America the CRY BABY!!

Commentary by Monomakh

I never thought I’d see the day but apparently today is the day as it appears that the new US “foreign policy” is now to whine, pout, and act like a cry baby! Seriously, does this administration really think this new CRY BABY POLICY is going to work?

crying uncle samFirst, the US whined and cried about Russia attacking ISIS and other terrorist targets in Syria and now the US is doing the same regarding Russia and China threatening the US world order! Well boo-whoo! Hey the current world order NEEDS to be upset!! The fact is the US has become to comfortable and has dominated world politics for far too long! It’s imperialist policy has made the world grow sick and tired of the USA.

The latest temper tantrum comes via Defense Secretary Ash Carter who said the US military is not seeking a new Cold War but it is determined to oppose the rising global powers of China and Russia in order to protect the US dominated “international order.” Carter then launched into a series of accusations (many unfounded and, in fact, MYTHICAL) against Russia and China. Referring to Russia he accused the nation of “nuclear saber-rattling” and of “violating sovereignty” of US allies. Perhaps Carter is not aware of the FACT that Syria invited Russia into its conflict whereas the US and allies have NO such invitation. In fact, the US and allies simply began arming rebels inside Syria in hopes that they could use ISIS to oust Syrian president Assad and then the US could hopefully make a deal with ISIS afterwards. That in itself is the most IGNORANT policy I’ve ever heard of! Since when do we negotiate with TERRORISTS?

Speaking boldly and rather arrogantly, Carter said neither Russia or China can “overturn” the world order that is dominated by the US. I wouldn’t count my chickens until they hatch if I were Carter.

The US apparently believes it has a monopoly on the world yet fails miserably to see the real effects this US world order has on other countries. In fact, I highly doubt if the US even cares as long as US corporations can continue to rape, pillage, and make a PROFIT off of other nations as PROFIT is the primary concern of the US today.

It now appears that the US has resorted to crying like a baby (spoiled snot is more like it) when it doesn’t get its way or when someone else threatens its lunatic “international order.” Frankly, I should have expected all of this cry baby crap from Washington as the US is a falling nation and it knows it. However, I would have expected the US to act with more dignity and like an adult instead of some spoiled brat. But, such is the demise of an arrogant and greedy society! China and Russia never have to worry about removing the US from the world stage and the US itself is doing a fine job of that already. The present administration is beyond incompetent as was the previous one and as I expect the next one to be. We are in the LAST DAYS of America and of that I’m pretty sure.

Look at the people who are running for POTUS. The GOP is an obvious JOKE! The assumed frontrunner Jeb Bush is not making an impact as expected mainly because the American people DON’T want another Bush. But the GOP seems NOT to comprehend that at all and doesn’t have a clue about much else either, in fact. It’s frontrunner is Dr Ben Carson who has no political experience at all and for some ODD (not really) reason he just can’t get his stories straight about his past or his policies. Carson is marginalizing himself with his little stretches of the truth and I highly doubt he’ll end up being the GOP nominee because of this.

And then there are the Dems! Hillary Clinton? Seriously? That’s the best the Dems can do? Ironically, Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner there and, in fact, he may be the last hope for America period! He’s about the only one that makes any sense at all or seems to have a plan for a presidency that is concrete and based on common sense.

So basically the two stars (Clinton and Bush) just aren’t cutting it with voters and both parties are just mystified by this. That is likely do to the FACT that BOTH parties are OUT OF TOUCH with the people of America!!

Sadly, when you look at our nation and our society it’s all rather sad. We’ve become a nation of FAT, LAZY people and we’ve got a government that can’t come up with anything better in terms of foreign policy than launching the CRY BABY approach. Hey, the rest of the world is already laughing at us America and they have been for a long while now. Our cry baby policy will only make them laugh MORE!

What this nation needs is an ADULT in the White House and ADULTS in Congress instead of the whining snots we have in those places right now! Carter and the rest can bitch and moan all they want but the FACT is the writing is on the wall. The US and its imperialistic dominance in the world is DYING! And frankly, that’s like a breath of FRESH AIR! The world needs change and NOT the “change” the US constantly promises but NEVER delivers.

All I can say is…………………





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