Why Ben Carson is Being CRUCIFIED!!

2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Dr Ben Carson

2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Dr Ben Carson

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about GOP Presidential candidate Dr Ben Carson. I think the MSM is crucifying him because he dares to speak of his past and especially of his faith. Reporters today see themselves not as reporters but as “social engineers” and in the case of Dr Carson I think what they are attempting to do is to discredit him since he’s the present GOP frontrunner. Why? Because these “social engineers” want Jeb Bush to be the frontrunner but they aren’t getting their way so now they are crucifying Carson and I suspect Trump will be the next one after Carson is out of the race. I hope he stays in the race and doesn’t let the dogs in the MSM have their way.

Don’t get me wrong. Yes I’ve heard of the inconsistencies in Carson’s story about his past including his claim that he was accepted by West Point but didn’t enroll and how he once hit his mother over the head with a hammer even though the MSM says they can’t find any witnesses to the incident. Could it be because there weren’t any witnesses other than Carson and his mother? And I’ve also read about and seen Carson’s home which the MSM says is a monument to himself complete with a painting of himself and Jesus. Well perhaps after this MSM hit on him, Dr Carson will commission another painting. Himself hanging on a Cross next to the Christ hanging on the Cross because that is exactly what the MSM is doing to him. Crucifying him!

I actually think Carson might be a pretty good POTUS if elected. Jeb is a loser and America doesn’t want or need another Bush. Trump is full of hot air and God help America if this man ever gets elected to ANY office! He’s all show and NO substance. The others are on the fringe and don’t stand a chance of getting the GOP nomination much less winning the election in 2016.

I heard this morning a statement made by Trump in reference to Dr Carson. Trump said that perhaps Carson is “pathological” or something. Seriously? I don’t think he is at all, in fact. I’m not sure why Carson made the claim about being accepted by West Point but to me it is irrelevant. As for the pic of himself and Christ I see nothing wrong with it at all. And NO I don’t think Carson thinks he’s JC born again!

As for his past, Carson is attempting to let the American people know who he is and what he’s about. He’s attempting to show the American voters how he used to be and how he is today and that significant change began when he turned his life over to Jesus Christ. THAT is what the MSM is attacking him for in my opinion. But, I admire Dr Carson for saying what he has in this regard and for standing his ground and for being UNASHAMED of his faith in Christ.

The fact of the matter is the MSM aren’t “social engineers” at all. What they are is pure predators who prey off of an ignorant and uniformed population in America and everywhere else. They are more akin to wolves in sheep clothing than they are to “social engineers” OR “reporters.” They don’t like God and they don’t like anyone who professes God and that is an absolute FACT. That’s why Carson is now being crucified in the MSM, sadly. Because of his FAITH in God! And that is not right at all.

ALL people stretch the truth a bit. That just seems to be human nature. Carson is no exception and I bet if the MSM shined the intense light they have on Carson on Trump and some of the others they’d find the same stretching of the truth as well. But I’m sure they won’t do that….at least just yet. Not until Carson is gone and then next will be Trump and right on down the line save for Bush who is the MSM’s pick.

I hope Dr Carson stays in the race no matter what. The fact is the man has some real accomplishments in life. He’s a neurosurgeon (and an accomplished one I might add) and he also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from former President George Bush, Jr. Civil rights and racial equality have been two of his primary concerns for a long time now and I really think the man has some things to offer when it comes to healing the great racial divide that is now plaguing this country. I think he has a level head and that’s what we need today. He’s not a politician and, frankly, in my mind that’s a breath of fresh air as politicians are one of the MAIN problems in our nation today. Those losers have gotten us to where we are today and that is America almost being HISTORY! Carson would be the first common man to sit in the Oval Office in centuries! And his election just might give our nation hope again. Hope that anyone really can rise to be POTUS. America needs a rebirth and Carson may be the start of that rebirth. Crucifying this accomplished man is just outright WRONG! He’s a man of FAITH and crucifying him for that is even MORE wrong.




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