Now don’t think for a minute that Uber has broken any UK laws because there is a UK law that allowed Uber to “transfer” its profits to the Netherlands branch of its operation where taxes are lower than in the UK despite the fact that the profits were made in the UK and not the Netherlands!  Critics want the UK laws enforced and the loopholes closed especially taxi drivers who are small time and struggling to make a profit.  But that won’t happen as the global corporatist have it all locked up so they can make millions or more and not pay one dime of taxes while the poor taxi driver ends up paying MOST of his/her profit in taxes.  Do you see how the system operates?  One set of laws for the rich and another for the not-rich!

Uber takes advantage of shifting their profits around the world and, thusly, avoids paying taxes.  American corporations do the same.  By shifting their profits to countries considered “tax havens” these international corporations avoid paying one dime in taxes to any country which means their profit is pure PROFIT with no expenses!  This gives multi-national corporations a big advantage over companies based solely in one country.  This is how the system works against companies that are national and not multi-national.

Taxi drivers in the UK are now fit to be tied and demanding justice.  Of course on this planet today you will find NO SUCH THING unfortunately as the system is now all set up to SCREW the little guy at every turn!  Of course the taxi drivers in the UK have filed a complaint with UK tax authorities but they would have been better off writing their complaint on toilet paper and flushing it down the toilet as NOTHING will be done about their complaint because Uber has NOT broken the UK tax laws.  However, let one of the small time taxi drivers try what Uber did and they’ll be put in a UK prison for the rest of their natural lives I assure you.

Earlier this year an alliance of taxi drivers in the UK called on the government to crack down on unfair tax practices and, as to be expected, their demands went NOWHERE.  They small time drivers seem not to understand that in today’s world it’s all about the MULTINATIONAL corporation NOT the small time cab driver.  And they also seem to not understand the system is geared against them which is just fine with the Corporatist.

So the bottomline is that Uber can make millions in profits and not pay any taxes at all while the regular taxi company can barely break even thanks to the high taxes they must pay.  And that’s the same for any industry today. The profits multi-national corporations make are SHOCKING but there’s nothing that you can do about it because it is the corporatist who write the law and put it into law and it is ALWAYS geared AGAINST the common working man and woman no matter what.  That’s how Exxon Mobile makes a $4 billion profit in 3 months and doesn’t pay a cent in taxes.  That’s how drug manufactures who now make more profit than the oil companies make such astounding profits and don’t pay a dime in taxes.  And for you and me?  That explains why it costs $1 to make XYZ medication but we get forced to pay $800 for that medication.  The manufacturer makes a HUGE PROFIT and we are left scrapping just to make ends meet.  LMAO who said feudalism is dead?  I assure you it’s very much alive today.

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