Carson Defends Himself; Bush Flops….Again!

2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Dr Ben Carson

2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Dr Ben Carson

Last nights GOP debate was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and it focused more on the issues rather than rabble like the previous debate did. Leading GOP candidate Dr Ben Carson defended himself last night and statements he’s made recently about his past telling the audience “I’m an honest person.”

Recently, a number of MSM reports have focused on inconsistencies in Carson’s biography including one scathy report by CNN (that old Communist News Agency) claiming they interviewed 9 of Carson’s classmates and friends and found they had “no memory” of an angry and violent Carson as a youth. During his youth Carson has claimed that he tried to stab a friend but his knife was blocked by the friend’s belt buckle. Other MSM reports shed doubt on whether or not Carson actually applied for West Point and was accepted but chose not to go to the academy.

Last night Carson pointed out that Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is not being subjected to the same scrutiny as he is and he wondered why not. He said he had no problem with candidates being vetted as long as ALL are vetted. Carson said what he does have a problem with is being “lied about and then putting that out there as true.” In reference to Clinton, Carson said, “When I look at somebody like Hillary Clinton who sits there and tells her daughter and a government official that this (the Benghazi Affair) was a terrorist attack, and then tells everybody else that it was a video….where I came from, the call that a lie.” And Carson is absolutely right! Hillary IS a LIAR!

Regarding West Point, Carson said last night he never applied to the school but only met with Gen. William Westmoreland in 1969 who was Chief of Staff of the US Army then. He said the affair has been misinterpreted by the MSM (surprised?) as he did NOT actually apply for the school. It might help if MSM reporters focus a bit more on getting the story straight to begin with don’t you think?

In my opinion the MSM is lying about Carson’s past and claims because he’s upset the apple cart! The MSM obviously wanted Jeb Bush to be the frontrunner and GOP nominee but it appears that just isn’t going to be so! So they are attempting to marginalize and discredit Carson in hopes that he will quit so Bush might have a better chance at securing he GOP nomination.

And speaking of Jeb Bush his performance (yes it really is a show) last night was MISERABLE! In his opening statement he blatantly missed a big opportunity. In an exchange with Donald Trump, Bush had the opportunity to tell him and the world just why Trump was wrong for saying he supports Russia going in and attacking ISIS in Syria. Bush seemed to get lost when he was finally given the opportunity to respond to Trump. He started out ok in his response but then it’s almost like he drifted off or something. Frankly, I thought Bush’s response to Trump was weak and confusing and Bush himself even looked confused!

Candidate Carly Fiorina said she’d give a strong response to Putin saying she’d rebuild the 6th fleet right under his nose and rebuild the missile program in Poland and she added that she might would put a few thousand NATO troops into Germany as a response to Russia’s intervention in Syria. She sounded FAR more on target than Bush did and her response was one of a tough leader instead of a wimp!

Carly outshined Bush on almost every issue, in fact. She showed forth an image of a powerful and decisive leader who would be unafraid to act in matters of foreign affairs. That’s what Bush should have done but he didn’t. Instead he wimped out! I think it’s time Bush EXIT stage right, frankly, as he’s a loser.

In summary I was glad to see Carly Fiorina show her strong side because she gave us a glimpse into what kind of POTUS she might be. One of strength and decisiveness instead of the limp handed crap we’ve seen in the WH for far too long. More than that I was glad to hear Ben Carson defend himself over recent media attacks and LIES. He also gave us a glimpse into what kind of POTUS he might be and, frankly, I think the man would be a breath of fresh air in the WH and for America!



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