Exorcism Live! What a HOAX!!

UntitledI wasted 2 hours last night watching “Exorcist Live” on Destination America channel.  I knew it would be a disappointment but I watched it anyway and, of course, it was a disappointment.  The affair took place in St Louis, Missouri at the home where the movie “The Exorcist” was based on.  Reportedly, in the 1940’s a young man was possessed by the devil and an exorcism was performed by the Roman Catholic Church.  The incident is the basis for the movie that came out in the 70s.

The guys conducting the investigation said they heard voices several times.  I heard nothing.  While in the bedroom where the 40s exorcism took place one of the guys hit a lamb with his arm accidentally and when asked if he hit the lamb and made it shake he said no.  WTF?  I saw his arm tap the lamp and make it shake!

There was a psychic as well who conducted a seance.  Nothing came of that either and of course a Ouija Board was used.  When the group asked if there was an evil entity in the house trying to talk through the board the psychic shut the seance down.  WTF?  A bishop from the Old Catholic Church along with the psychic conducted a house exorcism which, as expected, went nowhere as nothing happened.  I kept hoping the alleged “evil entity” in the house would at least slam a door, pound a wall, or make the lights flicker radically.  But….NO DICE!  Nada!

In my opinion this was all hype and show and nothing more.  Perhaps when the original exorcism was conducted back in the 40s the Catholic priests drove the demons out forever?  Possibly and likely.  I read some of the tweets while the show was going on (yes I got very bored) and several said watchers were hiding under their covers with their Bibles.  WTH?  Seriously?  God forbid the evil entity started really acting up because these people would have panicked beyond belief I suspect Bible or no Bible.  Sorry but I saw NOTHING spooky during the entire two hours of the show and, no, I wasn’t hiding under the covers with my Bible.  :O

So, as expected, nothing happened other than a lot of drama and hype.  Yes it was a disappointment and I knew it would be before I even started watching.  So why did I even bother to watch it?  Good question.  Maybe I wanted to be disappointed LOL.  What a waste of time!!

Now…..about those sounds coming from my attic and that ghostly lady in my bathroom…………………………..



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