Parallel Universe Crashing Into Ours?

Could a parallel universe be crashing into our own universe?  That’s what some scientists now think and they say they’ve found proof of parallel universes which is something long theorized about.  Astronomers have detected strange bright spots in our universe which they believe is proof that another universe is bumping into our own.  This finding comes from analysis of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) data which essentially is the Big Bang echo left behind.  The scientists are at the European Space Agency’s, Planck Space Telescope project.

These astronomers say they’ve noticed that some light spots in the CMB are glowing 4500 times brighter than is to be expected.  They think that the reason for this is due to another universe bumping or “leaking” into our own according to a report in New Scientist.  And they say such a collision is possible.  Of course, this is an unusual claim and requires more evidence BUT consider the possibilities.

If a parallel universe is indeed bumping into our own or visa versa is it disrupting the time-space continuum?  At some point will we all meet our “alternate selves”?  And what happens when the two alternate universes collide completely?  Do we all perish or do we all suddenly find ourselves in another reality?  Or, do we all cease to exist?

Although more evidence is required to verify this assumption it is interesting nevertheless.  For more on this story see:



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