Jeb CAN’T Fix it

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush is launching a new tour he’s calling “Jeb Can Fix It” but it appears just the reverse is true as his poll numbers are now in the single digits.  Donald Trump and Dr Ben Carson are still leading the GOP race for POTUS.  Bush’s campaign says “comebacks take time” but it appears Jeb’s comeback is nonexistent and Jeb might as well bow out now!

Let’s face it.  The American electorate are sick of the Bush clan already.  First there was Bush Sr and then that village idiot from Texas Bush 2 and both got us into war in Iraq et al which has not gone over well with American voters.  I’m sure the thinking is, if “Jeb Can Fix It” does that mean a THIRD WAR in Iraq NOT for “freedom and democracy” but for Corporatist PROFIT?  Most likely!

Fact is we don’t need another Bush and judging from the past 2 Bushes we’ve had I’d say “Jeb CAN’T Fix It.”  In fact, the Bush track record reflects Jeb can’t fix anything!  America doesn’t want a DYNASTY as we are not an imperial monarchy even though the current resident in the White House seems to think so.  Jeb is handing out the SOS lip service that too many American voters have heard for far to long now.  It comes from the same mold of rhetoric spouted by his father and brother.  American’s aren’t buying that rhetoric anymore and Jeb needs to get a clus.  Comeback?  I think not!  Jeb is finished and he might as well exit the race now and save some face but I’m sure that won’t happen as the Bush Clan just can’t fathom the American voters not wanting another Bush in the WH.  What a blow to their ego!





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