Sanders Explains Democratic Socialism

Sanders1Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont appeared in New Hampshire and answered voters there who question just exactly what Democratic Socialism is.  Sanders refers to himself as a Democratic Socialist and Independent but he is running on the Democratic ticket for the 2016 presidential race.

Appearing in NH yesterday a voter told Sanders, “I come from a generation where that’s (Socialism) is a pretty radical term.  We think of socialism (as) communism.  Can you explain to us exactly what it is?”.  Sanders responded by answering, “If we go to some countries, what they will have is health care for all as a right.  I believe in that.  They will have paid family and medical leave.  I believe in that.  They will have a much stronger childcare system than we have, which is affordable for working families.  I believe in that.”  Sanders is still planning a major speech in which he will explain Democratic Socialism in the near future.

Sanders went on to say that what he means by “Democratic Socialism” one must look to the Scandinavian countries which have a much lower rate of childhood poverty.  They also have a fairer tax system, he continued, “that guarantees the basic necessities of life to working people.”  Sanders then stated, “Essentially what I mean by that (Democratic Socialism) is creating a government that works for working families, rather than the kind of government we have today which is largely owned and controlled by wealthy individuals and large corporations.”

Sanders was criticized by opponent Hillary Clinton on this issue during the last debate but he noted that countries that have Democratic Socialist governments tend to have higher voter turnout and” more vigorous democracies.”  That’s true and, just to be fair, I must note that Scandinavia also has one of the highest income tax rates in the world.

Today in America our government is in fact largely owned and controlled by people with wealth and large international corporations.  Congress no longer represents the common working people on Main Street but, instead, it represents the financial tycoons on Wall Street, sadly.  These individuals and corporations are who I classify as “Corporatist.”

President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of the growing Military-Industrial Complex.  What has turned out to be is the Military-Industrial-Banking Complex which is even worse than Eisenhower imagined back in the 50s.  The financial bailouts of banks such as Goldman-Sachs and AIG which we were told were “to big to fail” was nothing short of the sacking of the US Treasury by these financial gangsters!  To big to fail?  Excuse me but when you are in business you are NOT to big to fail.  You either make it or you close your doors!  Congress was frightened into approving the bailouts.  Actually, Congress was threatened by these Wall Street gangsters who told them that if they didn’t approve the bailouts there would be riots and Marshal Law in the streets of America!  That’s when these gangsters should have been arrested and jailed!  But, the Bush Jr administration did nothing, as usual.  Why not?  Because that administration was in league with the gangsters and I strongly suspect the current administration is as well.  Oh yes, Barack Obama went into the Oval Office thinking he’d make big changes.  You remember, “Change we can believe in.”  But then, it didn’t take Obama long to figure out who is REALLY running things in this nation today and it is NOT the POTUS or Congress.  It is, in fact, the super rich and international corporations!

As Sanders has pointed out we DO need a government that works for (and represents once again) the working people of America.  Right now the Dems and GOP have pretty much got it all tied up nicely and, honestly, it doesn’t matter which party wins come 2016 because whoever is the victor will be a Corporatist and if they aren’t they soon will be.  Bribes work miracles in politics!

The way I see it is NOTHING is going to change after 2016 as long as we maintain the status quo in this nation.  The super rich and international corporations will continue their game at the expense of the working people in America.  They will continue to PROFIT at any cost while the common working man and woman continue to struggle even more just to make ends meet. And that is a crock of SHIT in my opinion!!

Already we are seeing these bastards rip us off more and more.  Remember when Obama said “Americans can do with less”?  Well he meant it and we see it now on our grocery store shelves.  Smaller packages but prices that are the same or higher.  Prices are NOT lower!  So we are paying more for less and that’s what Obama meant when he made that comment.  And utility prices?  Don’t even get me started and if we allow these gangsters to institute carbon taxes on us we are REALLY going to be taken to the cleaners as we’ll be paying phenomenal prices for heating, cooling, etc. Where does this all stop America?  When do the American people stand up, take to the streets, and send the message loud and clear that we are sick of this SHIT and we aren’t going to take it anymore!?

A government that works for the working people instead of the Fascist Corporatist wealthy and corporations?  That’s nothing new.  In fact, it is a RETURN to what America is SUPPOSE to be as set forth by our founding fathers.  Personally, I think Sanders is about our only hope.  In looking at all of the other candidates, Dem and GOP alike, I see CORPORATIST on their faces!  We DON’T need any more of them!  What we need is a POTUS that WILL return us to a government that works for We The People and ends the ABSOLUTE FARCE that we call government today!

To learn more about what Democratic Socialists believe and DO NOT believe you can go to the Democratic Socialists of America website at:





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